LuaPlayer Euphoria V7.3


PSP Coder Zack has released LuaPlayer Euphoria V7.3, version 7 introduced some big changes to LuaPlayer Euphoria, including a new media sound engine, swizzle and unswizzle functions, Sony messages dialogue system and move images to Vram function.

LuaPlayer Euphoria V7.3 changelog:

Version 7.3:

  • Fixed path issue – Improved Samples Fps

Version 7.2:

  • (Changed Math Core) – Uses Vfpu but with default math functions

Version 7:

  • Ported project from C++ to C.
  • Implemented AAlib sound engine Mp3, At3 & Ogg Playback On Media Engine + Wav support) and wrote a new sound core. (note usage has changed, please see the samples included in the download for new usage)
  • Added Swizzle & UnSwizzle functions (note : Images are Swizzled by default)
  • Added move Image to Vram function.
  • Added optional Alpha parameter to screen:blit(). (ie screen:blit(x, y, image, alpha) – Makes for easy image fading in/out
  • Added VFPU math library.
  • Added Sony Message Dialog System.
  • Added Sony OSK System.[*] Reworked IntraFont support.
  • Added option to free/delete Images from memory.[*] Huge code cleanup.[*] Vairous fixes that I cannot remember .
  • Source code now available.

Source: qj

Download: LuaPlayer Euphoria V7.3
(LuaPlayer Euphoria V7.3 - 8.2 MiB - 6,064 Hits)

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  • dtrickster95

    what does this do anyways???

    • Jpoel

      exactly. you havent told us what its supposed to do lol

      • Kagemaru

        they usually dont do that in updates, try reading back on older versions.

  • SilverSight1

    It’s supposed to be a Java emulator. I might figure it out sometime.

    • SilverSight1

      Oh nevermind, I was thinking of the JPCSP engine. lol.

  • jasonkhoo87

    i think this is a lua ompiler mean the lua files.. in the files look like c++ code… which do the function depend on the program..

  • Wetan

    You wouldhav though this guy would hav been smart enogh to nclude a isntallations guide…..

  • Wetan

    how to install…..

  • NGN-H

    luaplayer euphoria is an interpretor for the lua language
    basically it allows lua scripts to be run on the psp
    to program in lua see
    try putting the file in ms0:\PSP\GAME or GAME150

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