Nintendo DS Emulator for PSP: DSONPSP v0.6 *UPDATED*

DSONPSP, the Nintendo DS emulator for PSP

DSONPSP, the Nintendo DS emulator for PSP.

Update: DSONPSP v0.6 and source code has just been released.

Changelog DSONPSP v0.6:

  • SpeedHack ARM9VBLANK
  • Fixed glitch bug inside many games; some weird cubes…
  • Fixed game lag freeze, like in Yoshi Island
  • Save game fixed; now Bleach DS works and many others
  • Source code updated

Yoshihiro is back with another update to his Nintendo DS Emulator for PSP, more game / emulation speed ups and now some games are really playable. At the rate these updates are coming and the improvements its likely we’ll see many DS games a playable speeds on your PSP.

DSONPSP v0.5 changelog:

  • Removed vertical screen mode but I’ve added the screen swap.
  • Added language support now working.
  • GU support added.
  • Very nice speed up; now many games are really playable.
  • Fixed when nds games freeze your psp.
  • Source code added for psp; still not cleaned.

Source: PSPgen

Download: Nintendo DS Emulator for PSP – DSONPSP v0.6 + Source
(Nintendo DS Emulator for PSP – DSONPSP v0.6 + Source - 931.9 KiB - 53,786 Hits)

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  • Dragonman3000

    Yeaahhh I am first person to post comment

    Anyway… KEEP UP WITH NEW UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!

  • VoXeR

    I will try this.. But I’m waiting for a more stable and better working version before I’m gonna be happy with a NDS emulator :P

  • windborn

    Does anyone know if there’s a list of playable NDS games for this emulator somewhere?

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  • BooYah

    DUDE KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! d|^_^|b

  • fullwall

    I believe that beta 6 has come out as well.

    Update: BETA 6 — Kayliah Edition:

    SpeedHack ARM9VBLANK
    Fixed glitch bug inside many games; some weird cubes…
    Fixed game lag freeze, like in Yoshi Island
    Save game fixed; now Bleach DS works and many others
    Source code updated

    • PSPFan

      Thanks, post updated!

  • Carlos

    I just checked the PSPGEN and if I’m not mistaken, Beta 6 is now up.

    • Carlos

      Also, If by any chance, these guys are somehow able to update this to the point where KH: 358/2 is somewhat playable, It would be crazy awesome. Don’t see it happening any time soon but I can only hope.

    • PSPFan

      Yes and it has been updated thanks

  • rayner000

    I won’t try it unless somebody tells me if New Super Mario Bros freezes in the beginning. It’s the only game I wanted to play and that is from DS.

    • Smoker1

      It doesnt freeze the PSP anymore. However, that game, and 2 others I have tried to run only have a flickering white screen. Nothing more. For the next release, hopefully they have a list of games that actually work or is at least start up and you can see menus, screens, ect.

  • HeelTaker

    Does anyone know if this works on 3000s? I tried to run Pokémon Diamond & Pearl and they both froze on a white screen and shutdown my PSP…

    So is it the ROMS, should I try re-downloading from somewhere else, or does this program not run on 3000s?

    Thanks for any replies!

    • Carlos

      No, Pokemon games are nowhere near playable yet.


    NICE Yoshihiro Keep This Up!!!!! :)

  • PSP-2010

    Unbelievable, I still can’t believe the NDS emulator is getting better and better for the PSP.

  • XxGeMiNixX

    I’m not sure if anyone asked this but does KH: 358/2 days play on this emulator yet?

    • Carlos

      Not any time soon buddy. That game’s engine would take a lot of power. Anyhow, the game hangs after you choose difficulty setting.

  • abcguy10

    mmmm,i just hope they add suport for transfering data from psp’s as like real ds. In example,trading pokemon through ad-hoc and multiplayer through ad hoc too

  • aeon44

    can u make a list of games in the emulator that can already be played without problems.

  • Carlos

    The source says someone got GTA CTW to run decently on for them. But no matter what I do, which version I get and save I put. I can’t get to even start. Not a single game I try even starts, the farthest it gets is to the point which it begins to write a .sav

  • akobaangchamp

    how to install this on a psp 3000 running on CFW enabler 3.60

  • jswilliam93

    what r the supported games for this emulator i tried several ones and didnt work.I need a list of games can any one tell me please

  • mamaw

    Does this stop the lag?
    Whenever I play kingdom hearts 358/2 days the screen and the sound lags and I need to push the buttons real hard.

  • Kaloy

    I hope pokemon would be playable :P
    I gave my DS to my little cousin >.<

  • Smoker1

    Well its cool that they are making progress with NDS. Anyone know if they got a Sega DC being worked on? I have posted a idea on another site but that site is old so I doubt any developer/s look back on that site.
    My idea is, instead of having a EMU, just make a program like PSX2PSP and make it for DC2PSP. The PSP has the same button and controller layout as DC but the PSP has a Select that can be used for say, Cheats or anything you can think of. If PSX was easy to do then why has nobody tried it for DC? All you ever see is reports of a EMU that runs slower then this NDS EMU.

  • saiakuryu

    i seriously need some help…i already unrar the downloaded file & place the folders ‘dsonpsp’ & ‘DSONPSP B6 kayliah edition Source’ in GAME folder. but when i turned on my psp slim cfw 5.50 geb-b, it showed as corrupted data. anyone can offer me a solution????

  • PsP LoVeR

    I need some help…………….can u make a list of games in the emulator that can already be played without problems and tell me? And is the megaman Black ace can play well, why my psp 3000 can’t play, just white screen……….

  • Smokexz

    Only getting this in one condition:

    If is plays Phantasy Star 0

    I would love to play it on my PSP….

  • bloody envy

    mine does load.. but then its just get stuck up in the beginning, it doesn’t move on ward.. like pokemon heart gold.nds, and the world ends with you.nds.. i hope in the next version this get problem solved.. i really want to play PHG.nds on my psp..

  • Lv24magmar

    cool but can it play Pokemon HG SS B/W yet?

  • hatch

    why is it said file corrupted?

  • Sadisticparker

    and why does it the game not show up

  • Nicholas Ho

    i put the game into the ds file but still cannot play


    i cant get it to work please help!

  • Johnwilliam Torres

    This IS Very Awesome

  • Johnwilliam Torres

    If any Problems Don’t put in ISO Put in GAME

  • Nogaykucuk

    it is sooooooooooo slow

  • linkin park

    where to put this

  • Ssj24goku

    put floder in your psp game floder but this emulstor is sooooo slow it suckes so just wait for the new ds emulator for psp vita

  • Zetaro

    perhaps it would benefit many people if you tell us WHICH psp will and wont work for it, or better yet if its even for psp or psp vita. 

  • KG

    attempting to play heartgold but once i started it. it just flashes info like FPS on the upper left corner and has 2 black bars top and bottom with a white screen in the middle