Nintendo DS Emulator for PSP: DSONPSP v0.7

DSONPSP, the Nintendo DS emulator for PSP

DSONPSP v0.7, the Nintendo DS emulator for PSP.

Yoshihiro is back and with yet another speed increase for DSONPSP the Nintendo DS emulator for PSP. Its a port of DeSmuME which is a multi format Nintendo DS emulator. Notable changes are a new cursor has been added with two colors, plus a further speed increase and a few bug fixes. Keep the updates coming Yoshihiro, at this rate the DS PSP emulation will be faster than the N64 PSP emulation!

DSONPSP v0.7 Changelog:

  • Speed increase, again
  • Use L & R for touch screen
  • Cursor added with 2 colors: black or white.
  • Frameskip set at 2 by default
  • Fixed FPS counter as well
  • Source code will be added on SVN soon

Source: PSPGen

Download: Nintendo DS Emulator for PSP: DSONPSP v0.7
(Nintendo DS Emulator for PSP: DSONPSP v0.7 - 219.3 KiB - 232,974 Hits)

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  1. Sagarsingh1800 says:

    how to use it and how it is usefull

  2. Merw says:

    The moment I saw this, I decided to try and play pokemon games. Lets be fair, they are the only reason to play DS. If it can’t play those then… : This is a rather redundant emulator. 

    • OmegaWeaponX says:

      Uh, no, they are NOT the only reason to play a ds. I’d love to play the Castlevania games on it, and also Golden sun.

  3. Zaimloverboy7 says:

    it’s really slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww like a tortoise

  4. Andiemcc says:

    how do you use after install

  5. Syed says:

    it doesnt work! i start emulation and the screens are just black. can anybody help?

  6. Ferian says:

    hey i’d just downloaded my ds emulator and i am very excited to play pokemon white on it

    • Anonymous says:


      • Devon says:

        hey BITCH as you like to say why the fuck are you on here talking shit to people its obvious your the only bitch on here because all the enjoyment you have in your pathetic life is to go on websites and talk shit to people but you wouldnt say it to nobodys face cuz your a bitch and youll get ur ass beat so get off this website that youve obviously tried to download on and are just pissed cuz you dont know how to do it you fucking hypocrit and go to some loser porn website where you belong cuz you cant get a bitch and carry on with your PATHETIC thing you call your life and stop interfeering with everyone elses normal lifes BITCH!!!!! whos laughing now…..oh everyones laughing at you east side las vegas if you wanna catch the fade

  7. Darkstar says:

    Its been 4 years this has been updated. Any new update?

  8. its not working on my psp always appear ; DSONPSP CONFIG PARAM Yoshi when you done your configuration stuff press START but when i press START its back to main menu to memory stick… totally its not working

  9. Anonops says:

    Playing Pheonix Wright. MuddaFuqqers!

  10. Ryan Flemming says:

    I’d like to play this, but I couldn’t understand the installation instructions. I mean, damn.. Stop assuming the whole planet understands your chicken scratch. Get somebody else to write it if you have to. People end up wasting more time figuring things out than you spend coding. If you are too lazy to at least properly explain your program, then please stop coding. Sorry, but it’s just so lazy.

  11. SkyKnight98 says:

    Corrupted Data

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Rakker. says:

    Wont work in my Psp 2000 -.-” White Screen -.-” then it will return to the home-.-
    cfw version 6.20 PRO-B8

  14. Benjamim Silva says:

    its bean about 2 years will the emulator be released anymore?

  15. Devin Foster says:

    I honestly think the ds emulator will work.

  16. Prain says:

    So do I extract the SDONPSP Emulator and then add it to the psp game files? gah. wheres the instruction manual?

  17. Anonymously Me says:

    mine works (final fantasy III) but it always says “initializing backup data”

  18. cklitz says:

    What would make this more awesome is if it were 2 side-by-side screens on your psp, that would help.

  19. 3vango says:

    this emulator is really good for bowser inside story because you only really use one screen