Minecraft coming to Psvita, PS3, and….PS4


If you don’t know what Minecraft Is and pulled a Patrick and sleep under a rock, here, read up:


Minecraft Is a sandbox multiplayer game where you build things such as buildings, trees, rocks, tools, a garden, you can also build a canoe to ride on the river. I personally like It, I don’t do creative mode where you have everything at your desire, every block type, ore, tools ect.. and start to build. I use survival. I just seems more of a thrill to me, gathering every block, ore, tool, then I can build, rebuild the things iv build with better material.

Anyway, thats pretty awesome to have Minecraft come to Psvita, but not PS4…Such a low quality game coming to a high end console Is redonkulous. I don’t like It. Just a personal opinion. And It’s one of the launch titles for the PS4.

Ok so release date…release date, where did i put the release date…ahh here It is:

Minecraft for the PSVITA will be issued out on November 29th In the UK, November 15th USA




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  1. Falmung says:

    I’d probably play it on both Vita and PS4. It’s a lot of fun. I have it on PC but the console versions are better for playing multiplayer.

    • MGO_Vet says:

      You do have a point

    • Q13E5 says:

      Well if i can,t get it, i will wait until the vita goes out of style, il hack that, and then i download the iso for free. I did it for the psp “metal gear solid peace walker”.

  2. Benjamim Silva says:

    why not psp its not like this game has good graphics

  3. drd7of14 says:

    What? Minecraft takes a lot of power to run. A lot more than you would think, because of the scale, not simplicity of a few blocks.

    • MGO_Vet says:

      This IS true. But My Android Galaxy Stellar IS a dual core with 1.2 ghz and plays on the highest settings and runs perfect, PC version runs perfect on my dual core processor with 2 GB of ram, Whatever they include from the PC version to PS4 shouldn’t be THAT much of a difference to port a poor graphic/landscape game to PS4. Not to much vertices/polygons In this game. Their Is no point In converting It over to PS4. Only for money lol

      • drd7of14 says:

        The android version is a stripped down version, that cannot go at the highest of settings, a although I’m sure it runs well on that platform. Running perfect on fancy graphic settings and max view distance at a 60fps speed, on those spec for pc, unlikely. My computer is a 3.5Ghz 3gb of gddr5 ram, and 5gb of ram CPU and it doesn’t get 60fps. Close to, but not perfectly. Cut away the rest if the Windows OS, you get better performance, but that is why the Xbox 360 version is so limited in functionality and scale., aside from controls.

      • MGO_Vet says:

        Lol do you have an extreme amount of mods?? Do you need to defrag your comp? Ccleaner? My goodness, you have plenty of power to run mincraft. You could run Crysis at 60 fps, unless you got a pretty shitty video card with 256 mb of ram on it.

  4. Jerovee Covee G. Blas says:

    how about psp? please released for psp..the minecraft for psp is boring

  5. OneHungryGamer says:

    I have a question,if i have minecraft ps4 edition and my friend has minecraft ps3 edition,are we going to be able to play together on multiplayer or not?Thanks for help and sory for bad english.

  6. drcple crple says:

    will it be free

  7. killzonepsp says:

    sweet that it is coming to the Vita and PS4


  8. jae says:

    high end console my ass