N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Rev 707


The DaedalusX64 Team has released DaedalusX64 revision 707. This is the latest release, which packs the cheat feature. The latest bugfixes, tweaks and speed. Well worth checking out if your into your N64 emulation. The last changelog is below:

DaedalusX64 Rev 707 changelog:

Rev 281 – Salvy
[~] Small typo in Pilot Wings’ shadow cheat
[+] Added all versions for Pilot Wings’ shadow cheat
[!] Force enable Pilot Wings’ shadow cheat
Rev 282 – Salvy
[!] Force enable OOT menu delay fix and Pokemon Snap’s camera movement and picture selection cheats
Rev 283 – Salvy
[!] Fixed detection for 4g PSP3k and OFW (thnx DrCam reporting it and providing required info for it)
[~] Small clean up in CPU.cpp

Source: DaedalusX64 Forums

Download: DaedalusX64 Rev 707
(DaedalusX64 Rev 707 - 1.2 MiB - 24,014 Hits)

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  • http://pspslimhacks.com/ PSPFan

    Just keep getting better, shame it doesn’t run quite as well as n64oid does on my Galaxy SII :(

    • Madman

      So what its making a nice progress.So shut up noob and dont boast.

      • creampie

        so what… just an opinion.. your the noob one boooo

      • DrTroll

        only noobs point out noobs.. he was just making an opinion… go be a nazi somewhere else

  • poop station portable

    rev 281?

  • BobbyB

    galaxy sll? What the heck is that? Is this emulator any faster than the previous revision, or does it just have the cheat feature?

    • jang

      galaxy s2

  • Doritoes

    Mario 64 seems to run a lot faster

  • SoraJr.

    if u watch the vid u’ll b like wow tht’s smooth game-play like i did :o!!

    • D-TeK-DeV

      Wow thats smooth gameplay!

      • Deko

        Wow that’s smooth gameplay!

      • Anon

        Wow thats smooth gameplay!

      • Yukon

        Wow thats some smooth gameplay

      • jabdiel

        Wow that’s a smooth gameplay!

      • DrTroll

        SMOOTH GAMEPLAY -squirt-

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that sure is smooth gameplay!

      • Wilford Brimley

        Is dat sum smooth gameplay? Too bad it won’t cure my damn diabeetus…

  • PSP4ever

    Great progress with this emulator and this is a good piece of work.
    Thanks for another update and keep up the good work ;)

    • Yukon

      Damn you can rap!

  • XxdarkwavexX

    why does this always happen to me! :( i have a psp go 6.20 and i can’t play daedalus!!
    it always crashes……..

    • http://daanimeotaku.deviantart.com DaAnimeOtaku

      im assuming plugins conflicting or something.
      or ur running unsigned version in ofw or something.
      if u post ur fw it could help people to help u. :)

      • XxdarkwavexX

        hmm, never taught about plugins…. i guess it may be that :/

        thanks for the help (:

  • Hiroyasu

    any idea’s on how well it can play orge battles ?
    i would ask for zelda but i already know the answer.

    • Wilford Brimley

      ORGY BATTLES!! W00T!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!11!!!!!!1!!!!one!!!eleven!

  • http://psp.com uhihuihu

    graeat update

  • Latios721

    Got F-Zero X at full-speed now. :D

    • Wilford Brimley

      Faster than a Falcon Punch?

  • XspeedPL

    Why does it say Rev 283 in the changelog?

  • SoulFace

    Wow, you select all the gay games to emulate… way to go….

  • djtar489

    that’s because the gs2 is a beast way faster then the old psp its just that time for the ngp to come around and save us all

  • Tyler Tizard (TYZARD)

    Bad Fur Day works now! Slow as hell but works.

    • Hiro

      hmm still nothing to celebrate about XD

    • cristi

      zomg konkers bad fur day is the best plz ppl make it happen XD

  • Ricot

    Can you signed the hombrew ? Sorry my english is bad really bad… But yes please anyhone can signed daedalusx64 but this rev… please i wanted too play ZELDA MM with a very good speed I wanted this daedalusx64 rev.. 707 signed because I have a PSP 3001 V. 6.38 and I wanted to play.

    • Wilford Brimley


  • Paulo

    It runs at same Speed of a SNES emulator! That means, no one made a great SNES emulator…

  • THE Smelly one

    There is a r713 out but it is not stable yet so stay with r707

  • skylinekid17

    Wow haven’t touched my PSP in about 3 months. What am I missing out on here 0_o….Is there any speed increase in Pokemon Stadium? My all time fav N64 game =)

  • Joesiggery

    hi i need help geting the nintendo 64 emulator for my psp 3000 are they hard to put on 

  • Artquick90

    wats the name of this song?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KQF7HKPS5XPQ6HYV3PC2JGET6Y Cory

    u can only make ti so fast…was kind of a disappointment to me cause i wanted to get KIG (Killer instinct GOLD) for it but it would prove somewhat impossible to play.good app thought it looks very nice.

  • PS3boii

    Daedalus rev 777 is out!

  • PS3boii

     daedalus rev 707 is old.

  • Christianadonis_12

    can u help me!!!!! how can i make the game faster plz!!!!!!

  • Abchrisabc

    it crashed my psp

  • Your mom

    DaedalusX64 R790 is out.