OpenIdea ISO Loader v0.2 Beta For 6.20 TN-A Released *Updated*


Updated: also has now released v0.2 beta for PSP Go and PSP-2000/3000 Download is included below. This update should fix the crashing on exit from games.

Developer Dridri, the guy behind the for 6.20 TN HEN. Has released a big update for his ISO Loader. No more building ISO’s into Eboot’s anymore. That’s a thing of the past. Just place those legally backed up ISO’s in mso:/ISO and start them from the XMB. Just like a M33 or GEN Custom Firmware!

Big update ! :mrgreen:

I didn’t improved compatibility list, but now you don’t have to convert your ISO into EBOOT, just put them in ms0:/ISO/ folder and start them directly from XMB ! :D
Then, if one (or more) of them doesn’t work, you can load it with prometheus.
(To re-convert an EBOOT.PBP to an ISO, just use “PBP Unpacker”, extract “DATA.PSAR”: this is your ISO/CSO file)

With this version installed, your MS/internal memory should look like this :
+++++++++OpenIdea’s EBOOT.PBP
+++++++++OpenIdea’s prx files

I’m now hoping that the exit crash is gone…

Installation is straight froward, just extract everything to your memory stick root! (Internal memory on the PSP Go)

Source: Wololo

Thanks Jonthe838 for the info!

Download: OpenIdea ISO Loader v0.2 Beta for PSP Go
(OpenIdea ISO Loader v0.2 Beta for PSP Go - 67.9 KiB - 7,097 Hits)

Download: OpenIdea ISO Loader V0.2 Beta for PSP-2000/3000
(OpenIdea ISO Loader V0.2 Beta for PSP-2000/3000 - 67.9 KiB - 22,506 Hits)

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  • P-J

    This works fine for me (as does prome).

    but I have some troubles with a couple of cso’s (in open Idea AND prome): some games crash while loading the cso (so I don’t even get to see the load screen). The games are: Test drive unlimited and Tony Hawk Underground 2. The psp I’m using is a 3004 6.20 TN Hen-A
    Any possibilities?


    • Reinnier

      OpenIdea ISO Loader still has lot of game incompatibility, wait for the next update!

  • Punksk8ter

    test drive worked for me :/

    • P-J

      it does? :o
      where’d you get your ‘legally backed up’ ISO?

  • bomber18

    Has anyone tested this on 6.35 HEN?

    • kurisu

      i have it does not work

  • gro0vr

    it works fyn but wen ur playin a game it loaded an put the psp in the sleep mode. psp crashes!
    any suggestions.!
    i have a psp 3004 wid 6.20

    • Da Creepy Guy

      Yeah…my suggestion is to downgrade to 5.03 and use a CFW

      • Answers


  • cooper1

    Can’t play umd iso movies…?

  • mariusm4

    “add “ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/OIP/isoctrl.prx 1″ to ms0:/SEPLUGINS/vsh.txt”
    What does that means? i don’t have a SEPLUGINS folder at the root of the mem stick.
    Oh and do I have to remove the files from the previous version?

    • sevy_philippines

      if their is no seplugins folder,.,. just create this in the root(ms0:/) and create a vshtxt file and add those lines,.,.

  • Kobe

    Cool, but not enough compatibilty yet, gonna stick with prometheus iso loader for now

  • jt

    do you think they are goning to make a psx loader and if they already have one please reply thanks

  • Someonehayz

    please update>.<

  • Eduardo Ferreira

    Installed easy TN-B and am using Prometheus ISO Loader. Working fine no problem at all.
    Open ISO Loader doesn’t work for me

    • lighthalzen

      same goes for me.. doesn’t work with TN-B

      • MG

        you guys have to create the “vsh.txt” FILE inside the “SEPLUGINS” folder which should be located on the root of your memory stick. The “vsh.txt” file should have this line written on it, “ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/OIP/isoctrl.prx 1″ – (without the quotes)

  • Abhi

    Will this also work for 6.31 pro cause u know prometheus works?plz reply

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  • tae


  • BlueBomberX

    I cannot play Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday(JPN) can anyone help me with this?

  • eric

    theres an update of openidea and prometheus iso loader at pspgen,com

  • phoenix

    I am using a psp go with firmware 6.35 PRO.I have tried it on “micael jackson the experience” and “tekken 6″ but when i start the game psp logo is displayed and after that nothing appears istead of a blank screen.Help me to solve this problum.Is it installing fault?
    please make video for a guide on how to install open idea iso loader on psp go

  • kingjezta

    does this work for 6.35 hen and if so how?? plz answer

  • DylanCrash

    Will this work on 3001 4G? TN-B of course.

  • israel_06

    can i have both prometheus and openidea iso loaders in 1 psp?

  • Jack_ripper

    ya…why not?

  • sevy_philippines

    it is much better if you install those two iso loaders(prometheus and open idea) in 1 psp,.,.
    just try your legally backup iso on one of those iso loader and if it works,.,. enjoy,.,.
    and if its not work,.,. just try it on another loader,.,.

  • lighthalzen

    does it work with TN-B

  • JZ_212

    I cant load games!
    When i try to load a game i just get a black screen, and the XMB shows up again :(
    It worked fine before but now it does this
    Someone please help me.

  • Please answer

    doesnt work at all, promo is better

    • Anon

      Prometheus is better, but this has launched a couple games prometheus just does the “black screen, popping noise, shut off the psp” to for me.

      Not reliably of course..

  • Please answer

    this thing bricked my psp

    • HaHaHa_psp

      dont lie this is 100% confirmed that it doez not brick ur psp

  • Hrimfaxi

    @pspfan, @dridri

    the openidea iso loader wrkr fyn n ma psp 3004 6.20 tnb… Runs games 4m da xmb lyk a charm..
    But wen i put my psp in2 sleep mode, n wen i trn it on agen, it shuts off..

    But wen i try it wit prom iso loadr… It wrks even afta sleep mode…

    Any fixes??

  • PSM

    when hacked my psp 3002 with 6.20 tn b and promo iso loader before it used to work and now when I put openidea iso loader it worked and later when I went to play another game and I pressed xmb on game it became slow and everything is moving

  • mugu007

    i tried it on 6.20 HEN TN-B and 6.20 HEN TN-C …. doesn’t work
    and 6.20 TN-A doesn’t work on my psp ……. what to do ?????
    PSP 2006

  • kran34

    they should make openidea iso loader for 6.35 hen

  • chris

    will this work on CFW 6.35

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  • darkness

    will this work for 6.20 pro b4

  • vayun

    wiil this work on 6.38v

  • KDB

    My psp has prom loader, but after i installed this loader as said in the instruction manual, the loader doesn’t appears as prom loader appears. Then I copied the OIP folder to the /psp/game where the prom loader files are copied. Now it appears, and when I start the loader, it loads and says “killling start and check modules”

    I’m not that familiar with this stuffs, I just got my psp yesterday, so please help.

    • korn36

      Dude, install 6.20 PRO-B8, it dont need any iso loaders. You will find tutorial on youtube


    damn pes 2012 not compatible woth prom and doesnt work on this one. but will it work on the old version? plz help