LCFW 6.20/6.35/6.39/6.60 Pro B9 Released


The Pro Team ( Virtuous Flame , Coldbird , Neur0n and npt ) released new revision of their LCFW that is now labeled B9. Here are some the most frequently asked questions about their LCFW:  

  • What is LCFW ? LCFW a.k.a Light Custom Firmware is a custom firmware that is stored in the RAM as well as in the Flash0  and when the PSP is completely turned off it gets erased(only from the RAM). It’s the only CFW available for PSP 3000/GO/E1000 and PSP 2000 with TA088v3. It enables you to play PS1 games, PSP iso/cso games and to run homebrews and plugins.
  • Is there a way to make this LCFW permanent? If your PSP supports 6.20 OFW there is so called Permanent Patch that can make the 6.20 Pro b9 permanent and it’s supported by any PSP that supports 6.20 OFW. If you have PSP 1000 or PSP 2000 with non-TA088v3 motherboard you can also install 6.39 Pro B9 or 6.60 Pro B9 and install CIPL. This will make the LCFW full CFW.
  • What is Fast Recovery? After the initial installation of the LCFW there is easier way to turn it on. It’s to run the Fast Recovery.
  • Can I delete the files after the installation? If you have installed 6.20 Pro B9 with a permanent patch  or CIPL you can delete everything. If not than you can delete everything except the Fast Recovery.
  • What PSPs are supported?
  1. 6.20 Pro B9 – 1g,2g,3g,4g,5g,6g
  2. 6.35 Pro B9 – 1g,2g,3g,4g,5g,6g,7g,9g
  3. 6.39 Pro B9 – 1g,2g,3g,4g,5g,6g,7g,9g
  4. 6.60 Pro B9 – 1g,2g,3g,4g,5g,6g,7g,9g,11g a.k.a PSP E1000( not yet tested )
  • I installed 6.20 Permanent Patch and got a file called vshorig.prx. What to do it? This is file that will help you if something with your PSP went wrong. Copy it somewhere save – on your computer for example.

So How to install 6.XX Pro B9:

  • Install the some of these OFW : 6.20,6.35,6.39,6.60 ( No matter if you downgrade or upgrade or you are on one of them already )
  • Download the version of the LCFW that corresponds to your OFW
  • Unrar both FastRecovery and PROUPDATE folders in PSP/GAME
  • Run the 6.XX PRO UPDATE Icon from Game – Memory Stick
  • You will see black screen like the one below. Hit the X button. When the installation completes hit the X button again.

  • You are now back to the menu with 6.XX Pro B9 installed.

How to install 6.20 Permanent Patch( This works only on 6.20 Pro B9 already installed and enabled) :

  • In the 6.20 Pro B9 archive you will find folder called “620PRO_Permanent”. Copy it in PSP/GAME
  • Run it from Game – Memory Stick on your PSP.( See below )


  • You will see a black screen. Press X on it. Then you will be asked if you want to test the patch. Press X again. ( See below )



  • If your PSP doesn’t crash and goes to the XMB you can proceed with the installation. Otherwise your PSP is not compatible with it and should stop trying to install it.
  • Run the permanent patch again. Hit X again on the first question but this time hit O on the second.
  • Your 6.20 Pro B9 is now permanent. You Will find out that you got a file vshorig.prx in your root directory of the PSP. Copy it somewhere save – for example on your computer. It can help in some cases of brick.

Installing 6.39/6.60 CIPL( This must be installed on 6.39/6.60 Pro B9 and only on PSP 1000 and PSP 2000 with non -TA088v3 motherboard. Otherwise this will cause a brick that can not be fixed.) :

  • You will find a  CIPL_Flasher folder in the 6.39/6.60 Pro B9 archives. Place it in PSP/GAME
  • Run it from Game – Memory Stick ( See Below ).

  •  You will see a black screen as the one below. Hit X and wait the psp to reboot.

  • You now have a permanent 6.39/6.60 PRO B9.

Last but not least here is the changelog :

  • Some bugfixes and code optimization
  • Support for PSP Go Video mount
  • Fixed a bug in Inferno/SonyNP9660 when enter sleep mode
  • Updated decryption component, 6.20/6.3x add future support for encryption type PRX version 6.60
  • Added compatibility to future game requiring 6.60fw
  • Added 6.60 version (theorically sopports 11g module)
  • Added option 166/83 frequency of CPU

Source : [PRO CFW Official Site]

Download 6.20 Pro B9
Download 6.35 Pro B9
Download 6.39 Pro B9
Download 6.60 Pro B9

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  2. Liljc_01 says:

    can you help me wat pro i install my psp 3004 dont work pro 6.60b

  3. Coco_onerom says:

    i have a psp 1000 v.5.03 what will i use? can i use this 6.20 to upgrade? anyone 

  4. Ivanchai1104 says:

    why my psp update to 6.60 can ply the all game and cant start ????

    help me ><

  5. Karimg123 says:

    can i play multiplayer with this cfw or not

  6. epoy747 says:

    thanks man..

    a great help

  7. I have tried everything..i just bought my PSP street – E1003
    every time i try CIPL FLASHER it responds with “the installer does not support this mode”
     and i have upgraded it to 6.60 Pro B9

    What should i try next????

