Our PS Vita First impressions


It pays to know people in Game stores as they can get you the system a day before its official release. Thanks xxxxx hope you don’t get fired over doing that for me! So I got my Wifi only model PCH-1004 (European model & yes I live in the EU). No 3G for me, I will just use a Mobile AP and use my phones wifi and data plan. By the way I recommend people think about this option if you dont want to pay AT&T  monthly or just use your Wifi at home.

Ok so the Sony’s next gen machine with dual analog sticks, touch screen and many others new features. Finally they listened. I’m not going to talk too much about the system itself or post a or stupid gay unboxing video. Youtube is full of about 99,999,99 of them to satisfy your unboxing fetish…. Instead I’m going to post my thoughts and first impressions as an avid PSP gamer that has had all PSP systems.

The unit its self is like an evolution of the original PSP-1000 I brought all those years ago. It has that same feel to it. And I like this, its how it should be. The same proven form factor and everything where you expect it to be. Perfect. No extreme changes like 3D (Do you want a headache like 3DS users?). And the unit is a nice weight. Not too heavy and not too light. A 14 year old should have no trouble holding it up for at least an hour before his/her arms give in. Unlike the PSP-1000 aka PSP Fat.

The PSV feels good in the hand. However the controls are cramped and I have medium sized hands. So you people with big hands out there might have a hard time playing for extended hours. When you power on the PSV first the first time you’ll notice that lovely OLED screen. Oh yeah it is as nice as they say it is. Its even better that my 1280 x 800px Galaxy Note SAMOLED screen dear I say. After you take in the beautiful screen you notice that annoying Japanese style background music…. Don’t worry it will stop right? Think again! This music will drive you crazy after hearing it repeat a few times, maybe its a cultural thing. But this Japanese ambient tranquilizer music doesn’t fit well outside of Japan I think. Its best off. Lucky I can turn down the volume or mute. But I haven’t got my memory card yet so I can’t play my own tracks. (Update: Go to Sound & Display and untick System Music before you go mad)

My PSV wifi shipped with firmware 1.06. Logging into PSN I had to then update to FW 1.61 which updates maps and the photo app. (Its confirmed that it doesn’t patch the HBL game exploit. that is still working!!) My game I picked up with F1 2011. Unfortunately Uncharted wasn’t in till tomorrow. A poor choice in game I know. I like the PS3 games, but F1 2011 isn’t up to standard I think. The graphics are a let down. After you see a nice high res intro your later presented sub par graphics. I’m taking it back! DONT get F1 2011

First impressions Pros and cons:

The Good:

  • A welcomed step up from the PSP in the best form factor.
  • Great screen, clear and dark blacks. Got to love OLED tech..
  • Responsive touch screen, no lag
  • Keyboard similar to the iOS or Android ones
  • Stereo effect on speakers better than original PSP


The Bad

  • Background music in the menu!
  • Crammed control layout, will be pain for some with big hands
  • No PSOne games in PSN ?!


Photos with comments:

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  • Anonymous

    Yes found it, Sound and Display. Untick System Music lol

  • Cf3fute
  • Centurrion

    Is it possible to change the intro music to one of your own in the memory stick.

    • Squiggs

      The system is new there might be an update. Just give Sony some time and they will learn hopefully the make a survey app that lest people say what they want from multiple choose questions

    • Anonymous

      And how does one remove that annoying PSN store music?

      • squiggs

        ya cant get over it or mute the system

  • SuperstarX64

    Stupid unboxing video, yeah I totally agree…

  • Squiggs

    Btw 1.60 was concerned not to Patch not 1.61 there is a difference I actually ha to update it today to 1.60 to 1.61. They should test it

  • Sdragon001

    so some good things i found out today about the vita they really dont force f/w update well not right now anyways if u choose not to update from 1.60 to 1.61 ur psn store,trophy sync,web browser all still work the only functions that sre not working if u choose not to update are near and chat.

    • Squiggs

      Maybe it only fources to update what ever is being changed in the update

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  • Poisontoast

    I have had mine since the 15th… Where have you been?

    • Squiggs

      Yeah buddy

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=560017023 Gary Wiedel

    i know its early… very early… but given the horsepower of the vita.. would it be possible to run a pc emulator and run older games like fallout 3 or something along those lines? i ran an snes emulator on my old 3000, got me wondering about this.

    • Squiggs

      Fallout 3 is not old not by a long shot how about fall out tactics or along those lines. What I see happening is a remote access to your computer( some what like remote play). Then you can run the programs like that. And if you ever wonder if it is possible just read the system requirements. A laggy fallout is not worth it

  • Maximum

    Made in Japan ??????????  : ( :( :(      ((((Bad Made in China !!!!!))))
    PSP Vita Can not I !!!!  Made in China !!!!!!!

  • Shad0w

    So what about the battery? How long can you play, browse, listen to music and etc?

    • Squiggs

      It is just fine if you do not have several programs open. If you carge it every night you should be fine. At is better then the common android

  • Darknarnb

    wait a minue… no ps1 games for vite in psn!? (cries) I know ps1 era seems so long ago but cmon.
    there’s no need to oust it just yet……or ever

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Johan-Johansson/1318013263 Johan Johansson

    Just turn of the music in the settings app!! 

