interview with killzone Mercenary art director

Share interviewed the Killzone Mercenary art director and had some pretty detailed things to say about the visuals and comparison to other Killzone titles. Hi Tom, Is this the first Killzone you’v worked on?

Tom Jones: Actually Its my third! My relationship with Killzone goes all the way back to 2004 when I worked as a environmental artist on Killzone 1. I followed this up In 2007 by leading a team focusing on assets and multiplayer levels on Killzone 2.

KZ:How were you able to match the distinctive visual style of the console games so closely?

TJ: A large part of it is due to the fact that we’re using the Killzone 3 engine. This has allowed us to utilize the post-processing and lighting effects that are synonymous with the visual style. With regards to the content, particularly our new envirements, there’s been a big effort to make sure It feels grounded and fits Killzones “Hard Sci Fi” look. We look at real life objects and settings as the basis of everything we create. Despite being a futuristic world, Its still imporant that it makes some sort of structural of mechanical sense. I think Its this attention to detail that stops things getting too fantastical and helps create a more immersive, gritty and believable world.


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  1. Gregalex8 says:

    good job

  2. Gregalex8 says:

    all the ps vita need now are some killer games INFAMOUS,GOD OF WAR, a real BLACK OPS (COD), GRAN THEFT AUTO and maybe UFC, GOLF and 2K13 BASKETBALL.I don’t care if there are ports.Just bring them to the vita.The ps vita have the power to handle those game,there is NO question about it