ISO Tool 1.67 Released – Extract decrypt and repack ISO’s


, has just released 1.67. There have been a few updates since we last reported on his tool that can extract UMD’s to ISO format to your memory stick, decrypt and replace eboots. Repack ISOs and convert them to the compressed CSO format. Keep up the great work !

ISO Tool changelog: (Translated via Google translate)

  • Version 1.67:
    [UPDATE] 2 Second Novell (NPJH-50279) compatible
    ACX2 EBOOT.BIN is available and what support prometheus.prx
  • Version 1.66:
    • [UPDATE] Ace Combat: Joint Assault X2 (NPJH-50263) and dedicated support EBOOT.BIN prometheus.prx the ms0: / iso_tool/DATA/prometheus/ACX2 / Place Special Thanks to liquidzigong aka hrimfaxi / REVENGE
  • Version 1.65:
    • [BUG] prx import / Fixed bug in recovery
    • [BUG] EBOOT.BIN can not import bug
  • [BUG] ISO / CSO file search error correction processing

Source: Takka

Download: ISO Tool 1.67
(ISO Tool 1.67 - 467.9 KiB - 6,964 Hits)

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  • Philip87700

    Can u patch Patapon3 demo using this thing

  • rdycrz

    How can it be updated for Ace Combat: Joint Assault, when it hasn’t been released yet?

    • Khassenpspgo

      jap version probably

  • Gamble_STARS

    all that hassle just to play a game? stop being cheap, and buy the game……unless you already bought it and want to transfer to mem card, thats cool…too many thieves in this world……

    • viked

      dude not evry1 is a thief…………v call it sharing……………….btw “our world” wld not exist if thr wernt jack asses n dumb fukx like u who wld b ripped of ovr n ovr……………………….:-)

    • Whatever

      Yeah, why go through the expensive and tedious process of pressing a button when you can just cough up 30 dollars?
      It’s cool if I already bought it? Well, I’m just relieved I have your approval random nobody.