N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 621


The latest build of DaedalusX64 was released a few hours ago. Now jumped up to 621 revisions. This bug features the following changes: Updated roms.ini and compat codes, Updated Daedalusx64 logo and a new entry for notes for our recommended settings screen to name a few. Full changes are listed below, plus the download.

DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 621 changelog:

Revision 621

[+] Implemented osAiSetNextBuffer
[!] Updated roms.ini and compat codes (bdacanay)
[!] Removed rev # from recommended settings screen (bdacanay)

Revision 620

[~] Tweaked abit patch progress
[!] Updated Daedalusx64 logo (Thnx DrCam)

Revision 616

[!] Fixed exception handler (thanks bdacanay for testing)
[+] Added a new entry for notes for our recommended settings screen (see roms.ini for usage)
[-] Remove Zfighting no longer optional
=> Merged Pipelined MemoryUpdateSPStatus (Corn)

Source: DaedalusX64 @ Sourceforge.net/

Download: DaedalusX64 Beta 3 Update
(DaedalusX64 Beta 3 Update - 673.3 KiB - 28,846 Hits)

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  1. PSPdude says:

    3 updates in 1 week!

  2. Spartan says:

    wrking fr hbl?

  3. bigbwashere says:

    gonna get this and test the games I did for the last revision

  4. TYLUR says:

    my zelda oot stll has “No Preview Available”

  5. hacktester says:

    Im bassicaly waiting for TN HEN just to use this,Go!Tube,a better version of PSPDisp since the one for HBL doesnt work as well as it should,and plugins.

  6. MR THC says:

    wat UP THIS N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 621

  7. derp says:

    Why do you keep releasing unstable svn versions? How about waiting for a release?

  8. Bob says:

    Just wait for tn hen and this will finally work

  9. sony corp says:

    very very intresting what is this tn hen you speak of could someone fill me in on this is there gonna be a new hack for psp and when will it be released i did not expect this at all.

    • PSPdude says:

      You aren’t sony?are u? u cant be because sony will never visit a psp hacking site.

    • andy b says:

      to “sony corp”….hahahahaha….just please tell me that I’m not misinterpreting your fine levels of sarcasm for someone too lazy to research…..thank the maker for someone with a sense of humor….

  10. Rainmaker242 says:

    Thanks goodness I have 5.50Prom4.

  11. PSPdude says:

    Daedalus r14 woeks on hbl.

  12. sony corp says:

    @PSPdude no i am not from sony i left there a year a go read up this tn hen and i was amaze thats it on the newer firmware but let me tell you this it wont last too long loll and about the vsh exploit is it leak or anything i would like to find where he found that vulnerability just to see where sony left out that exploit im not apart of sony ok so you can trust me.

  13. 12apennachi says:

    If he was really from SONY, do you think he would call himself Sony Corp?

  14. sony corp says:

    @12apennachi yes why would i call my self sony i think i miss working there but i moved to nintendo so there is no worry i still like sony thats why i have my psp go with ofw 6.20.

    • L Boy says:

      they must’ve skipped your employment test or they ignored your aplliance and just took a look at the picture on the front…. i don’t think sony would waste money and employ anyone who can’t spell properly / type on a keyboard properly

      and if you moved to Nintendo so why would you call yourself “sony corp”

      i think you’re just doing a bad joke to get some attention or you’re wasting your time to troll around

  15. Tidus0515 says:

    It’s so annoying that about 95% of comments on Deadalus release pages are NOT about the performance of the emulator yet are just mindless babble that is off topic. How is this emulator? Has it speed up any since the 16bit transformation? Are games playable? Audio? Those are the things to be talking about.

    • kiro says:

      I agree. On every post about this emulator, there are questions if this will work on hbl. And it’s been answered COUNTLESS times over and over again.

      Talk about the emu ffs

  16. irfan says:

    hbl for 6.35 has been released using mini na sukkiri game demo
    u can find the information on wololo.net/wagic

  17. PSPdude says:

    Hey there is a very big news and many have already reported this that hbl for FW6.35 via Minna no Sukkiri is released! check on wololo’s forum

  18. hahaxD says:

    they should make one for hbl

  19. Castle says:

    DaedalusX64 SVN r628 is latest so far Link:http://www.emucr.com/2010/12/daedalusx64-svn-r628.html
    Very good work

  20. Hotlinx says:

    I remember the first Daedalus, skipper frams, and what not. what an improvment…

  21. PSPhenlover says:


  22. aPHEXZER says:

    True:( It just crashes with the 6.20HEN.

  23. Pikaven says:

    Crashes on hen.

  24. Bluestrk says:

    Confirm also, crashes on Hen

  25. djstanga says:

    Yes, it crashes…

  26. kioshi says:

    i ran it for a few minutes on the HEN super laggy and then all of a sudden “CRASH”

  27. Shadow says:

    Crashes on HEN.
    2001 PSP 6.20 TN-B HEN

  28. DuckFac3 says:

    crashes on 5.00 m33-6 too and its slow on all games once it does get working

  29. PSP 3004 says:

    DaedalusX64 SVN r632 latest so far.
    Lock here:http://www.emucr.com/2011/01/daedalusx64-svn-r632.html

  30. Truth>Teller says:

    To tell the truth the real sony compani alredy knows about hacks havent u ever wondered y iso’s are always patched but not emulators guys serously if sony wanted they could patch user mode and crap like that dont u see sonys getin profit from us hacking our psps i mean they get bricked we buy a new but dont get me wrong i dont care i still hacked mine i semi bricked 5 times and just now i semi bricked it but i have a soft ware for that thanks to Hellcat so eny way to sony what r u plaing theres a dark secrert there keeping. could they be trying to spread the word of hacks and emu’s so that they sale more psp’s well half of wat i said is tru. Info brought to u by Truth>Teller if u dont belive me investigate for ur selfe.