PS1/PSP classics revived for PS Vita   A bunch of new games land on PS Vita   The Walking Dead: Season Two Coming to PS Vita  
  • PS1/PSP classics revived for PS Vita PS1/PSP classics revived for PS Vita

    If you are a fan of PlayStation Classics then you’re in for a really pleasant surprise. It seems that PSP [...]

  • A bunch of new games land on PS Vita A bunch of new games land on PS Vita

    Last week PSN update for PS Vita  added a bunch of games such as Killzone Mercenary Botzone, Dead Nation Vita, [...]

  • The Walking Dead: Season Two Coming to PS Vita The Walking Dead: Season Two Coming to PS Vita

    There is some good news for The Walking Dead fans out there. PlayStation Vita owners can play the latest season of [...]


Recovery Flasher 1.20

Homebrew developer Hellcat has released a minor update to his Recovery Flasher. This utility allows users to reflash their semi bricked PSP without a Pandora battery Version 1.20 adds a low battery indicator, file browser and a safety check of the updater .PBP used for [...]


Cross Extended v1.1

Nefarious has released an update to his custom firmware plug-in Cross Extended. This is a bug release version that fixes an incompatibility with certain homebrew applications and will now show memory cards greater than 4GB. Changelog: 1.1 (build date 08/08/2008 ) * Fixed strange control [...]


Cross Extended v1.0

Nefarious has released a new custom firmware plug-in called Cross Extended which displays your PSP system information in the XMB or in a game. It will display your memory card details, motherboard spec, battery voltage etc. (See the above screen shot) You can also take [...]


Restore semi-bricked PSP units without Pandora

Homebrew developer Hellcat has released an homebrew utility that can easily restore semi-bricked PSP units without the use of Pandora. Called Recovery Flasher it can be run from within the recovery menu on any PSP running CFW. Its also possible to install custom firmware 3.71 [...]


DCv6 Has Been Released!

The wait is finally over!  Dark_Alex has released DCv6, so we can all relax (a little) regarding the new TA-088 mobos wreaking havoc in the CFW scene…  Also, the new version allows you to boot from the memstick as well as a new interface! Changelog [...]


FuSa Build 47 Out

Andy_maN and OldPrisoneR have released an update to FuSa, now upto build 47 of FuSA which features new SpeeDBooster support for  PSX titles plus and the ability to alter the screen position. FuSa is a custom firmware plugin that lets PSP Slim owners play games [...]


Xbox 360 Hacks Back Online

No this isn’t PSP news sorry (There isn’t much as of late) But rather our own news, as our other network site Xbox 360 Hacks ( is now back online and being updated after some “problems”. The site will be updated on a regular basis, [...]


Joysens 1.42b released

Homebrew developer Raphael has released a bugfix update to Joysens. Must importantly it fixes the UMD driver bug that was present. Joysens is a PSP Analog joystick tweaker application that lets users adjust the sensitivity. Changelog: - fixed compatibility issues with Sony UMD driver (and [...]


Sega Dreamcast Emulator in the works

Good news for those Sega Emulator fans out there, looks like you’ll soon be able to add the Sega Dreamcast to the collection. nullDC is the SEGA Dreamcast emulator for the PSP and is being worked on by drkIIRaziel. While its still under development with [...]


PSP2600: Atari 2600 emulator for PSP v1.1.4

Keeping with his updates Zx-81 has updated PSP2600, the Atari 2600 Emulator for PSP. This version is a port of the PSP of the version v2.2 of Stella. It’s based on the work of Aenea who was the first to port Stella to PSP. What’s [...]


PSPWrite v1.1.0

Zx-81 has released an update to his PSP text editor PSPWrite. PSPWrite is powerful but simple text editor that allows users to edit any ASCII plain format text file on their PSP. Changelog: * Add word wrap mode * New option to specify wrap settings [...]


Dark_Alex Working on TA-088 Solution

The new TA-088 Motherboard/CPU issue has been examined, and DA is working on it!  The problem seems to base from not just the new motherboards, but the new CPU’s being installed.  Some TA-088s can be flashed, so it’s kind of a gamble at this point.  [...]


PSP Filer 5.4

Mediumgauge has released a bugfix update to his homebrew application PSP Filer. Also some changes have been made to the picture viewer. So what is PSP Filer? Its a file management for the PSP, allowing users to copy, paste and move files. Open rar and [...]


PSP-3000 in Production in China?

Has Sony started PSP-3000 production started in China? Yes! According to one major Chinese PSP Forum. They have apparently gotten hold of some photos of the new PSP model, dubbed the PSP-3000. Much like the revised PSP-2000 (Current model) this new revised unit features a [...]