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USB Version Fake for PS3

Custom Firmware and Homebrew master Dark_AleX has released a new custom firmware plugin called USB Version Fake. Its compatible with 4.01 M33 and will allow users to fake their PSP’s firmware version for PlayStation 3 connectivity. Handy as the PS3 will often check which firmware [...]


Pandora Installer For 3.X Kernel Revision 4

Pandora Installer For 3.X Kernel Revision 4

Hellcat has released a huge update to his Pandora installer for 3.X kernel custom firmware. This application allows users easily set-up and run Pandora of their custom firmwared PSP. This update features a new redesigned menu as well as an option to install the TimeMachine [...]


PSP Filer 5.3 Released

Mediumgauge has released an update to his homebrew application PSP Filer. PSP Filer is a file management for the PSP, allowing users to copy, paste and move files. Open rar and zip files, view images and much more. Changelog: general: * putting filer/text/binary [.bmp/.jpg/.png”] in [...]


PSP Firmware 4.05 Released

Sony have released PSP Firmware 4.05. Don’t get excited its nothing special…. Just some new music player visual effects. Heres the huge changelog: * New effects have been added to the visual player under [Music”]. I guess Divx support was and will always be just [...]


Hold+ v2.4

Hold+ v2.4

Homebrew junky Torch has released an updated for his program Hold+. For those of you unfamiliar to Hold+, this program is excellent in helping conserve your PSP’s battery.  This little update fixes a bug that if you hold up and turn off Hold+ it would [...]


Deer Avenger Mini V2.0

Deer Avenger Mini V2.0

Homebrew game developer Code Red, has released a new PSP homebrew game called Deer Avenger Mini. This is a Lua coded copy/clone of Schuster Interactives Deer Avenger for the Mac and PC. You take on the role pf Bambo the deer and try to hunt [...]


Wolfenstein 3D PSP v4.5

Wolfenstein 3D PSP v4.5

Homebrew developer Zack has released his updated version of Hardhat’s PSP Wolfenstein 3D port. This update includes both PSP Slim and PSP Fat compatibility, full screen mode, the ability to use the PSP analog stick and the usual bug fixes. Changes as of version 4.5: [...]


PSPStates V2 released for 4.01 M33

DAX has released version 2 of his PSPStates plug in for 4.01 M33 firmware. PSPStates is a savestates plug-in for the PSP Slim that allows users to save and load save states as they please. This version has a lot of bug fixes and now [...]


PSPStates, Savestate Plug-in released

DarK_Alex has released his savestate plug-in called PSPStates for PSP Slim units. This custom firmware plugin allows users to save and load savestates on PSP games. Its only meant for the PSP Slim as more RAM than the older fat model. Some notes from DAX: [...]


4.01 M33-2 and 4.01 M33 1.50 kernel add-on

Dark_Alex has released 4.01 M33-2, this update fixes a few small bugs that were present in 4.01 M33. Also at the same time Dark_Alex has released the 1.50 kernel add-on for PSP fat owners. * NID resolver: Fixed scePowerGetCpuClockFrequency issue. This is the same bug [...]


PSP Custom Firmware 4.01 M33 Released

Dark_AleX has released PSP custom firmware 4.01 M33. This new custom firmware edition from DAX brings 4.01 kernel support and features from firmware 4.01, multi language recovery support and many minor bug fixes. Custom Firmware 4.01 M33 does not have a XMB recovery menu or [...]


PSP Firmware 4.01 Released

Sony have released PSP Firmware 4.01, this minor update includes the following: Display of search results under Internet Search has been improved for certain languages. Playback of video content under Video has been improved for certain file types. Playback has been improved for certain file [...]


Custom Firmware 4.00 M33 – Update from DAX

Dark_AleX has updated his blog in regards to all the questions he is receiving about 4.00 M33 custom firmware. Rather than rephrase it, here’s what Dark_AleX has to say about 4.00 M33: Just a little update. Watching how many people were asking for 4.00m33, it’s [...]


4.00 M33 to have savestates and XMB recovery

Good news for those that are awaiting for news on 4.00 M33. Mathieulh has commented on a couple of great new features that are going to be introduced in this up and coming M33 custom firmware. Custom Firmware 4.00 M33 will feature an XMB recovery [...]