Official PSP Firmware 3.72 Released


Official PSP Firmware 3.72 was released today.


PSP Firmware

Sony have released Playstation Portable firmware update 3.72 today in Japan, this release only seems to be an update to Playstation Network titles.


Support for PLAYSTATION�Network titles has been expanded

You can download this over your PSP’s network update feature or direct from Sony.

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  1. PSP-Fan says:

    I heard they added a Disc Swap option to the playstation emulator, to easily swap disks on multi disk games.

  2. […] brokeuh wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptSony have released Playstation Portable firmware update 3.72 today in Japan, this release only seems to be an update to Playstation Network titles. Changelog:. Support for PLAYSTATIONNetwork titles has been expanded … […]

  3. Alexandr says:

    I cant seem to get the emulator to work…for the N64 Daedalus. I have the newest firmware 3.72 in US. I get this error code, can anyone tell me what it is? “The game could not be started. (80020148)” Please get back to me.

  4. beegs says:

    JEEZ!!! u need cfw to do almost ANYTHING on this site, so DONT download and install the 3.72 update… get cfw or the emulators WILL NOT WORK! do NOT EVER update with SONY’s fw… un less u dont want to play n64 or w/e on ur psp

    sry for YELLING at u but i have seen this too much online, where people update with SONY and screw themselves (like i once did when i was a noob), then they wonder what to do and why homebrew wont work

  5. Smokes says:

    I believe this update also adds the Wake-On-Lan ability to remote play in conjunction with a ps3 (although the ps3 doesnt support it yet)

  6. dlr says:

    There really should be a disclaimer…especially on a ‘hacks’ website…saying “warning…installing this official firmware will make all homebrew inoperable on your psp” If I was a new user of custom firmware and carelessly installed this on my psp…I would be very upset at myself and this site for not mentioning anything about rendering all homebrew useless.

  7. Amin says:

    i have a psp slim and i have a official version 3.72 and i want to get a custom firmware i dont know what to do

  8. Grype says:

    Mabey they should have put a warning not to update to 3.72 cause your homebrew will work anymore, but anyone that has a custom firmware on their psp should already be educated enough not to update. Thats just what i think.

  9. Grype says:

    Sorry, Hombrew will “NOT” work anymore.

  10. PSP-Fan says:

    Never say no Grype. That happened too much and later PSP slims and TA-82 etc have custom firmware

  11. Amin says:

    Is there a gba emulator

  12. Dk says:

    There is a warning at the bottom

    and the link for gab emulator is…

  13. Sol says:

    can we use 3.71 m33 with 3.72 firmware?

  14. Amin says:

    how does it work can you please write the instructions cause when i do it it only shows the picture in the game place but dosent open. my firmware is official 3.72

  15. chris says:

    i have version 3.11 and i have a game that i need 4.05 . wen i try to update, it says the drnffffffd7 problem. Can anyone help or give me some tips.