NES Emulator: NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61 RM


Suluko has released his own mix of Popular NES emulator NesterJ for the PSP. His version combines the best parts from byemu’s and Takka’s version with some additional parts from Davex, full details are below in the changelog:

NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61 RM Changelog:

From suloku:
– Added rewind mode coded by Davex
– Added mirror and rotated screen modes by Davex
– Added sepia color palette by Davex

From byemu:

– Added support for a LOT of boards and mappers, including mapper 163 (NJ063 Final Fantasy VII Advent Children among others)
– PAL-NTSC selector
– Added Chinese interface language
– Added FAT ROM read mode, which enables Chinese filenames while browsing
– Added a new cheat function to make changing games easier.
– ROM support up to 4M
– Increased exception handling, prevention of reading the game crash
– Roms can be deleted. Press [] (square) in the rom list interface. Only in FAT ROM read mode.
– Added and increased a custom rom database (byemudb.dat)

From 1.12 by Takka:
– Ported to 3.xx firmware (full user mode)
– Fixed sleep mode issues
– Fixed saving issues (sram and states)

Source: qj

Download: NES Emulator: NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61 RM
(NES Emulator: NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61 RM - 2.1 MiB - 116,584 Hits)

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  1. Akatsuki1 says:

    One of my favorite emulator!

  2. Casper88 says:

    Awesome, just as I start playing EarthBound Zero too, this emulator is fantastic.

    • Mion says:

      I’d love to know how you got on with that. I just tried playing earthbound 0 on it and it crashes on the title screen every time. (Fatal error, message says to press O to restart.)

  3. Volt7x says:

    Awesome. Does anyone know when the last update was? I’ve been using a pretty old version (from 2008-ish, IIRC).

  4. darktech says:

    this app is awesome!

  5. jim says:

    My 52 in 1 rom works! Thanks so much!

    • Volt7x says:

      I heard that game was garbage. XD

      • jim says:

        hahaha… the rom consists of 52 popular NES games (super mario bros, battle city, gradius, and many more). I don’t think it is garbage.

      • Volt7x says:

        Oh, I thought you were talking about Action 52 or something. Cost $200 back in the day and more than half the games were so buggy that they didn’t even work.

  6. googleplex42 says:

    Hey, Can any1 tell me the difference between this and 1.11 RM ???

  7. Whistler says:

    This is a very nice emulator! Upgraded from NesterJ and I haven’t looked back since.

    (Running 5.50 GEN-D3 on a Daxter PSP)

  8. Jocoloco says:

    I have waited so long for this, but it doesn’t work for me. I have a psp 3000 with CFW 3.61 and when i put Nester J into PSP/GAME/NesterJ and i put a roms folder in there, when i start the emulator it can’t browse for the roms folder and the roms in it, it’s just not visible in the browser. Any ideas?

  9. Jerico1830 says:

    Create a folder inside the NesterJ folder called “rom” and put all of the roms in there.

  10. Jocoloco says:

    Well, that’s the problem actually… whatever folder i put in the NesterJ folder, be it called “roms” or “rom” with the games in it, the emulator is not able to see it in the browser. I can use zipped roms, right?

  11. microberry1 says:

    I think it’s buggy…

  12. someone24680 says:

    where do i put this file?

  13. crashbfan says:

    Here to confirm this does not work with 6.20+ HENs.

  14. jerusalem says:

    Works fine on my HEN 6.20c + i is loving it >> Many Thanks!

    • will says:

      my roms folder won’t show up on psp. using hen 6.20c. i copied the rom folder into nesterp folder but when i open nester i see all of the other folders except roms.

  15. Klangadin says:

    Am I the only one that gets a tiny screen with this Emu? Or is that just accepted? Just wondering.

  16. Jack Sparrow says:

    where i can get the adventures of lolo 3 cheat or game genie

  17. Ejarkas17 says:

    where do i put the roms

    • Paxton Fettle says:

      Seriously…where the hell do we put the roms?  It is not specified anywhere, and I can’t get the game to read any of the roms I put on it.  This emulator is a fail.

      • Thetoadster48 says:

        When you copy the emulator folder in your PSP, put the games in the same folder as the smulator. e.g: PSP/ GAME/NesterP (Put your NES game here.) The NES game should end in .NES and make sure the game is extracted from the zip or rar file incase the emulator doesn’t read your game. :)

        P.S. To get into the menu after loading a game, move the analogue nub. Took me fricking ages to figure that out lol

      • Paxton Fettle says:

        Thank you very much! :D The uploader should copy the above comment into the “readme” next time.  

  18. lord hogan says:

    i cant seem to find how to use the game genie for this, does anyone know how to do that?

  19. PSPFan says:

    Does this come with already-installed ROMs, or do I need to Google it?

  20. lord hogan says:

    that video isnt even in fucking english!! 

    • Matthew Sykes says:

      Well your language is not the only one in the world

      • Bob2334 says:

        no but its the only one that matters!

      • Yash Bruce says:

        Matthew Sykes are fucking god dam bitch or dumb ass or illiterate or some that kind of buddy like retard or mental freaking English is the only language that is studied all over the world if you go in any country u can find people speaking English and can you tell me why are most of the sites in English even this site is in English cause almost every people also retard people like u know English stupid idiotic person.

      • hamzah says:

        acctually it is mandrin then chineese and then english

      • AidanO says:

        you are an idiot. mandarin = variation of chinese

      • green says:

        in italy we usually speak italian, so, no, not everyone in the world speak english smartass. also as much as i can see your english is not good enough to criticize someone else’s language

      • Paxton Fettle says:

        While I agree Hogan was being a dick by demanding the video be in English on the internet, because the internet exists outside of America, Canada, and England so it’s assumable a very large portion is not in English; the whole post outside of the video was in English, so it is bullshit that the video that gives an explanation isn’t.  

  21. Che says:

    Some games dont run anymore, anybody know a fix for this?

  22. ali cengiz says:

    @40c682d7cba2cde7a004dd48b9a3154f:disqus stop complaining about!!! and just thank!! ungrateful moron!
    thanks by the way…

  23. Thomas says:

    dose this work on psp 1000 6.60

  24. MARIO says:

    you need to create your own folder, then type ROMs… that’s what im done

  25. Gioacchino Agosta says:

    umh…a tutorial would be apreciate.(english isn’t the only language that matter in the world,bob.)

  26. Ariya Fey says:

    I do i get the emulator on my psp and get it to work without it showing it as corrupted data?