Hold+ v3.8 Released

Hold+ 3.8 Released

Hold+ 3.8 Released

Torch has released an update to his power saving PRX plug in called Hold+. When you press hold your PSP will cpu speed will drop down to a cool 60Mhz. Saving power and allowing you more hours of MP3 playback for example.

Hold+ v3.8 changelog:

* Switches off the LCD screen and backlight.
* Underclocks the CPU to 60MHz.
* The original screen brightness and clock speed are restored when the Hold switch is released.
* Prevents the PSP from going into suspend mode if you accidentally push the power switch too far when turning off Hold mode.
* Allows complete operation of the PSP controls with the display turned off.
* Turns off LEDs in hold mode.
* While in hold mode, allows the use of Left, Right, LTrigger, RTrigger, Volume and Start buttons, if you hold the Select button first. Useful to skip songs, pause etc.
* Enables the 5th brightness level on PSP Slim.
* Increases the vertical scrolling speed of Music player by around 50% (scroll 300 songs in 10 seconds).

Source: qj

Download: Hold+ v3.8
(Hold+ v3.8 - 7.4 KiB - 7,147 Hits)

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  1. PSP-2010 says:


  2. sovereignblood says:

    Very Nice! I love this plugin.

  3. 3001 says:

    is PSP 3k supported? off topic.. i can’t seem to upload my picture in gravatar since i don’t know how to link this username to the gravatar.. anyway.. thanks for an answer

  4. Butsent says:

    wont work stuopid idiots.,

    • Wondy17 says:

      Ok, i was having trouble with it too but thanx to dimy93 and this forum page, http://forums.mformature.net/showthread.php?t=3607, i figured it out, but here’s what you do, download it, extract it and place the file, Hold.prx, in your psp root menu, in the folder titled seplugins, if its not their just make it, easy as that, make sure the seplugins folder is in the root menu, which is the first menu that pops up when you plug in your usb, then make a new text document inside the seplugins folder where the hold.prx is. Just right-click on a blank spot, then click on new, then new Text document and title it vsh, this automatically makes it vsh.txt, you dont need to title it vsh.txt, this will make it not work, just name it vsh, that’s it. After that open it and write ms0:/seplugins/hold.prx 1, the 1 enables it but if its still not enabled just fully turn off your psp, and while holding the R button, turn it back on, which we lead you to the recovery menu, select plugins and hold.prx should be there, enable it or disable it as you wish. The controls are in the readme so hopefully this helps and props to Torch cause this plugin saves a lot of battery power. Also if you wanna add another plugin just put ms0:/seplugins/”what ever the file name is. whatever the file type is” without the quotation mark in the line under the other plugins, never put plugins in the same line always under each other. PRESS ENTER

  5. marcymarc says:

    how do you install/run on psp 3000?

    stick it in the game folder or what?

  6. kenpachiroks says:

    excellent…..always loved this program… great for road trips….

  7. primo says:

    donde ba el archivo

    ba en la carpeta de games
    o en iso
    o en seplugins
    o donde
    en root

    • marcymarc says:

      en seplugins y el documento de texto “vsh.txt”

      lo siento por mi espanol pobre.

  8. primo says:

    ayudenme pliss

  9. primo says:

    donde ba el archivo

  10. Degenerated says:

    Now this is a really useful plugin.

  11. Doritoes says:

    Great! I’ve actually been looking forward to this.

  12. kywong5005 says:

    will this brick my psp3k?

    • asakuraasher says:

      I think not since I’m using it already and it is a plugin meaning there’s no flashing flash0

  13. Carlos says:

    Never really needed it. But now that iTouch isn’t charging, this is a great little app.