Joysens 1.42b released


Homebrew developer Raphael has released a bugfix update to Joysens. Must importantly it fixes the UMD driver bug that was present. Joysens is a PSP Analog joystick tweaker application that lets users adjust the sensitivity.


- fixed compatibility issues with Sony UMD driver (and possibly some other applications that require more kernel memory)
The config file system now uses a mere 1Kb of RAM where it used 24+Kb in 1.4/1.41
– Reduced module size a bit (to further help memory problems)
– added a workaround info output for POPS (flickers a lot, but at least you see something)
– fixed the adjust calculation to avoid crashes for high values (shouldn’t happen anymore even with adjust 32.0)
– fixed a little Button remapping bug

Source: Raphael’s Devblog

Download: Joysens 1.42b
(Joysens 1.42b - 21.9 KiB - 12,424 Hits)

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  2. dimy93 says:

    It helped mi a lot because the analog started doing whatever it wanted.As soon as I install it the analog recovered.Thanx!!!

  3. Ravel Pr says:

    dude you are the “man” raphael
    Thanx alot you saved my psp’s behind