  • El_negrito_de_la_salsa

    lo q no han comentado es q si trae memoria interna como la psp go o la memoria va ha hacer como las consolas 1000, 2000, o 3000 quisiera saber????

    • Dude

      no no trae memoria interna nunca lo tuvo ni nadie dijo que iba a tener

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I will admit the ps vita is an amazing piece of machinery. Way faster than a ps3. Watching Netflix on it atm. I look forward to the future apps that they will release on here. Maybe Sony is actually getting smart for once. We will see though, investing in apps will produce a lot more sales for them if they keep up with it. 

  • Riamux

    so does the wifi only have gps?

    i keep hearing mixed answers from different tech blogs…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000327153420 Bilal Ahmed

    add me on psvita

  • Anonymous

    @Riamux yes,no, and possibly. true it does have google maps but with wifi it cant get a fix on ur location. however tethering may solve this problem but i have yet to try that myself. just speculating. most likely it wont work however im sure someone will figure out how To get it to work For those who are tethering at some point.

    • Riamux

      cool, i was planning on tethering it even if i got the 3G/WiFi version 

      now i can get a bigger memory card with the Vita for about the same :D
      thanks for the info

  • Anonymous

    just tethered my iphone with ps vita. 3g works way faster on a vita then the iphone.

    • Garys2kool

      I heard it wasn’t possible to tether iPhones with Vita’s. How do you do it?

  • Sniperx31

    Picked 3G, upgraded to 1.61. 
    -Google maps work fine (found location inside the room). Haven’t tried 3G SIM yet. Just bought 3G for having GPS (Wifi has no GPS) 
    -Loaded Facebook application, it works fine too. 
    -Loads heavy WEB pages quite fast. Not compared yet to SII side by side but fast enough (As fast as any fast smart phone) to avoid any blaming.  
    -5″ OLED is LOVELY. 
    -Screen touch response is excellent. 
    -Fitting Vita card inside the card place is much more difficult than with PSP.
    -PS Vita can’t fit inside the old PSP cover comfortably (Some part is left outside; PS Vita is quite bigger by the way). I need a new cover or bag.
    -While playing Wipeout 2048 Demo (no games at all here in Turkey; congratulations(!) to local distributer for trying to sell cards and PSN downloads by not releasing the games yesterday) at Wipeout settings, pushing X button for throttle is a real pain on the right thumb (small buttons really screw up fingers) and another problem is during playing I mistakenly touched right analog stick many times and screen gave me good shot of back view while I was crashing to sides! Analog sticks are very soft and comfortable (way better than old design) but they are high so pushing X button without touching right stick is a real struggle. I wish they would have another setting like THROTTLE/BRAKE with right analog stick in the future (my biggest concern up to now).
    -Not tried mp3, mpeg yet. No drag-drop type files downloading is permitted. Will install the application tonight.
    This seems to be a damn good entertainment tool! 

    • Sniperx31

      It has been 1 month after the purchase and PS Vita 3G lost its vita. IT DIED! While playing a demo, it suddenly shut down. Never restarts, never formats, never restores, never rebuilds database and never updates the system software. It had been updated to 1.61 at the day of purchase but now it sees 1.61 as new system software. It refuses to do anything. Recovery menu is the only thing it shows on the screen but recovery menu is useless also. It will go to distributer for repair or replacement (thanks that I bought it locally and I can send it for further action under warranty). PSP PHAT is still operational after 5 years of misuse, abuse, heavy usage. This new guy lost its vita after 1 month of very light usage. 

  • squiggs

    netflix is the best it is so pretty the quality is great the load time is super fast and there is no buffer

  • ripped off

    “My PSV wifi shipped with firmware 1.06. Logging into PSN I had to then update to FW 1.61 which updates maps and the photo app”
    Actually, the author should of stated, to transfer music I own from my personal collection I must down load Sony’s Proprietary Content Manager, then I must be connected to the internet, then I must also place my music specifically in the Microsoft Windows System Music folder, nowhere else. And to be sure, that is you must be connected to the internet and use the Sony CMA, period. No internet, no music, no videos, no exception. 

  • jonathan mcquitty

    CHECK THIS OUT  /watch?v=zJWf4IBxwaY

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=601467076 George Agls

    can you please explain me how did you find that the psvita screen is better than the galaxy note? I own both of them but the screen of psvita has much lower brightness at 100% setting than my galaxy note. Also the white tones in psvita have some pink tint. Can you please post a photo with both galaxy note and psvita, at 100% brightness setting to make sure that my psvita hasnt faulty screen?

  • Deaq

    How does the 3g work?, can you put in a trimmed iphone simcard?, is the 3g version without wifi?

  • Tuckery

    You forgot to mention the GARBAGE icons, and inability to theme it.  The music is one thing.. how do i shut off the HORRIBLE system home screen/CRAPPY icons?… unless i’m missing something?