Official PSP Firmware 6.60 Released. Patches 6.39 kernel exploit!


Sony quietly release PSP Firmware 6.60. Patches known exploit?

Well, well if it isn’t another firmware update for Sony. Just when some of us were thinking they were done with updates for the PSP while they focus on the PS Vita, Sony jump to Firmware 6.60. Its confirmed that signed eboots (homebrew and apps) still work. Good – We don’t think they can stop signed homebrew. However downgraders report unsupported firmware. Its not confirmed yet if the Kernel exploit/s has been patched, however rumor has it that some1’s exploit may have been patched this time round? If you can confirm this please let us know! OK its confirmed, Sony have patched the 6.39 kernel exploit. So were going to need a new exploit for 6.60 Custom Firmwares now.

Edit: The homebrew NPdemo package creator, FAKE_NP doesn’t work either. Thanks Tikiko for the info. And Neur0n is already on the case. Possible working towards a 6.60 CFW??

PSP Firmware 6.60 changelog:

-Minor update

Its available online over PSN. Thanks Dimitar for the news!

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  • dimy93

    It’s official -it patches the 6.39 exploit

    • PSPFan

      Ok thanks for the info. Will update the post.

    • psp151

      fake_np signed eboots also fail looks like that was based on th 6.35 hbl exploit

  • Freerun

    Huh, Sony…

  • DarkZero

    So I guess all this firmware update is only security updates no new features.

  • toonda

    this means sony is preparing to release some games. they always patch previous exploits before releasing their best-sellers-to-be, like god of war or whatever, cause “piracy hurts sales” so badly they wanna cry (you wish)

  • Tikiko

    guys calm down,there are still some kernel exploits we have left,and that sony forgot to fix

    WARNING: FAKE_NP doesn’t work anymore PSPFAN they patched it,so please update this news

  • dimy93

    strange-I entered in PSN with 6.39 b8 without having version.txt

    • AceofSpace

      Thats something new in PRO

  • dasyad00

    What’s the difference between 6.39? And when will version 7.00 going to come out?

  • scorpion98

    nooo why

  • scorpion98

    and yes what is the difference

  • ven1x

    Its funny…with the patch, homebrew plugins are blocked out, but since stuff can be signed, alrdy signed isos (the main piracy thing) are increasing. At least it sort of blocks cheaters online…for now.

    • Anon

      I remeber theres a signed Daedalus beta out there. Go use it.

    • psp151

      signed isos are blocked

  • demonic666

    no update! new challenge

  • LordPuza

    This is Good , If It really patches the 6.39 exploit. this means NEW AND MORE TITLES Will Be Developed For PSP, I hope this wont be cracked yet , let em release an english mh3p and ff-type0


  • Dubstep

    What the hell is the point of updating just stay at your current firmware

  • M33

    ^Dubstep is right, no point of updating ur current firmware because there’s nothing new that you need.
    Plus why even update at all when 5.00M33-6 is the best cfw ever made in the history of forever?
    If you have a psp with 5.00m33 your set for life lol
    just get plugins to play new games thats it.

  • jmkjmkjmk1000

    is the Pandora still useable

    • AceofSpace

      Dude….The FCK?!? Pandora is only usable on some 1000’s and some 2000 models. Pandorable PSP’s cannt be patched by updates, its the hardware.

  • C toxx

    Is ther gunin be cfw for 6.60

  • nash

    coder neur0n has posted a pic of a 6.60 exploit that guy is so skilled in the psp scene all hail neur0n!!!

  • astroshadow666

    wow all i can say is wow now thats great the scene has been dead for 2 weeks very boring u might say there is KRAP and the otther shit like power contrller magic save but it is DEAD people HEAR ME!!?? DEAD!!!!

    • PSPFan

      Far from Dead, there is still some life left in the console…

      • astroshadow666

        oh yah i forgot theres still the battery and theres the power button plus the charger LOL

  • ShamiAya

    There is still a chance that sceners will make new CFW and HEN guys. Just don’t update mkay?

  • daggerd

    I disagree with shadow, dead was most of the time between DA’s farewell and 6.20 hen

    • astroshadow666

      LOl so ur saying that the scene was dead when we were all happy cuz of 6.20 TN???

      • noyouidiot

        hes saying the scene was dead before that, it was, after dark alex the scene was really slow and also a lot fewer people with cfw with the consequences of upgrading harsher than they are now. today pretty much any psp is capable of playing most homebrew and backups of their umds.

  • c toxx

    lme is the bets cfw

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  • dimy93

    don’t U worry someone is here to save us-he found a kernel exploit in 6.60 and will make a downgrade

  • Macchu

    I wonder what Sony will do for 6.66

    • me too

      lol same thought

  • Specter

    i cant play whit my eboots anymore some help please

    • sandwichbars

      There’s the door.

  • ggctuk

    How long till we get these kinds of posts:

    A few words to these people: place your PSP on the floor. Raise your knee as far as it’ll go, then bring it down as fast as you can on your PSP. Problem solved.

  • C toxx

    I ain’t gunin update Till cfw comes out

  • Smarto

    Neur0n Released 6.60 Beta 2 Cfw

  • Fany801

    to all psp owners specially 2g v3 mobo, 3000 3g 4g 7g 9g, Go 5g don’t update to 6.60 Official Firmware if you want to install CFW then you will beg for a downgrader and 6.60 CFW because of your stupidity. Use your common sense for god sake. please.

    • Casavult

      Agreed, they will beg and cry until somebody releases it and then with a newer official firware, update and beg again.

      Same old story in this community.

  • mr koolaid

    yeah, i have OFW 6.60 and I used to be able to play my EBOOT.PBP OFW games on 6.39. Is there a downgrader yet? I don’t want to do CFW since I don’t understand it well and I don’t want to risk bricking my PSP…

  • patrick

    I just bought FF8 from the Playstation store on my ps3 and i plugged in my ps3 to copy FF8 from the ps3 but it says to update psp to copy FF8 but i dont want to i because i just got cwcheat working after 2 months of failure is there another way for me to copy FF8 without updating

    • patrick

      lol i meant i plugged my psp into my ps3

  • samby

    my psp3000 6.35,i upgrade 6.60 but now i cant play game on this version please help me, where i can have firmware for 6.60 comfort with psp3000

  • samby

    psp3000 6.35,i upgrade 6.60 but now i cant play game on this version please help me, where i can have firmware for 6.60 comfort with psp3000

  • Zephreal

    Sony always finds a way to make me laugh.

  • Deathcrusher

    Quick question. I upgraded my psp to 6.60 and found some new games to play on the website but cant play them cuase my stupid self updated my psp. I did found a firmware on the site that says update to 6.39 but its a temporary update. So I was wondering is it possible to like get that update to temporary downgrade my psp or not? Sorry for not saying the name of the site. Don’t want to drag me or the site down to trouble.

  • Dhirajmanga

    how to jailbreak 6.60

  • Anirudhh10

    not workng