Half Byte Loader Rev 96 Stable Released. Huge improvements!



has released Rev 96 Stable. This version I can see everyone wanting to download asap, why? Well its much, much faster for your emulators. Just check the above video and see how much faster Mario64 is running on Daedalus R13 on the PSP Go with Rev 96. These improvements are down to JJS who recently found a way to estimate most perfectly syscalls on most models of the PSP. This means your favorite emulators for example will now run at full speed without the need for a configuration file and without Sacrificing stability. There is a slight set back, Rev 96 update doesn’t improve on firmware 6.20 for the PSP 2000 and PSP3000. Read more about that from Wololo below:

JJS Recently found a way to estimate Most Perfectly syscalls on Most models of the PSP. What this means to the end user is that for example your favorite emulators will now run at full speed without the need for a configuration file, and without sacrificing stability. What This Means To The End User Is that your favorite emulators for example will now run at full speed without the need for a configuration file, and without Sacrificing stability. It also means that some homebrews will now work better (JJS mentions that Opera mini on the Java VM now works perfectly fine without stopping during the install process). Also it means clustering That Some homebrews will now work better (JJS mentions That Opera Mini on the Java VM now works Perfectly end without stopping During the install process).

There’s a small drawback though. There’s a small drawback though. This update doesn’t improve HBL on firmware 6.20 for the PSP 2000 and PSP3000. This update doesn’t Improve HBL on the PSP firmware 6.20 for 2000 and PSP3000. JJS found a way to have it work on the PSPGo 6.20, but unfortunately it relies on a trick that works only for this model. JJS found a way to have it work on the PSPGo 6.20, But Unfortunately it relies on a trick that works only for this model. I know I said a few weeks ago that it was fine to update to 6.20, and people will probably hate me for that, but hopefully we’ll make progress on these models and this firmware one day too.

You know the drill: you need 5.50, 5.55, 5.70, 6.00, 6.10 or 6.20 firmware, the Papaton 2 demo, the save game data exploit and of course HBL revision 96 stable. You can download them all below.

How to use the Half Byte homebrew loader:

  1. Download and install the Patapon 2 demo to your MemoryStick or /Mass Memory (PSP Go)
  2. Download the HBL revision 96 and copy the “hbl” directory and the “h.bin” file to memory root
  3. Now copy the hacked save data folder UCUS98732_DATA02 to /PSP/SAVEDATA
  4. Move any homebrew you want to play or try to the folder: /PSP/GAME
  5. Start the Patapon 2 demo and load the hacked save game, then load your homebrew from the HBL menu ;)

Source: Wololo

Download: HBL Rev 109 Stable For Patapon 2 Exploit and up to OFW 6.20
(HBL Rev 109 Stable For Patapon 2 Exploit and up to OFW 6.20 - 556.7 KiB - 27,497 Hits)

Download: Patapon 2 Demo (USA)
(Patapon 2 Demo (USA) - 99.2 MiB - 113,543 Hits)

Download: Patapon 2 Save game for HBL (14th Nov update)
(Patapon 2 Save game for HBL (14th Nov update) - 137.4 KiB - 96,041 Hits)

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  1. timtop says:

    so in rev 100 it will load ISO right? xD

  2. cluzex says:

    my quetion this is……
    is it upgraded to run cso/iso games OR it is still tuck on homebrew games….

    • Zeonicroman says:

      Let me say this in the nicest way possible…………..no. You seem to be a new person to this cause your asking a question many asked and got the same answer (just in a harsher way). Do some research on the HBL (Half Byte Loader) and you will see they have not reach that stage (as yet).

      • timtop says:

        But it’s possible right?

      • KevinYlh68 says:

        Dude. Who knows?
        Even though I’m a Gen-C User, seieng these blog posts about the Half-Byte loaders is impressing me a lot lol.
        I believe someday, someone will be able to import custom firmware enablers/emulator-ish software into these Half-Byte Loaders, just like how Gen-A and CFWE was discovered with the famous ChickHen exploit.

