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Half Byte Loader

HBL developer Wololo has today posted a Q&A on his blog in regards to the Half Byte Loader. A FAQ if you will. And it seems the HBL team is just inundated with questions, posting this FAQ might help thwart off some of the common questions. Wololo makes some real valid points. Instead of just letting the team know X homebrew doesn’t work. Why not let the homebrew developer know? After all its up to them to make the adjustments so their homebrew is compatible with HBL.I know a lot of noobs here post comments like “XX Homebrew doesn’t work on HBL”. Or “Will it work on HBL?”

Its really up to the end user to help improve the Half Byte Loader, after all the team has their hands full with now fours versions of HBL for the various exploits. So if you want to do your part.  Sign up on the Official Half Byte Loader Forum, use a Dev HBL build, report bugs and submit DBGLOG files.

Half Byte Loader Q&A 12th Sept 2010

  1. HBL does not load isos, and we have no plan to work on such a feature. This is not for “ideological” or “ethical” reasons, but because it is technically very difficult (if not impossible), and absolutely not our goal. Other teams are of course free to work on such a project, although so far all public attempts at an iso loader in user mode have failed.
  2. HBL on the golf exploit is still quite unstable, and lots of people are complaining about loading failures, etc… Complaining on my blog will NOT help you getting your problem fixed. If HBL does not run correctly for you, what you need to do is to install the DEV version that matches your version of the game (EU,US,JP), and then submit your DBGLOG file on advancedpsp’s forums, in the dedicated thread . We don’t accept bug reports without a DBGLOG file, not because we don’t like to be mean, but because we can’t help you without this file.
  3. If you’re not getting a DBGLOG file at all, or if it is empty, you are doing something wrong! Be sure that you are using the version of HBL that matches your game (for example, HBL for the US version of hotshots golf will NOT work on everybody’s golf EU). Also double check that you are copying the files in the correct place on your PSP. If everything else fails, start a thread at advancedpsp.
  4. We are actively working on fixing the issues, and we have a bug list that we are working on: you can track our progress here.
  5. More than ever, we need help. By porting HBL to 3 new exploits, we literally multiplied by 4 the amount of work needed, especially for testing. We need developers to help with this project, this is why it is open source. If you want HBL to become better, actively help! We also lack PSPs with firmware 6.31, and UMDs of all the versions of the game to do effective testing, so if you have money and want to help, donations (money, hardware, umds of the game) are more than welcome. Contact me directly by email at [email protected], or check here for donations. Remember that you donate to thank us for the work done so far, and not in expectation of future work.
  6. It seems the vulnerability exists in the sequel of the hotshots game. Please feel free to write “hello world” proof of concept exploits for hotshots golf 2 or everybody’s golf. Porting them to HBL should then be a matter of days.
  7. If HBL does not load your favorite homebrew, we accept bug reports on a case per case basis. Basically, if the homebrew is majorly used, OR if the homebrew works on the patapon exploit but not on the golf exploit, OR if the homebrew worked in a previous version of HBL but doesn’t work anymore, then it is a good candidate for bug report. We don’t accept bug reports for homebrews that require kernel mode. If you don’t know if the homebrew requires kernel mode, ask to the homebrew creator.
  8. The best way for you to get a homebrew to work on HBL, is to contact the author of the homebrew, and talk to them about HBL. HBL now runs major homebrews quite smoothly, and most of the time, “good coding practices” should be enough for a homebrew to run on HBL.

Source: Wololo

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  1. BIGBOSS says:

    ONCE AGAIN I Triumphant conquering the first comment marker
    all you babys go cry to mama

  2. cclown123 says:

    it dosent work on hbl :|

  3. hiroyasu says:

    it;s definitely true that it isn’t hbl that is suppose to adapt to homebrew, its homebrew that should be adapted to HBL… but i don’t think creators of some homebrew give a shit about hbl users, or else there would already be more HBL homebrew created creations.

  4. Keyblade Spirit says:

    This is great! It’s good to know that the HBL devs care enough to give us something like this.

  5. hacktester says:

    Nice post!Lets hope that this will help some users to understand better HBL&the team .I mean ,seriously,80% of the questions were based on crazy,stupid things,which sometimes can be found even in the description.
    Well,maybe if there is a Q&A post people will pay more atention to the description…

    • hiroyasu says:

      yea like hbl doesn’t work on hbl lol or when will it have homebrew enabler lol

      but the bad news about homebrew ppl they won’t alter there homebrew to work on hbl cuz they keep blaming the fact there versions use kernel and won’t attempt to make it, like i tryed to convince cspsp to alter there methods but all they kept saying it’s impossible cuz it requires kernel access… so i guess where stuck with what we have.

      • hacktester says:

        Sometimes its just imposible to adapt homebrews to an user-mode exploit like HBL…But sometimes peoples are just too lazy to do it,because we all must admit it,its a pain in the ass to adapt a homebrew created for an exploit which has 100% control of the PSP to an exploit which has like 25% or so.It also depends on how big is the part of the homebrew which requires kernel acces.
        Obviously,there will be more and more compatible homebrews.We all know that HBL didnt reached its full power yet.Maybe if HBL would reach that level someone would accept…
        Anyway,we will find someone to adapt a homebrew for HBL…The Earth and the homebrew scene is pretty big,after all :D

  6. viked says:

    this is crap……………..” dont plan to enable iso’s” wat about old umd’s….throw them??

    • hiroyasu says:

      ship me them :) free shits fun to get, and if you so badly want iso’s to run on ur psp buy a older version used… the only downfall of not playing iso’s is i have stacks of psone games id like to play with out having to buy them again plus most of my games aren’t sold by sony for psp… but oh well at least i can play some megaman network on my psp :)

      • hacktester says:

        He alredy have one hacked PSP.Lets not start another fight.Im alredy tired of Stupid Wars.
        If by old UMD’s you mean old ISOs,there is a homebrew for that,but it doesnt work how it should at the moment(you can open only the menu).It will run right,in time,but the HBL team needs to fix one issue first.
        Mostly they will work on that after they will done with the homebrews,so we’ll have to wait(7 mounths?maybe a year?nobody knows…)

  7. DarknessKingCoH says:

    Hopefully they’ll soon figure out another demo exploit. And besides the fact that Sony should allow HBL as a supported application because these people are doing nothing wrong or illegal. If Sony did however add this to their psp firmware they would have to make it so developers couldn’t create a ISO/CSO/Dax loader. Also what I believe would be great for sony is allowing people to take their proof of purchase #s and barcode #s and insert them into a special redeem code area on PSN so everyone could verify that they own the game and be able to download the redeemed games for free instead of purchasing multiples of one game.

    • hiroyasu says:

      you mean the barcode’s in the back of the cd’s yea that would be smart thinking but as much as sony is this and that for them this isin’t about making the customer’s happy but how to make them more money… i first bought a psp because i was told i was allowed to play my psone games on it, and i was like this is going to be amazing considering psone can be played on ps2 and psone and 2 can be played on ps3. but there forcing ppl to rebuy old games to be placed on psp seems unfair. but the bar code theory would be awesome and fair, and hbl have followed there rules and more ppl would buy there products knowing they can carry there super nintendo or gba along with them. maybe you could write a petition on it.