Kernel Memory Dumper released!



Kernel Memory Dumper by Kuci a.k.a. Kucikuc24

This small soft allows you to dump kernel and boot memory into binary file.

This is probably unrealistic, but I guess a useful for developers.

The dumped memory contents will be saved to your as “kmen.bin” and “boot.bin”.



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  1. XxdarkwavexX says:

    nice!! :D

  2. MarvelouzX3 says:

    ok guys…I just want to say that if anyone leave a Negative Comment then just ignore it….cuz there really no point into talking to them as they are perhaps doing this for fun…this is internet so they can pretty much almost say anything they want but if it was real life they they would think twice what they will say…anyway just leave those Negative comment alone…no point in talking or arguing to them…I know it disrespectful yes but think about it…what can you do about them nothing in the internet but If I new them in real life then I would pretty much would love to beat there azzes to hell (^-^)…

  3. MarvelouzX3 says:

    so what does this do….what a Kernal….I don’t get it…how is this usefull o.0????

  4. h2aroon says:

    what is kernal ?

  5. psp go owner says:

    plz bluetooth file transfer for psp go(something like adhoc file transfer but for mobilephones)

  6. Fargaite says:

    Not too sure what it means, but it may be easier to find Kernel Exploits with the dumper. Don’t quote me on that though, Im no dev.

  7. pspfun says:

    this tool is usefull only for psp hackers I guess . :)

  8. RJ_DA_RIPPER says:

    Awww man this is great!
    I hope it actually works!

  9. Fucking Crashbfan says:

    this is only for developers, so only the developers know this well

  10. TUX says:

    What is Kernel, is the hart of the PSP device, is a small application which makes things to work, display, analog devices, several buttons, cpu, memory.
    Indeed is not useful for any one who doesn’t know what a kernel is.

    and a more specific explanation, not a dummy for dummy:

  11. Samir says:

    ::;)8:$($99@&@:&)&66& makes me laugh in every post.

  12. PSP4ever says:


  13. Shinku-Hadoken!! says:

    There is no point for idiots who are not psp programmers or psp homebrew devs… Only Psp Homebrew Developers uses this… They exploit on codes inside from PSP Bins to use it for other purposes. Put that in your head guys!! Idiots… I suggest you guys should become a Programmer in the future and start making your own programs for PSP!!

  14. astroshadow666 says:

    actually kernel is the other abbreviation for colonel it is a rank n the military LOL