  3. Zeonicroman says:

    At the rate they are going…..80% yes.

  4. crisiscorex says:

    By HUGE improvements he ment with homebrew, u should be happy that they actually release updates and even released this HBL even if it was accidentaly, i myself dont use HBL cause my psp go came in OFW 6.30 from the guy i bought it from so im waiting for the ported version, which brings me to ask…….are all these revisions going to work on the ported version of the HBL?

    • Zeonicroman says:

      That is a different story (to port those updates into 6.30). Lets give them the time and Patience needed to make iso loaders possible. They have reached this far and so quick to boot..

  5. lilnz96 says:

    This works with psp 3000 6.20 right?

  6. syedzafarazam says:

    I just hope we can soon play games on 6.20…….iso n cso…

  7. Khassenpspgo says:

    this new release is awesome. i can see the improvements already, with the snes emu i been using

  8. lilnz96 says:

    Whats the point then releasing this if its not for psp 3000 6.20? I dont think anyone is still on firmware 5.50. Everyone has already 6.20 forced by sony. And 5.03 has chickhen. So no one will download this. This better come out for 6.20.

  9. dagame says:

    so there aren’t any improvements at all for the 6.20 psp 3000? only the psp Go’s? :(

  10. Loory says:

    :) When I bought my PSP 3000 it came with 6.10 OFW, then I saw Team Typhoon video with CFW 6.10 so I decided not to upgrade unless hackers get iso/cso running un newer firmwares.
    HBL wasn’t working as well on 6.10 as in 6.20 until now. :D

  11. lucianolanzoni says:

    then we beg sony to include in a firmware loader psx emulators and it is piracy that things are already part of the past no longer made because MT will not, an expensive equipment in Brazil and $ 400 so I do it more by Dingoes A320 less wheel kinda cool KOF 2003 and other games, the PSP 3010 and not much fw6.2 potente.Não is the fault of hackers.

    • assmunch says:


    • bjshepp says:

      typical retarded pirate…

      • cy2b says:

        You understood it?!

      • assmunch says:

        in what way did my question make you think that im retarded or a pirate. (im neither btw).

        i owe you no explination for your flaming responce, however i have no clue what in the hell that guy was talking about. did you?

    • megamanx41 says:

      I think I speak for everyone here or anywhere when I say, don’t post in a language you yourself apparently don’t fully understand……..

    • KevinYlh68 says:

      Sorry brotha… I dun speak no retard.
      Or maybe again, is that Eftard-nese?

      I know what you mean (I think), but you can’t blame the fault on us man.

      • assmunch says:

        wait. im confused now. did bjshepp call me a retarded pirate or was he talking about lucianolanzoni.

        anyway i dont think it matters, i have reread to post from lucianolanzoni.realize that there is a languagr barrier, but

        still stand by


  12. mcgmatthew says:

    no offense but people need to be paitient -_- we are not the people WORKING to make this freeware >:( so wait please. and stop commenting about future releases, we do not know, no of us are sure members of the HBL team.

  13. kusanage says:


  14. darktech says:

    totally sick :D
    one question,though: a glitch for psp go to work better, but not psp 3000 or 2000?

  15. asmodai33 says:

    does the gba emulator work on this??? cause i am having trouble with it???

    • whamozen says:

      yep it does…. im using gpSP and enjoying it.

      • asmodai33 says:

        can you help me out where to download the emulator and what to add to the game folders

      • samirpc says:

        Hey asmodai33. Thats right, the half byte loader now supports gpSP just go to the PSP Emulators at the top of the page and once you click that look for gpSP and click it then click the emulator download and download like so. Then search emulators on Google gameboy advance roms and download the roms and add to the GAME folder in your PSP Folder.

        Still need help just ask.

      • asmodai33 says:

        hey thanks i figured it out

  16. samirpc says:

    lol the reflective psp screen shows a suspect of game hacking, is he the one who created the hbl. Well if you right click the youtube video and click watch on youtube you’ll find out the user is called frwololo. Well now I know wololo is probably a teen or young adult wearing a white t-shirt. Whatever you do wololo dont show your face online or Sony will hire the FBI or something and go to France to find you lol, nah probably not but still, keep up the great work guys.