  8. Adhithya619 says:

    awesome thanks alot

  9. Blargh says:




  10. Dhruvsinha100 says:

    its easy to hack our psp 

  11. khatri111 says:

    I restarted PSP by pressing power button for few seconds and after turning it on, the pro b9 on system information is gone…!! 

  12. Poloman1981 says:

    how do u downgrade psp 2000 from 6.60 to 5.50 plz help

  13. Spiderman19000 says:

    I have a bid problem when I update can any one help me ?

  14. blaise_josh says:

    VERY NICE MAN! THANKS A LOT ! m/ now i use 6.20 pro b9 permanent patch

  15. Paulo Viegas says:

    Hello guys need some help i have a psp e1004 with version 6.50 can i install already  6.60 Pro B9 .
    Sorry my english , just got to be sure

  16. Rule_of_fukurou says:

    my psp is model 02g. When i install cipl flasher it said”the installer does not support this model”. Please help…..

  17. Swifty29 says:

    Hi guys ive tested the 6.60 pro b10 on a psp e1003 you can play homebrew and backups just fine its not installed permanen  just need to run the cfw each time you turn it on i dont see the problem in this as it still is hacked until its turned off hope this helps any of you guys out there with a psp e1003 on 6.60 only run the proupdate and nothing else as could result in a brick

  18. Brunomadera says:

    Awesome!! It worked perfectly on mine!!!

  19. Echie Sama says:

    There is no CIPL flasher on the one I downloaded… Version 6.20???? What the hell?????

  20. Laila_1388 says:


  21. John_here says:

    I have a psp street E1004, firmware already 6.60, can I install it from other support than the Memory Stick?

  22. Alzaga Gabriel says:


  23. Harrakiry4187 says:


  24. Jinutskie says:

    why i cannot,,used the cipl flasher 

  25. Awax Aboy says:

     Thanks Bro You Rock !

  26. Brayan says:

    oh thnx man thank u very much u just helped me a lot

  27. Johnny Webb says:

    I already have 6.60 PRO_B9 permanent on my PSP 1000.  Why won’t Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection work?

  28. ryan13punzalan says:

    i have a psp 3006 pro b9 6.60…8g for 5k if u wnt!!?

  29. Arturo says:

    Mine is version 6.31 which one do i put ?

  30. Syamil says:

    hey, the cipl flasher and fast recovery files are okay but the proupdate seems to be corrupted. why?

  31. Noicedvrfv says:

    I Have a 6.20prob6 how do i install 6.60 pro b10? help pls!!

  32. I installed the 6.2 and the permanent patch and everything went fine, but any iso/cso files i put on my memory stick are showing up as corrupted data on my psp.. anyone know what i’m doing wrong? If it matters i have a 2g running the 6.2. thanks

  33. lost says:

    how can i find out what kind of psp i have

  34. lost says:

    i have a 6.60 but i dont know how to find what i need to hack my psp i need hel

  35. ADITYA says:


  36. sahil says:

    can i do permanent hack on psp 3004(04g) 6.60 and mother boardTA-093 plzzz help…………..

  37. it says that it cant support my FW
    and ive got a psp go which was on 6.60 but has now been downgraded to 6.20 and right now its on 6.35

  38. i have psp3004 it says this doesn’t support your ….

  39. jerico says:

    can i use it when my psp firmware is 5.55?

  40. alvin says:

    thanks dud totally works onn my psp u rock.

  41. ishtiyaaq says:

    hey bro thanks you very much.You are a professional

  42. sajan says:

    i have psp go 6.60 and this pro-b9 finally hack my device..finally it works..tqs

  43. ruben says:

    como eu mudo a minha versão????

  44. slayer says:

    wtf what should i do , my psp 2000 don’t open the settings, i install the proupdate and proCIPL Flasher because after those installer i instal the 6.60 then it works , but the iso game not shown in game memory stick, arrrgggg this the brick damage ????

  45. saksham says:

    where to put these files in psp????

  46. kristi says:

    la mine nu merge ma ajutati va ROG

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    it comes corrupted data on my psp 2001

  48. Ahtisham Yousaf says:

    thanks Bro