Lord of Apocalypse PSP Demo Released


Been a while since we had some new Demo’s for the PSP to try out and here’s a good one from Square Enix. Just out. Lord of Apocalypse Demo. Its got two different quests from the PS Vita version seen at Tokyo Game Show this year. One of the quests is for beginners and the other is more experienced players. The best news is these are original demo only quests that won’t be in the retail release. Both PS Vita and PSP versions of the game will be the same content wise. Of course the PS Vita version will have much improved graphics.

You can download the demo from here OR here. (64mb direct links)

Ah yeah and if you hadn’t guessed already, its in Japanese.

Source: Famitsu

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  1. PHENOK100 says:

    this demo is awesome

  2. psp says:

    i am just fed up from these Japanese games just hate them why didn’t Sony release some good games

    • aaron_m says:

      You better be trolling, if not that’s one stupid ass comment.

    • Stagnate says:

      Sony didn’t release them. Square Enix did.
      Anyway what good games does Sony make?
      Resistance, God of War, Modnation Racers(lol more like Jack Tretton autism racers)? pffft they are all crap and have bad replayability.


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  4. COOL says:


  5. siogeth says:

    awesome! this game looks really good

  6. Some1 says:

    psp has lost its touch shitty graphics bitchy controls I gave up with it

  7. natsu says:

    super nice… awesome…. i will buy a PsVita though

  8. Thrawn says:

    Another game I can’t even read the menu…. no buy from me. :(

  9. SoraJr. says:

    Sorry but, PSP is kinda dead :’/

  10. astrshadow666 says:

    well it is the end of alll of us!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well i guess pro c would be released by santa claus he will sneak into your room grab ur psp install pro c and leave a note on hoe to use ad hoc maybe :P

  11. Thrawn says:

    Well, I would say its highly likely that by the end of this year pro team will release another cfw.
    Maybe it would be their last one, but they will release another revision, just because the pro cfw project isn’t dead. Did you visit their googlecode page? They are getting pretty much feedback everyday and this is what keeps a project alive. :)

  12. dead says:

    scene is dead XD

  13. shadowx says:

    can i change the game to English

  14. shadowx says:

    can i change the language to English and if so how

  15. asphyXia_ says:

    Last year, the community gave us lot’s of surprises before the year ends…I hope they’ll have another Year ending surprises. The community is just quiet from now. I know you guy’s are up to something for the coming year for our console and for the Vita,hope Sony have some muscle.
    Thanks to all participating coder’s that makes the community alive.
    Cheers’ from Philippines’ Mabuhay

  16. dyosef says:

    cheers thumbs up