  17. Uchiha says:

    May I ask a question? Hack a eboot you can not return the firmware to 6.20 from 5.03 to 5.03 as we know everybody can play ISO or CSO games … at least until it found a hack for 6.20 and I’m sorry if I say something wrong

    • assmunch says:

      the only way to return to a lower ofw is to use a pandora battery. that doesnt work on latter model 200, 3000, or the go.

      datel had claimed that the lite blue tool they were going to sell would work on the 2000 and 3000, but that turned out to be a scam.

  18. lucianolanzoni says:

    is also a matter of intuitive reasoning, look.
    Look from the moment you buy a PSP the company should have to give
    us a psx emulator installed no one will stop buying umd I even bought
    gran turismo psp 2009 and I can not stop playing, psx is an outdated
    system to the psp wheel until dingoo A320, and another you paid for
    this shit and not a welcome win, pro player so expensive UMD’S so
    expensive and nothing. ‘m More of a dingoo A330 and all crazy but it
    is super functional and we’ll do a thousand things with xing ling.
    It has nothing to do offend anyone in this brotherhood we are all here to one goal, to enjoy this powerful equipment as we want sen exceed the limits of the rights of each and everyone, so we want the loader psx and blocking the system’s anti piracy of UMD

  19. lucianolanzoni says:

    Can someone help mame4all’m running on my psp and fba 3k but only 6.2 roms fba very old and no sound will come round and sf2 and ffight.zip and make improvements in emulators for the…

  20. HackerKid says:

    I got a 3000 and i want to trade this guy for a 2000 whould i trade him of wait for cfw 6.20

  21. HackerKid says:

    sorry for double posting i meant should not whould =)

    • hacktester says:

      It depends.There are old 2000 models,and new 2000 models.You cant use the Pandora Baterry on the new models,but if it has FW 5.03 you could hack it.But this is really off-topic…Lol,this site should have a chit-chat talking place…

  22. pro-pumper says:

    this look very interesant, but I will wait for a more compatibility with homebrew and can run iso and cso.

    • hacktester says:

      Mostly you will wait for ever…Because 99,9% HBL will never load ISOs.There is one homebrew in development for this,but mostly FW 7.00 will appear until it will be released…I actually doubt that this homebrew will ever load ISOs,because its hard as hell to code something like that for an user mode-exploit,and sooner or latter the devs will give up(they’re NOT as good as wololo,m0skit0 and the others PSP hacking devs)

  23. MrZer017 says:

    Hmm if only it can run PSX roms i can be happy with my PSP

  24. djstanga says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get the opera mini working? I get an error that it can’t connect to the internet, i’m using pspkvm 0.5.4 . or u can suggest any other browser witch would work on hbl 96. :)

  25. moneyman3569 says:

    make a release compatible with Defense Station Portable

  26. hacktester says:

    Hey guys R97 was released today.It fixes some things:
    -It fixes the graphical glitch.Homebrews like PSP Rythm are now playable.
    -The ,,HOME” button is still ,,broked”,but now you can use a combination to force the homebrew to go to wMenu by pressing START+SELECT.You can change this combination in the hbl config file,and if you want you could choose the combination for each homebrew(as usual by throwing the hbl_config file in the homebrew folder)P.S.:This does NOT work with a few homebrews like gpSP-Kai.
    -This revision comes with wMenu v0.3 .Now you can put your homebrew wherever you want,this new menu allows you to navigate in subfolders.
    -Other minor bugs are fixed now,which souldn’t be visible anyway…

  27. […] FTW: Half Byte Loader Rev 96 Stable Released. Huge improvements!, PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks Though HBL isn't all that fancy compared to other CFW- Don't be disappointed. […]

  28. del says:

    do you have idea, when will the PSP 3000 6.20 be downgraded?