A bunch of new games land on PS Vita   The Walking Dead: Season Two Coming to PS Vita   *Updated* [Alpha] Pokemon Jade: A Wild Pokemon Appeared!  
  • A bunch of new games land on PS Vita A bunch of new games land on PS Vita

    Last week PSN update for PS Vita  added a bunch of games such as Killzone Mercenary Botzone, Dead Nation Vita, [...]

  • The Walking Dead: Season Two Coming to PS Vita The Walking Dead: Season Two Coming to PS Vita

    There is some good news for The Walking Dead fans out there. PlayStation Vita owners can play the latest season of [...]

  • *Updated* [Alpha] Pokemon Jade: A Wild Pokemon Appeared! *Updated* [Alpha] Pokemon Jade: A Wild Pokemon Appeared!

    Thats right, its been a whole week since the last Pokemon announcement, and true to their word, they have released [...]


Protect Me 0.92 Released

Homebrew developer MaxTheBest has released protect me 0.92 the password protection PSP App that Protects your PSP from unauthorised use. This application adds password protection to your PSP when it boots. Great for keeping out unwanted little brothers or sisters while your PSP is left [...]


Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN Released

Looks like Team GEN has been working hard. They have released their 3.95 custom firmware project, which is fully compatible with both slim AND fat models. Here’s the changelog: General -Kernel updated to 3.95 (new nids, patches etc.) Recovery -Option added in recovery to choose [...]


FuSa Build 45 video – True fullscreen

Here’s a quick video for those that haven’t seen or tried out FuSa build 45 yet. As you can see the output is now full screen with no boarders present. No its not the video, Crisis Core does run a little slower as you can [...]

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PSPMSX v1.3.0 gzip support

PSP Devopler ZX-81 has released PSPMSX v1.30 with added gzip support allowing users to gzip the roms down from 700kbs to around 50kb. Great for users with little Memory Stick Pro space left. Also the normal run-of-the mill bugfixes in this release. For full details [...]


FuSa build 45 released

Andy_maN and OldPrisoneR have released a new build of FuSa, now it comes with Multi language support and full screen mode 2 – This time its real full screen, so you can say goodbye borders (and hello slowdown?) To try and reduce the slowdown there [...]


PSP Filer 5.1+

Mediumgage has come out with just a little update to his homebrew PSP Filer. He says he fixed a few bugs that were going on with the original 5.1, so it should be running a little better now. Fixes: -Fixed a bug that the kernal3 [...]


Daedalus R14 Beta Released

The waiting is over for a shot at Daedalus R14 as PSP Homebrew developer Wally has released a beta build of Daedalus R14 (based of Strmnnrmn’s latest source code). If haven’t a clue and don’t know what this is – Daedalus is a promising N64 [...]


ErrorF version 2.10b released

Coco1230 and Said0011 at The Belgium Team have released a small bug fix update to their homebrew program ErrorF, which allows you to look up PSP error codes and possible solutions. ErrorF is in both French and English. Source: The Belgium Team Thanks Coco1230 for [...]


PSP Filer 5.1

Mediumgauge has released a small update his homebrew application PSP Filer. Version 5.1 of PSP Filer adds support for editing binary files. Changelog: – enabled to connect to PC via USB in kernel3 version. binary viewer: - added a binary-editor feature. Note:a large file (more [...]


ErrorF 2.10 find out what error that was… today!

Coco1230 and Said0011 over at The Belgium Team have released an update to their program which allows you to look up PSP error codes and possible solutions. New in this version is: fixed a bug with the menu 213 errors instead of 197 added the [...]


Pxl team releases Pxl_installer

The relatively new Pxl team has released a beta version of their Pxl_installer. This little homebrew program still in it’s pre-teen stages (was going to say toddler but I figured the functions work, there just a few bugs) allows you to easily download and install [...]


FuSa 1.0 Build 41 Released

Liking that FuSa TV-out support and full screen on any cable? Well your going to like it just that little bit more as Andy_maN and OldPrisoneR have released build 41 of FuSa. Which has quite a few important bug fixes, like crashing on exit (Now [...]


Eb0x v1.0 – Portable Eboot Extractor

Homebrew developer Bumuckl has released a small application that allows users to extract the content of an EBOOT.PBP. For example Eb0x v1.0 can extract the preview-pictures or thumbnails out of an EBOOT.PBP. and save them on your Memory Stick Pro Duo. At the moment Eb0x [...]


Custom Firmware 3.95 in the works

Same guys over at french site PSP Gen are working on there own custom firmware – 3.95 GEN. Its still being tested. And there is a major drawback, the PSOne emulator doesn’t work on the PSP Fat. Its possible its due to hardware or memory [...]