In-game Web Browser?


Almost as the title says, unfortunatley it not quite as simple as it sounds.

However, following some simple steps it is possible to look up those useful hints that you require to finally mop up those last few trophies that you are currently missing.

Step 1:

First step is to download the free Live Tweet app from the PS Store.

So far so good right?

Step 2:

Load up your game that you want to play.

Step 3:

Find a tweet from somebody that contains a web link.

Step 4:

Tap the the above mentioned web link.

The Web browser will now open up the website without displaying the close game prompt.

Once the browser has opened you can use it to find out what you wanted and use the browser as you normally would.

However there are a few draw backs, due to the Vita running your game in the background many RAM intensive website will not perform as the should.

Also once you close the browser and return to your game you will find to re-access the browser you will have start from Step 1 again.


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  • Abdul-Samad Hafeez

    will this work with facebook??????

    • IeUaN

      Try it and let us know ;)

      • Abdul-Samad Hafeez

        it worked!!!!!!!!!!

      • Chaha

        Not for me actually, because unlike Livetweet, Facebook required other apps to close first. 

      • Abdul-Samad Hafeez

        seriosly it worked for me

  • Chaha

    Nice! Now I can read walkthroughs online while playing. 

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  • liltwan

    who dont know this by now?

  • liltwan

    who dont know this by now