HBL for PS Vita: PSN Game info will be public soon but there’s a catch..


OK so many of us PS Vita owners are sitting and waiting for HBL (Half byte loader) on our shiny new PSV’s. But there is a catch, Wololo has posted a rather lengthy post in regards to the VHBL release. I’ll cut to the chase here. Wololo is going to release the name of the game needed for the save game exploit which loads HBL. That date is the 2nd of March unless something goes wrong. So only a couple of days away.

Now here’s is the catch. Sony have yet to release this title on PSN USA. So that means if you want to get this title and run HBL. Your going to have to sign up for a European PSN account. Bummer as that is where the game is!! And that also means changing PSN accounts, more hassle. Having to buy a PSN card for Europe.

And all that just for some homebrew on your PS Vita. Not all homebrew is supported either, remember this Vita HBL is in the early stages. Its doesn’t allow loading of ISO’s, CSO’s or anything of the sort. It doesn’t give system access to the PS Vita. All it enables is some homebrew apps, games and emulators in the PSP emulator mode of the PS Vita. So maybe more hassle than its worth? Its your call…..

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  1. Rain-Kun says:

    If people just stop complaining and learn how to code then we could pirate PSVita games already. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Pirating is not the answer…..That will kill the PSV of any decent games in the future.

    • Hazeslasher says:

      the game developers don’t deserve money for their hard work, huh? :/ 

      • Shinzki says:

        Well if u guys think HBL isn’t a right program use then are you guys commenting about this? This site is for users, that can’t afford to pay for the game for their game or get games that doesn’t exsist in North America PSN/Game stores.

  2. Darkikun says:

     well im already fully setup, all i need is the name of the game and ill rush to the psn and buy it, then possibly take my vita offline forever =3

  3. Acid_Snake says:

    now I see why he was so obsessed with pushing the release further.

  4. Jlenoconel says:

    When they say “some” PSP homebrew, does that mean all emulators apart from the ISO loaders?  Would be nice if so.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not all emulators are working on VHBL. IT may take some time for the team to get all homebrew working. And then maybe there are some apps thats just might never work in the PSV PSP emulator mode…


    Just get a cheap psp and keep the Vita clean :P

  6. Hazeslasher says:

    idc about iso/cso playability, don’t even really want it or anything like it on the vita ever.. I’m cool with my emulators. Always good to be able to play old games that are no longer in print/from a super old console.  

  7. Halo Freak says:

    Not worth that hassle. I’m gonna wait until they have a more permanent, EASY solution. I’m not going through the hassle of making a new PSN account, getting my Vita switched over to that one, THEN buying a PSN card JUST for VHBL that can’t even run an ISO loader. I’ll wait until I can UMD dump my UMDs and be guaranteed  I’ll be able to play them on my Vita.

  8. V_read says:


  9. On says:

    Well this is great.

  10. Monkey101 says:

    So the possible games are:

    Unit 13
    Ridge Racer
    Reality Fighters

    (According to the Wiki page of released games)

  11. Anonymous says:

    So both games that suppose to make this HBL to work is in the european PSN store….WOW how inconvenient!!

  12. Hiko36 says:

    If it isn’t available in the US then why don’t we hold off and wait until it is so that A) HBL can be given more time to mature and B)Sony doesn’t patch it before everyone has a chance to get in on the fun. 

  13. Kinjuiki says:

     Not worth it at all if it cant load ios or cso