MP3Player Plugin v2.2


Japanese developer plum has released a new version of his MP3 Player plugin, an interesting alternative to the music.prx plugin that enables you to listen to your own music while playing.


- Improved stability
– Fixed minor bugs
– Now the plugin does not need. Ini file to start

[L / R] + [□]: Play / Pause
[L / R] + [→]: Next track
[L / R] + [←]: Previous Track
[L / R] + [↑]: Volume (+)
[L / R] + [↓]: volume (-)
[L / R] + [START]: On / Off



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  1. joven.balgos says:

    wow nice nice nice

  2. ZherJ says:

    I do hope that this fix all the bugs. The previous versions can’t play some songs or play them in slow mo. It also makes my PSP crash on certain times.

  3. InoSIX says:

    I would much like it to work in POPS. :(

  4. Peanut? says:

    cant play tekken6 w/ this stuck on gameboot

  5. Fortytwo says:

    as usual I can’t get this plugin to do anything but crash my psp. (pspGo) I SOULD point out however that it seems to work fine on every OTHER psp in my house.

  6. […] bugs – Now the plugin does not need. Ini file to start Controls: [L / R] + […] Source: PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks Tags: MP3Player, Plugin, v2.2 Similar Posts PMF Player […]

  7. Luk says:

    All my filenames are messed up in this version and some mp3s are also skipped with this version, so I can’t see improvements !

  8. Karl says:

    Does this work on 6.39 CFW Pro-B7 ? cause i cant make it work and i watched alot of tutorial video.


    Does This Work On Psp Go 6.20 PRO B6?

  10. PSPHACKERGEN says:

    will this work on psp go 6.20 pro b6

  11. pitongabriel says:

    Um..not all the songs i have in my psp aren’t playing with this plug-in?

  12. xtrymeboy says:

    Can someone give me installation instruction? I can’t seem to get this working. (Using 6.20 Tn – HEN)

  13. chiraj says:

    wer to paste????

  14. SAAD says:

    hey please anyone tell me how to run it in english mine is showing in chinese or japenese whatever…. how i can turn it to english

  15. iggy says:

    Cant See the Names of the Songs

  16. th3pwnsh0p says:

    PSP 3001 6.20 pro B9 with mp3play_lite works

  17. 512gamefreak says:

    it works with 6.2o pro b6 psp 3000. if u dont know how do install make a seplugins folder in your psp main menu then open mp3 with winrar drag mp3 to seplugins exit usb mode press select reset vsh and you play music

  18. random guy says:

    does this work on 6.39 pro b9

  19. breakingbenjamins says:

    isn’t there a 3.3 version of this?? how come it hasn’t been posted on this website?

  20. Bobbysmiths21992 says:

    wth do i put it?!?!?

  21. Umpa Assne says:

    The readme is in wierd letters. How can I install?

  22. Sasori_kazegage123 says:

    wew its so cool

  23. Hunterbait says:

    Is it possible for the plugin to be uploaded on another file sharing site?

    The current one has been SOPA’d

  24. TykiMykk says:

    i cant download it!!! pls upload it to another sharing site

  25. Mohsinaziz says:

    can i run this plugin in psp go 6.60 pro b9