Massive God Eater Burst Demo up for download


Like demos? How about huge demos that could keep you busy for hours? Well Namco Bandai have released a massive God Eater Burst demo. 29 missions and story scenes to play, yep that’s twenty nine missions and not a typo. You basically play the whole opening of the game. The only downside is its in Japanese. But once you figure out the menus its no biggie.

You can download the God Eater burst demo here

The game is due for release this month on the 27th in Japan and set for a U.S some time next year.

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  1. Spartanrme says:

    Made an account just to say:
    HOLY O_O
    Largest demo I’ve ever seen. Must download.

  2. Jtotheb1 says:

    OMG looks so cool but you probably gotta update to 6.30 and i have 6.20 ;-;

  3. Spartanrme says:

    Can anyone confirm if this requires 6.30 or above?

  4. Jtotheb1 says:

    I am so tempted to update :/

  5. deeperz says:

    are you stupid dont update or your hacking days are over well not over but if you update over 6.30 you gotta buy a game just 2 hack your psp

  6. Gamble_STARS says:

    the joy of having an extra OFW psp and 2 CFW psps….God eater is beast! I never played any of the games before, but man this is great…

  7. adam0000 says:

    you do not need to update to use this. i have the game already :)
    and i am running 5.50 promv1. works like a charm. but the plugins need to be off and on the 9660 driver. i couldnt get out of the lobby when your first allowed to control the character so i gave up hahah. i lived in japan for 3 years and can speak it just cant read it and thats the downfall for me when i get japanese games.

  8. hiroyasu says:

    so theres no way for this demo to be played on psp 6.20 OFW… that sucks bawls

  9. gennaro494 says:

    okay okay..i noticed someone said you don’t need 6.31..for this true and has anyone gotten the new GOW ghost of sparta demo to work on CFW???

    help us out here

  10. gennaro494 says:

    by the way..i have promethues 2…

  11. viked says:

    i have the game working since 3-4 months on gen-c but dont get shitt in japanese!!!
    anyone knows when the game is coming in english???

    Also if any one knows about god of war , do we need extra joystick attachment to play the same??

  12. Gamble_STARS says:

    Ghost Recon predator is the worst game yet in gaming history. So much potential…

  13. viked says:

    ya dude checked it today……

  14. gennaro494 says:

    does anyone ever read any other the comments and ever answer them??? lol..
    seems like they just post and don’t like to reply to anyone…
    even if you can’t answer or say you don’t least answer…

  15. Cortand says:

    Awesome, i think i have won the trial already. Just waiting for the full game now. The last mission has 4 monsters omg it took me ages to kill them all. I’m so skilled.

  16. Cortand says:

    Oh shit i downgraded from cfw to official 6.31 does that mean i can’t go back to cfw? I have the real Pandora Battery.

  17. gennaro494 says:

    Hey Cortland..don’t know why you did that..but i’m sure you can use your pandora battery depending on your model of PSP…
    figured i’d answer you..cause nobody in these forums ever does…

  18. gennaro494 says:

    I also try to answer as well..but sometimes even if it is stupid or a noob question we should at least try to answer..right??
    ok..that’s what comments are for..questions and answers or saying thanks..
    but seems not many into anwering at that’s not good..

  19. gennaro494 says:

    does anyone know any other site like this..were people actually answer your questions?? or actually login to it
    if you do..please post some..

  20. Foxhound1234 says:

    Guys guys guys…It’s to easy to play these game demos, just create a NAND dump then update your firmware to OFW 6.31 play, when your done then restore your NAND and BAM your back on CFW. Just shut your PSP off hold the “L” trigger while turning on your psp then you should see a menu. Pick NAND operations then dump NAND. Make sure the NAND is on the ROOT of your memory stick.

  21. ruinside says:

    this game works with the cfw 5.50 prome-4