JoySens version 1.5 released


JoySens has a new update after over, a year as PSP developer Raphael has released version 1.5. JoySens is a prx plug-in that enables you to tweak all aspects of your PSP joystick / joypad. Remap your PSP buttons, reset the joysticks dead-zone. There is also a really handy D-pad to analog swap feature.

JoySens version 1.5 changelog:

- code cleanup
– added possibility to choose only from a selected list of remapmodes (ie only switch between your favorite modes) per game/vsh
– fixed that adjust=0 will turn off the analog
– added LITE version, that does not support config file saving, no ingame info output as well as no ingame config settings with buttons
– added “threshold” config parameter, to adjust button remapping from analog
– added “thresholdupbtn” and “thresholddownbtn” config parameters, to set buttons for setting the threshold ingame
– added “idlestop” and “idleback” config parameters, to set when the analog movement stops the idle timer or returns back from idle (brightness dimming/display off feature of PSP firmware).
– optimized config file reading a bit
– updated FAQ

Source: Raphael’s devblog

Download: JoySens version 1.5
(JoySens version 1.5 - 58.2 KiB - 14,366 Hits)

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      • PSPFan has nothing to do with us. Its a trackback. Best tell them they have the name wrong…..

  • dimy93

    This plugin is saving lives

  • newneku

    actually, is it better than macrofire??

  • black_dragon

    does this work on 5.03 gen-c? and btw ,how do u guys change ur pic in pspslimhacks? ‘ just wanted 2 know’

    • PSPFan

      Sign up an email address @ and upload an avatar there.

  • Doritoes

    Will this enable dual analog mode for POPS?

  • gemakboy

    plz hack psp3000 ver 5.50 thank uuu

    • rakuztika

      sorry guys wait for the chickhen r3….psp 3001 is no pandora bat….

  • N3M0-kuchiyose

    Nice… I think my nephews PSP has some buttons re-mapped as his L button is actually the right d-pad button. Definitely gonna try it out…

  • rjane04

    is this applicable to mobo ta88v3???.. im afraid to brick it if i used this program…
    kindly answer guys… i need straight answer .. no jokes please.. thanks…

  • Sad Larry

    Fully Bricked my PSP mate…:/

    • Junsuzuki23

      a plugin cannot fully brick a psp…. just hold r trigger turn on, switch it off at plugins then just delete it cause it wont work for you. try the other versions they might work

  • Zocker5656

    yeah this helped alot