PS1/PSP classics revived for PS Vita   A bunch of new games land on PS Vita   The Walking Dead: Season Two Coming to PS Vita  
  • PS1/PSP classics revived for PS Vita PS1/PSP classics revived for PS Vita

    If you are a fan of PlayStation Classics then you’re in for a really pleasant surprise. It seems that PSP [...]

  • A bunch of new games land on PS Vita A bunch of new games land on PS Vita

    Last week PSN update for PS Vita  added a bunch of games such as Killzone Mercenary Botzone, Dead Nation Vita, [...]

  • The Walking Dead: Season Two Coming to PS Vita The Walking Dead: Season Two Coming to PS Vita

    There is some good news for The Walking Dead fans out there. PlayStation Vita owners can play the latest season of [...]


Custom Firmware 3.95 in the works

Same guys over at french site PSP Gen are working on there own custom firmware – 3.95 GEN. Its still being tested. And there is a major drawback, the PSOne emulator doesn’t work on the PSP Fat. Its possible its due to hardware or memory [...]


Over 400 New PSP Wallpapers added

We Have added over 400+ high quality new wallpapers to our wallpaper section. The layout has also been changed with different categories like video games, cars, scenery, TV and movies, babes etc etc. Please stop by and have a look at our new wallpapers. We [...]


Official PSP Slim Travel Case spotted

The Official PSP Slim Traveler Case (As pictured to the left). Seems our dear friends Sony have taken their ideas for a PSP slim case of Logitechs PSP Fat case and added a few bits. Being extra storage space for two Memory Stick Pro Duos [...]


Beats Hacked – Beats Off v0.1

Homebrew developer JBrown has released Beats Off v0.1. Beats Off is a cross-platform utility which will allow users to import custom loop sequences the PSN title Beats. So if your a fan of this game and would mind having some of your own custom tracks [...]


FuSa 1.0 Build 32 Released

FuSa 1.0 Build 32 has been released. This homebrew plug-in by OldPrisoneR and Andy_maN’s uses the PSP Slim’s TV out support and allows you to use any cable! Composite, component, s-video, d-terminal, and at full screen. FuSa 1.0 Build 32: * Full GTA games series [...]


PSP Filer Version 5.0 Out

Homebrew developer Mediumgauge has released PSP Filer version 5.0. This release has some minor updates and bugfixes to PSP Filer, the PSP file management application. Changelog: – added Greek mode. - fixed a bug that Filer was crashed when it opened some kind of RAR [...]


Go!View Video download Service to launch June 30

SCE Europe has announced that there Go!View video download service will launch in Europe on the June 30. Users will be able to download TV shows and movies. Either pay per view or a paid subscription (for TV shows).PSP users will be able to download [...]


Protect-Me updated to Final revision 0.9f

This little program that enables you to password your PSP and record every attempt at cracking it has received a new update. -Recoded a good part of the code which was messy and had useless parts. -Added numbers to the characteres you can input through [...]


get!T v0.2 released

Team Chilt released an update for their little jewel of homebrew which allows you to download and extract .zip files from the internet. -Changelog- * [Added"] Update feature * [Added"] Use of graphics * [Added"] Custom error codes * [Added"] Set path to extract ZIP [...]


Japanese slim cradle

Weighing in at about 110g is Sony’s PSP cradle with a remote which let’s you navigate through all of the PSP’s functions. The cradle can be plugged to a television with the use of a D-Terminal cable. The PSP get’s locked in and is easily [...]


Canucks get equal pricing

Hehe, anyways the Playstation store has updated the prices for the Canadian store because the Americans are entering a recessing and because we are selling them our oil from the sands in Alberta… which is completely destroying the environment… rants aside, we get equal pricing [...]


PSP Maps 1.1 Released

Royale has updated his PSP Maps app to version 1.1. If your not aware of this program, its much like having google maps, Yahoo maps and virtual earth all in one package. This version adds an experimental and basic KML files support. KML support: Create [...]

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CFW 3.93!

It seems to be that there is a CFW 3.93 though we previously said there wouldnt be a release from team M33 well we didnt lie. This firmware is made by a new developer Mathieulh. He states that had no hand in the making. This [...]


3.90M33 Music Plugin

A lot of people like to listen to music while playing games but once they upgraded to 3.90M33 they’re only choice was IRShell but now Cpasjuste over at has updated his Music Plugin to work with 3.90M33. The plugin allows you to listen to [...]