MVSPSP, CPS1 and CPS2 Emulators for PSP-3000



NoEffet and Davee have removed the PSP Slim hardware check on NJ’s Neo Geo and Capcom play system 1 and 2 emulators. So they will now work without needing to cache the ROMs. So your now using the full 64mb of on-board PSP-3000 ram.

These emulators come highly recommended by us. Basically you have perfect arcade emulation of Capcom CPS1 and CPS2 arcade games like 1941, Mercs, Dark Stalkers and Street fighter II and with MVSPSP, near perfect Neo Geo arcade emulation for games like Art of Fighting, Metal Slug 2 and Samurai Shodown etc

P.S The above youtube video I recorded doesn’t do the emulators justice. Because remotejoy lite uses some 25% or more of the PSP’s power to run the video output. On your PSP its as quick as the real thing. Apart from Metal Slug series which the real life SNK Max Gear Mega pro-spec arcade machines couldn’t handle either….

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Download: MVSPSP, CPS1 and CPS2 Emulators for PSP-3000
(MVSPSP, CPS1 and CPS2 Emulators for PSP-3000 - 2.3 MiB - 34,806 Hits)

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  1. PSPFan says:

    Love these emulators by NJ..If only I had these on my PSP Go :(

  2. atoz12345 says:

    hi how to play this?

    • PSPFan says:

      Extract the folders mvspsp, cps1, cps2 to PSP/GAME. Inside each emulator folder place your roms inside the folder roms. If its not there add it (The emulator once first run will create the rom folder, save states etc)

  3. giwrgos says:

    it’s great that every day that passes ppl manage to “offer” emulators(and so on) on psp.However don’t u think it’s time to try harder than that and find a way to hack psp 3000 ver5.50 and up?so many ppl are w8ting for this and nothing happens..Many comments will follow saying it’s unhackable..blablabla….In my opinion all these are shit.Instead of bringing out such emulators it would be better for all if the hackers would hack psp 3000 once and for all…

    • Jhazky says:

      Good news! PSPGO with 6.10 fw is already hacked by team typhoon and works with any PSPs.. The bad news is they will not release the hack.. This emulator is not meant to please you but meant to please for those who cares! If you don’t give a shit about this then just shut up and whine somewhere else.. Or go find and pay a programmer that will do shit for you..

      • giwrgos says:

        Well,if u are on the side of the ppl who have hackable versions of psp u can try to play it comedian…Hahahah …What a funny guy!!!clap clap…

      • giwrgos says:

        For the others however,it is not so easy to enjoy the real fun of the psp,with all the application and the games and we have to moan once in while..Otherwise we will still have our crappy version …SO U SHUT UP…

      • RedXIII says:

        or buddy you can stop sobbing and sell your unhackable psp on ebay or game stop and then buy a new hackable psp from said gamestop or ebay

      • Jhazky says:

        I also have a pspgo which is unhackable.. Instead of whining, why don’t you just buy yourself a hackable psp? You’re just making yourself look stupid..

    • dermoptera says:

      What the hell does that have to do with this thread?

      • black_dragon says:

        exactly, lol.
        @for ppl with unhakable psps………
        no hard feelings buh why do u even visit this site….?

  4. Jhazky says:

    No caching so that means more MS free space!

  5. Casper88 says:

    Awesome, so are these the best CPS/Neo Geo emu available now (for a psp-2000, fully hacked)?

    Good to see this is still been worked on, thanks for posting PSPfan :)

  6. Smoker1 says:

    Anyone know if there will be a update with this for PSP 2000? Also, this needs better ability for the Command file and the Cheat file. Some games wont show the command list and there is no option for the cheat file.
    Anyone know if they are working on a MAME for the PSP? the ones out suck. Either they dont work, or dont work with the later games. How about a CPS3 Emu?

  7. VVARG0D says:

    Any good game to remember? for this emulator……..

  8. manobon says:

    I’ve been hoping for these forever- “Great job!” to NoEffet and Davee!

  9. megamanx41 says:

    This is awsome! I absolutely hated having the stupid caches taking up so much space. Thanks for the update NoEffet and Davee.

  10. Gauss says:

    For the NeoGeo emu where do you place the BIOS file? I tried unibios and mvsbios in the roms folder but the emu always says it can’t find a bios.

  11. iamepoi says:

    sorry for being noob.. can anyone tell me what exactly format of games i can play with this emulator??
    for example snes?) help me please…

  12. xfloss says:

    like jhazky said cps2 works fine but neo geo keeps lookin for the cache files ive tried both unconverted and original neo games only the mame versions shows up neo geo games show up in red and u cant pick them

  13. jim says:

    Both Cps1 and Cps2 emulators work great! Thank you so much..

  14. xfloss says:

    neo geo does work with samurai showdown 4 hope last blade 2 works thanks

  15. nihulen says:

    great update guys, i was hoping that it will also include cheat support, please add it if there a next build

  16. x3x says:

    thought they dont need caches files to play, cp1 and 2 work but Neo geo didnt. this suck !

  17. [email protected] says:

    Does it work on OFW 6.20?

  18. wildturkey07 says:

    Ok 2 things. Is there another download lik because when I put this on my psp 3000 I get a corrupted data message for this file? Also do you need to cache the neo geo games?

  19. z says:

    So a couple of games requires generated cache files.
    And will say that it cant create/find cache if failing (like metalslug>=3 kof>=97).

    To fix this, romcnv_mvs.exe is included in Unfortunally all the windows builds of romcnv_mvs.exe that iv’e tried have not managed to generate the crom cache (you get a 0 sized crom file). And the result for most games that require cache will be that the game boots, but most graphics is omitted.

    So this is how to fix it. You will need linux (or probably any unix flavor) and gcc / make.

    cd njemu/romcnv
    mv makefile.mvs Makefile
    UNIX=1 make

    This will build romcnv_mvs for you.

    Then run : ./romcnv_mvs /path/to/roms/that/need/cache -all
    This will create a directory named cache in your current directory (njemu/romcnv/ if you havnt changed it)
    copy the content of cache/ to ms0:/PSP/GAME//cache/
    and your good to go.

  20. bluesoup11 says:

    bandwidth thief??? i cant download it.. damn it

  21. abhishek cherath prakash says:


  22. Chris Carbone says:

    I’m sorry, I’m a n00b.  I can instal the emulators onto my PSP, but then I cannot figure out how to get the ROMS to work.  These seem to work differently than other emulators/ROMS in that I download a ROM and it comes in a folder with like 10-20 files…what do I do with this file?  ANy help would be great, I’m about to punch my computer in the face.

    • Leon F Benjamin says:

      Create a folder called “ROMS” inside the emulator folder (PSP/GAME/CPS1/ROMS) and place your roms in there, load the emulator and the games will appear.

  23. Chris Carbone says:

    Ok, so I find this difficult to believe, but I just got Baseball Stars 2 to work.  It appears that every single one of the ROMS I attempted to use lacked .bin files?  I’m talking like the first 20 ROMS I downloaded.  So, I guess my question would now be, where do I find quality NEO GEO ROMS with .bin files?

    • Leon F Benjamin says:

      Just search for the name of the missing .bin files and add to the zip file. Also make sure your roms are in zip format.

  24. Animal Bear says:

    “So they will now work without needing to cache the ROMs.”
    Liars this needs cache as well. Ahhhhhhhhh!

  25. Egg says:

    My psp just freezes and shuts off every time I try to load a rom.  Can anyone offer any assistance or advice?