[Alpha] Pokemon Jade: A Wild Pokemon Appeared!   Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within Coming Soon with new Droids table   Hyper Crazy Climber Landing tomorrow on PS Vita  
  • [Alpha] Pokemon Jade: A Wild Pokemon Appeared! [Alpha] Pokemon Jade: A Wild Pokemon Appeared!

    Thats right, its been a whole week since the last Pokemon announcement, and true to their word, they have released [...]

  • Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within Coming Soon with new Droids table Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within Coming Soon with new Droids table

    Lucas Arts and Zen studios have announced the arrival of Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within  will be coming out soon [...]

  • Hyper Crazy Climber Landing tomorrow on PS Vita Hyper Crazy Climber Landing tomorrow on PS Vita

    MonkeyPaw games, famous for popular titles such as Class of Heroes and Tomba have added yet another game in their [...]


4.00 GEN to not be released? 4.00 M33 to take spotlight?

Judging from the comments made on PSPGen (The GEN/Miriam Custom Firmware homepage) Version 4.00 GEN might not see the light of day as a public release. Although a beta version of 4.00 Gen has been completed by Miriam, Team GEN might keep this release internal [...]


PSP Custom Firmware 4.00 M33 coming soon

Team M33 have returned and are busy working on PSP Custom Firmware 4.00 M33. The master himself Dark_AleX is working on this now. Its also reported that there will be a brand new recovery menu in 4.00 M33, no other new features to be added [...]


PSP Firmware 4.00 Decrypted

PSP Firmware 4.00 has been decrypted and by the same team that brought us PSP Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN. So what does this mean to us? Well this opens the door up now for either 4.00 GEN or M33 custom firmware. Decrypting the firmware is [...]


PSP Firmware 4.00 Released

PSP Firmware 4.00 has been released by Sony. This slighty lack lustre release features the new internet search feature via google and the ability to control the view speed of videos on the memory stick! Wow I hear you say…. Not much of a release [...]


PSP firmware 4.00 coming soon

Sony have posted on thier blog that PSP firmware 4.00 will be released soon. While there are some new features, nothing major has been added like the much wanted DivX support. Oh well I guess next release? Fingers crossed, come on Sony its what were [...]


PSPVE v1.0.2 Released

PSP Homebrew developer Zx-81 has released an update to PSPVE, which is an emulator of the old Vectrex console (1982!). The emulator code was originally coded by Valavan Manohararajah. PSP-VE is a port on PSP of one latest version of VecX. What’s new then ? [...]


XMBeditor V2

Remember that old PSP homebrew application PSP Wardrobe that let you customize the XMB, well guess what this it in its new version. One good thing is that for all you Phat users it is now fully compatiable. Here is the change log: Made process of [...]

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Forum Writers

Just a little update for the forum site. Game reviews have commenced again, at a normal rate, along with a thread to request game reviews before you go out and buy a game. Also, the forum page is now hiring! gbdallin is looking to add [...]


64G PSP Storage Soon To Be A Reality

Tiawan-based company PhotoFast has made a hero out of themselves. They have recently developed a MicroSD adapter that is capable of holding not one, but two Micro SD cards, and another adapter to hold two of those Micro SD adapters. This means the capacity for [...]


PSP Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN-2 Released

Custom Firmware developer Miriam has released an update to his Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN. Releasing 3.95 GEN-2. So whats new? Well not much, this release fixes a slew of bugs that were discovered. In both PSP Slim’s and PSP fats. Notable fixes are bugs that [...]


Coverflow 3.0

Looks like Alienware updated his mp3 player / organizer app :). Go ahead and read what he said… - Quote from Alienware himself: Hi I’ve updated Coverflow,cus I didnt like the 2.5 version. I created a intro,loading screen,rearreanged the covers layeout to match more like [...]


PSP emulator finally started

A certain person that goes by the name Actarus has decided to start the immense job of coding a PSP emulator. The project just started so what is released is not exactly usable… YET! Release is at (cesus jhrist he likes adding dots) and [...]


Protect Me 0.92 Released

Homebrew developer MaxTheBest has released protect me 0.92 the password protection PSP App that Protects your PSP from unauthorised use. This application adds password protection to your PSP when it boots. Great for keeping out unwanted little brothers or sisters while your PSP is left [...]


Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN Released

Looks like Team GEN has been working hard. They have released their 3.95 custom firmware project, which is fully compatible with both slim AND fat models. Here’s the changelog: General -Kernel updated to 3.95 (new nids, patches etc.) Recovery -Option added in recovery to choose [...]