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Allot of people wanted to know how Killzone Mercenary was going to work as far as the button layout, I certainly wanted to know how well this was going to work, I mean with the vita not having R3 or L3. I thought that L3 for sprinting was very useful but Vita does not have this function. On Resistance: Burning Skies they had the down directional button as sprinting (or the rear touch pad) which was kinda awkward but It worked. Just like with the PSP, the first person shooters like Call Of Duty or even  3rd person games like Monster Hunter, Call of Duty had the “look around” option as triangle, circle, square, and the X button which was crazily awkward. And Monster Hunter with the ” camera buttons” Really…? Of course we all can get used to It If we really liked the game but damn.

So now we have the Vita, now we can get a more console like feel, with intense graphics and dual sticks! which Is amazing. I’m thinking they should definitely look into having R3 and L3 on the next Vita model.

Now to the main reason you opened up this page. Here Is the control scheme for Killzone: Mercenary for the Playstation Vita:

Triangle: Interact
Square: Reload
X: Jump
Circle: Crouch or sprint
mercenary control scheme
D Pad:
Up: Show objective
Down: Quick throw grenade
Left/Right: swap weapons
L: Zoom, iron sights/scope
R: Fire
Sticks: Move and aim
Front screen: Brutal Melee/interrogate

Rear touch pad: Double tap/hold for sprint. Swipe up or down to zoom in scopes

vitaKillzone Mercenary

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  1. lovingshu says:

    Rear touch pad is for sprinting~that’s not a good idea to take control from rear touch pad,because anytime you hold the PS Vita,your fingers always stick with the that touch pad tightly~When you play Jack And Daxter You will know it!

    • Gregory Phelps says:

      I’m sure that’s why you need to double tap to activate it. Shouldn’t be much of an annoyance.