iCheat R5 Beta



Z640 has released an update for iCheat, you remember it? The cheat app that installs various cheat devices for your PSP. Great for you cheaters out there. R5 beta now adds a new cheat device TempAR and a few bug fixes.

iCheat R5 Beta changelog:

  • New cheat device: TempAR
  • Included a caching function (no purpose for now.)
  • The credits bug was fixed.
  • The battery icon bug was fixed.

Source: qj

Download: iCheat R5
(iCheat R5 - 1.3 MiB - 15,693 Hits)

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  1. jakx says:

    cool i like to use these when the games get boring lol…oh and FIRst

  2. EH7960 says:

    are these cheat apps any good?

  3. luca00555 says:

    i like nitepr more then this

  4. Nick says:

    Can someone Tell me if i need Custom firmware? do i need the pandora battery and the magic memory stick? New to hacking the psp… Dont know shit..

  5. HACKERZ--------------------------------------------------HACKERZ says:

    Does this work on OFW 6.37 HBL???

    I have a psp 3000

  6. rahxephon80 says:

    dus this cheat devices work on apsp 3000 6.37

  7. Riley says:

    Ok so I got icheat r5 then I found nitepr and socompr how do I add cheats on it and will it for the new 1.60 update for socom ftb2