LameCraft Rev113 (signed) – Minecraft for PSP


Here is a new Update by Drakon for Lamecraft, a homebrew-game inspired by the famous PC game Minecraft.

*Icon and background in PSP menu
*Parametric terrain generation
*Player walking sounds – more sounds will probably come
*Option in game menu to on/off player sounds
*Option in game menu to rename world
*When you will hold jump button player will repeat jumping
*When you are using parametric terrain generation and you will choose flat terrain, water will automatic turn off for now.


Analog stick – walking
Cross,Square,Circle,Triangle – rotating
Select – jump
Up,Down – switching set of blocks
Left,right – switching blocks
Right trigger – place block
Left trigger – remove block
Start – menu



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  1. asphyXia_ says:

    This is the only lame that “Rocks” :D
    Keep up the good updates!

    More Power to “ALL” the coders that bring up the scene.

    “Salamat!,Cheer’s from Philippines”

  2. flofrucht says:


    I’m really trying to make pspslimhacks on of the best psp sites. I think it works :)

  3. asphyXia_ says:

    Yes! It’s the best site…
    But at first I was confused “PSP SLIM HACKS”
    I was wondering…Is this site only dedicated to those who own “Slim’s” :D
    Now I know…
    THANK YOU PSP SLIM HACKS!,and by the way dev’s shouldn’t tackle who’s the best???
    They should cooperate with each other so we will have our best for our console’s.
    “This is just an opinion…I Respect everyone in the scene,IM NOBODY.”
    More Power to “ALL” the coders that bring up the scene.

    “Salamat!,Cheer’s from Philippines”

  4. CloudDecim says: this lamecraft? Last time i saw it it was 2D now i see this screenshot its 3D!! Gotta try it!

  5. fr33 says:

    Nice, but I never got interested in the PC game that much, and also I knew this Port was made for psp but didn’t look that great of a deal. now that Looks 3D and it is more developed, perhaps I will give it a try, Even thou I never played the one for pc, I only play this one because it is for PSP :D

  6. baddnat says:

    How far along is this? I mean, feature-wise, is it anything approaching the PC version? Is it just block-building right now? Are there water physics and such?

    • Keyblade Spirit says:

      It seems the only purpose of water at the moment is aesthetics, if that’s what you mean. So far, yes, it just block building, but I have managed to make a nice checkers set.

  7. brent says:

    whoa .. thanks i love this game .. im making stuff all the time .. tickles your imagination .. its really great .. i make caves .. rooms .. trees .. LOL

  8. jason says:


    100% this will win the PSP Genesis competition.

  9. hene193 says:

    The Mindcraft is 2D but Lamecraft was always 3D.

  10. noobo says:

    can this app emulate gamecube games?

  11. kml1242 says:

    Never tried the PC version but i gave this a try and i love it! Nice work to the dev!

  12. thonglover says:

    Will multilplayer will be added?

    • DreamerDream says:

      Not now, source is stlill not good even for add monster. Maybe he will be in future, but now game it’s still too weak for mp. (I know, my English is terrible >.<)

  13. Davidgon100 says:

    Very excellent work, but i was wondering Drakon, if in the near future you could add more items such as halfstones and fence pieces?

  14. leester says:

    are there any monster
    jw kool tho thx man

  15. minecraftlover says:

    the game is good i got minecraft for pc and lamcraft is ok just not nearly has good but its fun to build but need monters…..

  16. jmtb123*_* says:

    How do you build things????????? i know you place them but how do you build things

  17. matejkaspar says:

    hledam alespon jeden cheat na minecraft aneb lamecraft napište thanks ………………!!!???

  18. Larkendar says:

    OMG FINALLY a game that works without me freekin modding my psp and ruining it with illegal software, this makes me happy and i love you long time >:D TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTY

  19. Lamecrafter says:

    lamecraft is awesome, if you want everything to do with lamecraft it has a website:

  20. Guest 1or2 says:

    it says the download has been taken down, because of this whole SOPA crap.
    My question, if it is officially signed and allowed, how come it’s still been taken down?

  21. Jochemkompagnie says:


  22. herpyherpyderp says:

    The lamecraft site still has signed and unsigned downloads of every lamecraft rev.

  23. Djellefson says:

    How Do you interact with things like the crafting table.