Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher v1.60: Detection of HEN mode

Hellcat's Recovery Flasher v1.60,  Detection of ChickHEN mode and supports CFW 5.00 M33-6

Hellcat's Recovery Flasher v1.60, Detection of ChickHEN mode

Hellcat is back and in a big way as he releases his recovery flasher version 1.60. The new version now detects ChickHEN mode, supports CFW 5.00 M33-6. And the usual stuff like recover a semi-brick PSP, upgrade or downgrade your Custom Firmware, make and restore firmware dumps. Its the ultimate CFW tool.

Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher v1.60 changelog:

* Updated 5.00-M33 installation to revision 6
* Changed autonaming of new backup folders to include date, firmware, psp model
* Made the resurrecion.prx replacement function working on all DDCs from 6 and above
* Added detection of PSP 3000 and PSP 2000 TA-088v3+. Flash writing functions will be disabled on those PSPs as they are not CFW capable and flashing would result in a brick
* Added support for “Firmware Packs” – theese, like addons, packs will eliminate the need for a complete new release only when a new (C)FW is released. Instead of releasing a new Recovery Flasher it’ll just be such a pack, enabling Recovery Flasher to install the new firmware until an update of the main app is done that supports the firmware natively. Can/Will also be used for making Recovery Flasher install CFWs not supported, like GEN and such.
* Added complete checksum-check of the updater .PBP going to be used to avoid corrupted/incomplete .PBPs causing a brick
* Added full verify of the NAND dump that got written to be sure you have a good one
* Added detection of HEN mode
* Added detection and propper handling if a backup set contains OFW instead of CFW (like when made from HEN)
* Added better NAND dump handling. New dumps are now created with names similar to the (new) backup slot names (and now go into /flash-nanddumps), incl. an ID for the PSP they are made on, on NAND restore a list is shown with all available dumps matching the ID of the current PSP to choose from (the ID matching should prevent choosing a wrong dump accidentally)
* Added back/cancel on backup creation and restore
* Backups made from HEN mode are tagged to identify them as containing ORIGINAL firmware (as those backups do!)

Source: QJ forums

Download: Hellcat's Recovery Flasher v1.60
(Hellcat's Recovery Flasher v1.60 - 2.3 MiB - 120,244 Hits)

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  1. Stevenhill321 says:

    Ok after a full weekend trying to get chickHEN R2 to load on to my PSP and Hellcat recovery 1.65 (which also didn’t work) nor the other vesions of HELLCAT, I might add, I have finally sussed out what to do. I have read so many posts and done this from scratch but each time I get to the Hellcat recovery screen it ‘errors’ on me or the program couldn’t find the correct 5.00 version and there were some other reasons it wouldn’t load but I can remember them all.

    First up, chickHEN is a b*tch to load, end of!!! It will work eventually but you have to have lots of patience and realise that there is a set procedure of a sort to get this to work. It is very much a trial an error but it is worth it in the end, I assure you.

    Anyway I have a white psp TA-082 motherboard with OFW 3.11 running on it. The only way to get 3.11 upgraded to a CFW (preferably 5.00 M33 6) was to buy a pandora battery right?
    Wrong, the battery was rubbish, didn’t fit in my machine to even charge up let alone get it to run. I had to sit there holding this thing in but after a few flashes of the battery light it stopped and did nothing. The instructions said hold L shoulder button whilst turning on the unit da da da but nothing happened. Probably defentive or incorrect software on MS or both. I dunno, but it was certainly a waste of time and money.

    Now chickHEN R2 is what I did to get this working but boy was it difficult at first. I am no way a noob but come on, if you havent had to go down this route before then aren’t we all? People who think they are the dogs and knock people who don’t know make me sick and are no credit to the gaming world. I hope to put together a comprehensive guide so people don’t have to go through what I had to to get this to work.
    Anyway, I digress. here goes with what I had to endure. I will guarantee that if you follow this guide to the letter then it will work but you have to pay attention!!!!!

    If you haven’t already got the official Sony 5.03 firmware (fw) then download it and install it. Put the eboot in a folder and rename the folder (not the eboot) to ‘UPDATE’ (in capitals) then drop the eboot inside the folder. link your PSP to your computer and put this folder called ‘UPDATE’ in the PSP/GAME folder and leave it there.

    Now, unlink you USB from the computer and turn on your PSP. Navigate to the memory stick and you should see the update. Make sure your battery is fully charged or better still plug in your mains adapter and click on the update. The psp should start updating. DONT turn off the psp or turn it off at the mains whilst you are doing this. Be careful and basically just pay attention.

    Ok after a short while the unit should have updated. Scroll to you system settings on your PSP and it should read 5.03. To run chickHEN R2 the PSP ‘NEEDS’ to be on 5.03 official firmware, not 5.00 or anything else just 5.03. So if you haven’t already got 5.03 then go and get it and install it now.
    Once the PSP states that it is 5.03 then you are doing great. Next go to your computer, format your memory stick from the system settings. It is important that you do this.

