New PSP Model announced @ Gamescom, No its not the Vita!


Check it out. Nobody guessed this. Sony today announced a new PSP Model, yep a PSP, not PSV / PS Vita but a PSP crippled without wifi, one speaker, no removable battery and a slight redesign. Its the PSP E1000. Oh and has a low price tag of 99 Euros or about 140 USD. In my opinon this Vaule PSP is a waste of time and too late. Everyones going to be after a PS Vita and who wants to have a PSP without Wifi. Come on Sony! Waste of time. We are still waiting on Sony to confirm the PS Vita Release date

By the way if you want all the latest PSV news from Gamescom, you can find it over on our PS Vita Hacks site.

What do you think of the new “Value” PSP ?

Edit: Official press images below of the E1000. Ok I admit its not bad looking for a crippled PSP system.


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  1. iZed says:

    Don’t we all have a PSP already?! I hope this is not what delayed PSV. Sony and its lame plans, meh… Microsoft should bring a handheld of their own though, looking forward to that ;)

  2. lkyris says:

    No wifi so you cannot play with your friends?

  3. Astronamous001 says:

    This is a complete waste of time , why sony…. make a console which is exactly the same as 1 of your old designs. Everyone is waiting for this psvita , inc me. I Hope 100% This Did not delay the vita. If It Did , Imma Not Be Happeh. I’d Prefer A Great Console (Vita) Instead of a matt psvita.

    Fusion (Astronamous001) Itz a better design of the 3000 though.

    • Reid says:

      I remember back in 2004, Nintendo tried to pull the same shit with the Game Boy Micro. It came out roughly around the same time the first Nintendo DS came out. The Game Boy Micro was a Game Boy Advance, but unlike the other GBA’s, the GBM had no backwards compatibility with GBC and GB games, no ereader, etc. I’m not even sure if it even had multiplayer, I dont remember. I do remember that they tried to sell it by advertising that its half the weight then the other GBA’s, or something like that.

      As all of you are thinking, I cannot see a reason why a company would do something like this. If anyone here majored in business or know what the hell is going on, that would be splendid.

  4. your right i do remember tht but really sony is doing the same crap but hey idc if at least sony puts java in their consoles i think it was stupid psvita is way better

  5. Spec3r123 says:

    No Wi-Fi meh… I’ll just wait for the more cooler PSP the PSVita.

  6. droyd666 says:

    Why would they waste their time downgrading a the psp when the vita is already announced? Id rather save my money for when the vita is released because by paying a little more money i will have ten times more features.

  7. Darkalterkazuma says:

    uuuh.. whomever thought of this is a idiot, removing multiplayer from it’s consoles, although the battery idea has some merrit, but not so late in the game, sony, you made the ps3, and the vita, you are better than kid-tendo, don’t make the same blunders, please

  8. miszek says:

    sorry im from poland biutiful

  9. Damien Howarth says:

    not psp vita and can you play cod mw3 on psp e1000 running 6.60?