N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Rev 721


Yep its been a month or some since we looked at a new DaedalusX64 build and here it is. You do remember DaedalusX64 don’t you with all these cfws you might forget about this N64 emulator. This is the latest and greatest. Many fixes to many for me to randomly list here. Just check out the changelog below. Better yet download it and let us know if you see any improvements in your favorite n64 roms.

DaedalusX64 Rev 721 changelog:


  • [=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 316 – Salvy

  • [~] Simplified array for custom ucodes (we only need the ucode and hash anyways)
  • [!] Clean ups in PIF

Rev 318 – Bdacanay

  • [+] Imported Paper Mario blend from old file.
  • [~] Fixed the Conker chainsaw smoke blend
  • [+] Added a blend to the river in Doubutsu no Mori
  • [-] Reverted Kirby blend that was breaking Kirby
  • [+] Added a blend to fix the menu and HUD in Wave Race 64

Rev 319 – Bdacanay

  • [-] Reverted Wave Racer 64 blend, as it was breaking Super Mario 64 horribly.

Rev 320 – Bdacanay

  • [+] Added a hack to Wave Racer 64 to fix the dangerous menu blend without breaking any other games. Tested and working perfectly. (Thanks corn)

Rev 321 – Salvy

  • [!] Enabled DisableSimulateDoubles for Conker (fixes “green textures” bug)
  • [~] Removed full-length fp mode (Was causing static and texture shifting in Conker. Anyways it only adds overhead and bloat to the emulator, I have yet to see a game that needs it, only RARE games that like poke the status reg..)

Rev 322 – Salvy

  • [+] Implemented env mapping for Conker (Using the CPU, we need to port this to the VFPU to avoid slowing down Conker!!)
  • [!] Pass directly gConkerVtxZAddr
  • [~] Clean ups in Microcode.cpp

Rev 323 – Salvy

  • [!] Simplified and inlined CPU_TakeBranch
  • [~] Made TranslateOp debug only
  • [-] Removed useless speedhack in R4300_J
  • [~] Reverted last remaining changes from 557-558..

Note : rev 313, 314, 315, and 317 weren’t m,erged since they ar not ready for public.

  • [=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 324 – Salvy

  • [~] Fixed compiling error from last commit
  • [-] Small clean ups here and there

Source: DaedalusX64 Forums

Download: DaedalusX64 Rev 721
(DaedalusX64 Rev 721 - 1.2 MiB - 40,619 Hits)

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  1. PSPFan says:

    If I get a change I’ll post a video of this one in action and let you know.

    • Skyline969 says:

      Please do. I don’t have much time to test homebrew these days what with work and all, but I’d be willing to download it if it works at a decent enough speed, preferably with sound.

  2. darkzero says:

    I can’t wait until they finally get f-zero or the star wars racer game to work properly. Hopefully they do.

  3. pacrat says:

    hopefully Zelda OOT works a bit better on this one :) thanks for the update!

    • SoraJr. says:

      It worked great in the last one, almost no lag. But when I fight there’s a bit of lag~

      • spore35 says:

        how did u beat the part where the guy throws 5 bucks in the water and u have to dive to get it. it’s hard because u can’t see through the water in the emulator

    • AceofSpace says:

      The words are stacked on top of eachother though.

  4. cristi says:

    c’mon konker :D

  5. Yehaa! says:

    Nice! Thanks for new update=D

  6. Scudreloaded says:

    Mario runs pretty legitly with the last releases. Zelda still atleast to me feels a bit laggy even without sound to be properly ran.
    last time i tried f-zero i was happy with its speed. it felt tleast playable.
    I haven’t tried this revision yet but plan to whenever i get home. I’m still holding out for conkers bad fur day, its such a classic. Really wish someone would get Turok 2 running a lil better.
    i’m not sure if they do this already but wouldnt having the n64 bios make a possible speed boost?

    • ven1x says:

      idk but imho your bios suggestion sounds like a good idea. Maybe you should go ahead and suggest it in the deadalus forum. Like, we could provide our own bios or something to avoid copyright issues. The link for the forum is below the description

  7. dan says:

    can shadow man work

  8. Rainmaker242 says:

    Wating until this can play Mario Kart 64 and Paper Mario seamlessly.

  9. Spec3r123 says:

    Harvest Moon 64 works fine but can you fix Resident Evil 2 because I really WANT to play it so BAD….

    • DjNeo says:

      Why don’t you just run the PSX version?… it is on PSNetwork… it’s a lot better than the N64 one…

  10. Spec3r123 says:

    wonder why n64 emulators these days can’t emulate Resident Evil 2 flawlessly

    • re4thewin says:

      the reason resident evil 2 isnt ran properly in daedalus is because it requires lle rsp emulation which the emulator doesnt have

  11. Victor says:

    Não funciona bem ta ruim muito ruim…

  12. Total_pro says:

    mustang is better than camaro.

