New TA-090 Motherboard Discovered

Picture of the newly discovered TA-090 motherboard.

Picture of the newly discovered TA-090 motherboard.

Here’s some fresh news in the world of PSP. Someone has discovered a new motherboard in the PSP-2000, the TA-090. There are noticeable differences, as well as the pictures to prove. Oh yea, the most important note: It is pandora compatible. Skyknow (discoverer) says:

“I found a new motherboard, the version is TA-090.
We all know TA-088 v3 can’t use PANDORA’S BATTERY, but the TA-090 can use it, and the motherboard has changed a little. The changes I have marked in the following pictures. I can’t understand why SONY upgrade the motherboard. – Skyknow on”

See more pics at TGBus or MaxConsole.

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  2. dimy93 says:

    Sony confess that it is for hacking the PSP

  3. Big mamas Boy XD says:

    Thanks you Sony.
    This is, i think, a proof of that the 3000 series will be hackable.
    I mean, Sony, you had a pandora proof motherboard.
    Then you “upgrade” it to TA-090 wich is pandora-able.
    Silly, silly Sony, but thanks Sony.

  4. Gurbz says:

    quite nice. What i didnt understand is why it is pandorable. Meaning sony is stupid or something… Or they really could care less about homebrew.

  5. Ramazan says:

    Sony is doing this intentionally!

  6. RDF2050 says:

    Yeah Sony want to sell enougt PSP as possible making able to be hack so after some months they change it to new one and end of the line.

    Also, there hiding something about this may be is that can be hack but not able to play iso games.

  7. PSP ruler says:

    What’s next? Sony is going to enable EEPROM access so we can soft-mod batteries?What is going on sony?

  8. hackala hackala says:

    Thank you VERY much.
    Hope this means that 300 will be hackable.

  9. Andy says:

    Maybe Sony is turning a new leaf? Even before I read this article, this past May I was able to install M33 on my Slim and run Nesterj. I’m not buying the 300, it’s going to waste more battery life than the 200 model.

  10. silenscer says:

    Sony must have realised that most PSP buyers get the system but the games free. Now Sony must be trying to sell more units at the expense of the game companies losing money. Selfish, but is a win-win… at least between the buyers and Sony that is…

  11. patrick says:

    it will be hackable soon!!!
    have faith in DA!!!!

  12. stuvee says:

    Compatibility and Incompatibility

    The UMD is still the main support for the games and video for the PSP-3000.

    The PSP-3000 fits into a PSP-Slim case.

    The Pandora Battery does not work on a PSP-3000. The PRE-Ipl exploit has been fixed.

  13. Lucas says:

    So if it work with Pandora it is hackable?

    I bought two weeks ago an PSP Slim 2001 wich came with firmware 4.05, i dont know what motherboard it have, but i hope someone hacks it =)

  14. Lucas WTF says:

    WTF how did this website get my avatar? uasuhsahusauhsa i think it got it with my email adress that should be registered on the wordpress database or someting.


  15. 17 says:

    This motherboards are only in PSP 2000s? How about in PSP 3000s? The TA-088v3 motherboard?

  16. Darkii says:

    TA-090v2 when will it be hacked?

  17. gaucho says:

    is a psp with such a motherboard  hackable

  18. Haremlandre says:

    how can I repair the Backlight fuse on this Motherboard?