    Next download chickHEN R2 (R2 stands for ‘revision 2′). Now when you download this it will give you a RAR file. Make sure chickHEN R2 is for the PSP PHAT and not the slim version. I think it should work anyway but just make sure that it is for the PHAT PSP.
    The difference being is that the one I downloaded had five GIFF files which looked likes egg yolks yet the other download only had one picture of a coin or something of that nature.
    Anyway unpack your download with WINRAR or whatever. You will see an exploit file which is a TIFF file and a H.bin file. Take the TIFF file (it has to be a TIFF file and not a GIFF, I say this because my download was a GIFF file that was never going to work) and put it in your PHOTO folder, If you don’t have a PHOTO folder put the tiff file in PICTURE instead.
    Next put the other white file H.BIN in the root directory (the first screen that you come to when you connect your psp to the computer) don’t put it anywhere else.
    Download HELLCAT 1.65 or 1.50 recovery program. Any is fine but the later versions do not specify the ‘install M33 on the options. Its only the old version 1.50 that says that but don’t worry as they all do the same thing. You will see what I mean later on.

    Put the HELLCAT RECOVERY folder in to your PSP/GAME directory. Next download the official 5.00 eboot for official firmware. Don’t download 5.03 or any other version just the 5.00 and make sure that it is the official version. When you have done this rename the eboot to 500 (not 500.PBP) as it is already a PBP extension and that would just make it 500.PBP.PBP which is wrong). 

    This is where I was going wrong I think.I just made sure that I had this file everywhere so the PSP could not give me any excuses that it couldn’t find it, like it had been doing.So copy this 500 file and place it into the PSP/GAME/RECOVERY folder and then copy the file on it’s own just below the RECOVERY folder..Then make a folder named ‘UPDATE’ and drop the 500 file into that as well and put that folder into the RECOVERY folder and underneath the RECOVERY folder. Then put the ‘UPDATE’ folder on your root directory (just to make sure) and a loose 500 file below that also on you root directory. Remember the more places you can put it the more chance you have of it working.

    It may seem over the top and it is for sure, to put this 500 file in so many different places but I am not actually sure other than the root directory where this file is supposed to go. It should actually just go into the root directory (as all the threads suggest but so what if you have more than you need.
    OK now, go to retore default settings on your PSP and go through the instructions. The PSP will then reboot. Change your character set in your system settings to U.S and turn off UMD auto start to off. This is very important as this seems to improve the chances of ChickHEN acually loading.

    Now scoll up and down on the menu screen of the PSP. I don’t think this actually does anything but the more you try the better chance of it working. Click on the PHOTO/PICTURE on your PSP. Be very patient as this does not always work. In fact it works 3 out of 10 times but it WILL work eventually. As a tip I would just keep you battery lid off as taking this on and off will eventually drive you mad unless the PSP start up music gets there first. Work on clicking the X button immediately you see the TIFF file on the PSP.

    Eventually the screen will blink green (I think) and it will look corrupted, then the PSP will reset itself. You are now officially running chickHEN R2 and if you don’t believe me then check you system settings. Just remember to be patient and it can take ages to get this to eventually work. It is a major achievment just getting this far but you will not have to do all this again if you can get to the end and install the custom firmware, so persevere.
    Carefully put the PSP battery lid back on but be careful as turning the PSP off or dropping the battery out of the PSP will reset you back to 5.03 and you will have to install chickHEN all over again and believe me you don’t want to have keep getting chickHEN to run on your PSP.

    OK, once chickHEN is running simply navigate to your memory stick and click on the HELLCAT installer, which ever version you have should be fine, just bear in mind that only the HELLCAT 1.50 version will show up the ‘install M33 cfw’ option. I was looking everywhere for this and couldn’t understand why the screenshots on the threads I was viewing on the net showed this option but my version didn’t. It’s only because the version on the net is the older 1.50 version.

    Once you in HELLCAT simply follow the instructions and enter the program. Click on install M33 custom firmware or whatever it says (it is just the top line option anyway) and make sure it directed to install 5.00 as you can pick which version you wish to install.

    Click on reset settings, which is the next option underneath and the PSP ‘should’ install the custom firmware 5.00 M33 4 on to your PSP.

    Should you decide that you want 5.00 M33 6 then just download the cfw 5.00 m33 6 off the net, place the eboot in an update folder and put this in PSP/GAME and run the update from your memory stick just like you did when you originally updated your PSP with 5.03 at the beginning of the tutorial.


  2. Zeradius says:

    Guys Why use ChickHEN when u can use 660prob9 its way easier and doesnt have a chance to brick ur psp and its easier to isntall

    • Pat says:

       hi, i have already 5.00m33 genD installed on my psp flashed.. can i install ofw 6.60 and then proceed with installing 660prob9. waiting for your assistance before doing anything. thanks. don’t want to brck my psp!

  3. Zmiller2 says:

    My psp is bricked thanks to flash/restore to 5.03 chickhen help please how do i fix it

  4. do anybody know hoe to speed up game in psp 3000

  5. Kevin Perez Ablay says:

    sir psp motherboard ta 088v3 works on it???

  6. kentoy says:

    dam.. its fake!