  13. […] latest and greatest. Many fixes to many for me to randomly list here. Just check out […] Source: PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks Tags: DaedalusX64, Emulator Similar Posts ScummVM […]

  14. Haruki_ says:

    Is Zelda OOT playable now?

    • pooface says:

      if you use the recommended settings its playable but still stutters and if there was any improvement in oot since the last rev i didnt notice it

  15. Bryon15 says:

    I hate to say this but they will never get that emulator running perfectly at full speed. The psp just isn’t powerful enough. Check this flawless N64 emulator out:


    • AceofSpace says:

      Wow. Noticing that the PSP is a gaming device, its a shame that a CELLPHONE does better. Whoever got that to run smoothly on a cellphone has some great skills.

      • Byronic says:

        Yea, but the phone is newer and nearly 4 times faster than the PSP. But I understand your annoyance that a PHONE can beat a gaming device.

  16. harry says:

    Revision 723
    Rev 331 – Salvy
    [!] Simplified alpha test checks
    [!] Simplified and inline SetMux
    [~] Removed hack for Aidyn (no longer needed)
    [~] Do not test for GU_GREATER in alpha threshold mode (was breaking Aidym)
    [!] Fixed debug build
    Rev 332 – Salvy
    [~] Corrected order of rt and rs in SPECIAL opcodes that had it incorrect
    [~] DSUBU/ADDU should be unsigned
    Rev 333 – Corn
    [!] small optimization of StoreFPR_Double()
    [~] clean up some redundant code in math.h
    Rev 334 – Salvy
    [!] Optimize interrupts (this time shouldn’t cause issues)
    [!] Check first if interrupts are enabled to avoid wasting time checking for pending interrupts
    Rev 335 – Salvy
    [!] Optimized out instances of status reg
    Rev 336 – Salvy
    [+] Different approach to check for Cop1 Unusuable exceptions (previous approach added too much bloat to the emulator)
    Rev 337 – Salvy
    [!] Bump up OSHLE cache version


  17. Gator says:

    Nice update 2 a classic console.

    @Spec3r123 u can play Resident Evil 2 on a PS emulator on PC or u can get the eboot for PSP.

    @Dan u can play Shadow Man on a PS emulator on PC or u can get the eboot for PSP.

  18. pmwws says:

    Does any one know why the file is corrupted on my psp go

  19. Silver_kill says:

    When i installed this update rev721 my psp crash when i try to play
    when i try to start a game with the sound settings on i get bluescreen on the psp
    and when i play with the sound off i can play max 5min then bluescreen
    please fix this bug
    i have a psp 2000 5.50 gen and i havent have any bigger problems running mario64 with the older D64 emulator but now i only get bluescreen no mather what

  20. Carnaxus says:

    Why can’t I just download this to my PSP and run it? Also, do I need custom firmware to use this? Sorry for the somewhat noobish questions, but I’m new to the idea of running anything other than UMD-based games. I don’t know the exact version of my PSP either; if that is crucial, I’ll figure it out. I do know these two things, though: 1) I am running the latest official firmware, and 2) Writing this long of a post with a PSP is a major pain…

  21. skylinekid17 says:

    REV 733 is out guys. I don’t know if I’ll get in any conflict if I post the sourced link so I won’t post it. Just letting you guys know DaedalusX64 Rev SVN 733 has been released on October 5th

  22. Stryker Blue says:

    does the psp even have the right specs for running the n64? if not is that y it runs so slow?

  23. Joker says:

    Doest it support for iso game? please answer me..

  24. PS3boii says:

    Daedalus rev 736 is out.

  25. Chuck D says:

    Nice Update & Keep Them Updates Coming…
    – Apprieciation Note

  26. PS3boii says:

    daedalus rev 747 is out!

  27. PS3boii says:

    Daedalus rev 755 is out!

  28. Tim Henson says:

    Where can I find ROMS??

  29. Henta_may says:

    @google-f4f20bc172f70d5d7a3ecdc56df58a6b:disqus Google stupid, its illegal to link them

  30. Ariansaeed2004 says:

    it says the data is corrupted

  31. Erick says:

    it syas data is corupt when i try to run it. whts up with tht?

  32. PS3boii says:

    Daedalus rev 766 is out!

  33. PSP IS DA BEST says:


  34. Rick6074 says:

    a new daedalus rev has been posted but not avaliable for download yet, ill let yall know as soon as i see it.
    from 766-777  
    you can see the new fixes here: http://daedalusx64.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/daedalusx64/?view=log

  35. PS3boii says:

    Daedalus rev 777 is out!

  36. DarKEmX says:

    This sucks. The emulator is horribly laggy and slow. :/

  37. crafter john says:

    what website can i download daedalus rev 777