LCS Cheat Device for Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-B



GTA PSP lovers are going to like this one, remember LCS Cheat Device? Think back a few years… The prx cheat enabler for GTA: LCS and GTA:VCS. Well thanks to the handy HEX editing skills of pickyeater we have LCS Cheat Device now running on 5.50 GEN-B Custom Firmware. Tested myself I can confirm it works well (check the screenshot) , while the menu does flicker. Its function and works just as it did on 3.71 M33 back in the day.

Release Notes:

LCS CheatDevice v1.0g PRX for GTA Liberty City Stories
By Edison Carter

This is the Edited PRX version suited for use on firmware edition 5.50 GEN-B(Full).

Game disk versions supported:

original US version — works
original UK/Euro version — works
new patched US version — works
new patched UK/Euro version — not working

To install.

(replace X: with the drive letter of your PSP)

mkdir X:\SEplugins
copy lcscheatdevice.prx X:\SEplugins
edit X:\SEplugins\game.txt (create it if not already there) and add the line:

in the recovery menu (hold R button while booting):
go into Plugins and enable lcscheatdevice.prx

*Minor Hex Editing was used to adapt it to the newer GEN firmware,The Only Glitch
Known is the menu flickering,this edit was done unoffically and not by the original
creator “Edison Carter”*


Source: dcemu

Download: LCS Cheat Device for Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-B
(LCS Cheat Device for Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-B - 46.7 KiB - 30,655 Hits)

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  1. ronelpriela says:


  2. Hani says:

    second lol this great news

  3. erique555 says:

    lol it already WORKED on 5.50 Gen, both vice city and liberty city cheat devices worked

  4. adeeb458 says:

    what does this plugin do??

  5. ltlukelt says:

    Would this also be possible with 5.00 m33 also?

    • ltlukelt says:

      I just tried this plugin on 5.00 m33 and i can confirm in works, apart from the screen flicker mentioned! Are you sure the creator didn’t mean 5.00 m33??

  6. rayner000 says:


  7. noone says:

    could this in any way harm my PSP or my game?

    • rayner000 says:

      No it can’t. Plugins can’t harm your PSP. They are running from MS. This plugin can only harm your save file, but I think it’s really small possibility that this will harm your save file of GTA LCS.

  8. noone says:

    and i have 5.50 Gen-B, but it’s still not working

    • rayner000 says:

      Well it works for me, I’m so happy! Just make sure you enabled it and that your version of the game ain’t the new Patched EUR/UK version. And also make sure you press right keys- L + up

  9. ramito123 says:

    5.55 LDX has been fully released , and they are saying on the site it is true , and they had an explanation about the old one why it was fake ,
    anybody try it , or post it here?

  10. Blue_Lightning says:

    ok can some one tell me what it is this dos from what i could tell it some how modifies stuff in gta right ???

  11. dimy93 says:

    what cheats exacly-some cheat codes?and if yes what they do

  12. alphakid11 says:

    is this like nitepr and coderpr

  13. noone says:

    i have tried evrything, but it doesn’t show up on the plugins on the recovery menu

    • magorem says:

      ok,, in the folder of pluggins. once you dragged the prx. file you have to make a TEXT documen and name it ~game~ , then you have to open it and write ms0:/seplugins/lcscheatdevice.prx and then you will be able to enable the pluggin ok>????

  14. voodooman says:

    ultimakillz has a detailed tutorial on all models of the psp this is the bible of putting cfw on the psp I would suggest to all to read that tutorial it is the best that I have ever seen it is filled with all the info and has all the answers to every possible question with cfw for the psp..

  15. noone says:

    i have got CFW 5.50 Gen-B (full)but it isn’t showing up

  16. darkwyllie says:

    onething i need to know do you need GTA LCS UMD for the cheats to work no or yes

  17. darkwyllie says:

    how do you open the cheats menu help plz

  18. nemesislife says:

    is there a cheat device like cwcheat for the Gen 5.50 B2. i just update to gen from m33 and the cwcheat dont work with genB2. thx

  19. Wetan says:

    hey guys this may sound dumb but i know it says 5.50 GEN-B but does it work on any other vfws for instants 5.03 GEN-A or GEN-B

  20. Blood-vein says:

    i’ve got two questions. Does this plugin also work on 5.50 gen-d3 ? And if it does, how do i open up the cheat menu while playing the game?

  21. kennyj says:

    is there a VCS cheat device available for 550 GEN?
    i dont think lcscheatdevice.prx will work on vcs

    • Blood-vein says:

      1- The cheat device(s) works just fine on my 5.50 GEN-D2
      2- There’s two individual cheat devices for VCS and LCS

      For some reason the VCS and LCS cheat devices that this site provides doesn’t work. I found a video about these cheat devices on youtube and there was a URL with it and that URL contained a GTA cheat device that actually did work.
      What i’m saying is, the cheat devices in this site do not work.

      • kennyj says:

        Thanks man,i’ll try to find that video
        this Cheatdevice works on my GEN-D3,but some functions wont work such as your car is always:indestructible.

  22. Blood-vein says:

    @kennyj: Yeah, man. Same here. Most functions work but hover cars and indestructibility etc don’t work in LCS cheat device.
    But VCS cheat device works perfectly, even hover cars and driving on walls work..

  23. kantain861 says:

    on what keys to press for the cheat device works?

  24. Mehdisalah_1999 says:

    this shit is not working

    • Emeraldply13 says:

      dude you need the save file they give you in the save data and the cheat in the folder you should have made called seplugins

  25. bilguun_smile28 says:


  26. Dshadow23 says:


  27. Trie456 says:

    this site is stupid

  28. lol says:


  29. Guglielmo 97 says:

    come si toglie e si rimette il menu mods???

  30. Helo says:

    This fuckin ting wont work mon!

  31. simo says:

    come si passano sulla psp

  32. simo says:


  33. raphel lime says: