Half-Byte Loader Firmware 6.30/6.31 for Hotshots Golf 2 (WIP)



Despite Total_Noobs work on a 6.20 kernel exploit and 6.20 TN HEN Wololo and the team are pressing on with  HBL. Wololo has posted a work in progress video of a pending release of HBL. This time for Hot Shots Golf 2. This adds another title to the list of Fw 6.30 & Fw 6.31 support games that can be exploited and used with HBL. Its for all regions of the game, Hotshots golf 2 (US) , Everybody’s golf 2 (EU) , and we hope Minna no golf 2 (JP). And to top it off Everybody’s golf 2 has just been added to PSN Europe so it may or not have the exploit patched.

Wololo has posted this quick summary:

  • HBL 102 will have a few bug fixes, and will add compatibility with the hotshots golf 2 (US) , everybody’s golf 2 (EU) , and hopefully minna no golf 2 (JP) exploits
  • You can already download and try a hello world for Hotshots golf 2 (US) here. h.bin goes at the root of your memory stick, the Savegame in the “PSP/SAVEDATA” folder. Run the game, and click on “continue”.
  • People who want to help with the development of HBL for these exploits can go here. No programming skill is required but we can’t do it by ourselves.
  • We expect the hot shots golf 2 exploit to have more homebrew compatibility than the hot shots golf 1 exploit.

Source: Wololo

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  1. Jtotheb1 says:

    Great job Wololo and the gang this is really good for the 6.30& 6.31 users im guessing this nothing for 6.20 lol

  2. psp3kuser says:

    but still,thanks to wololo and gang for the HBL :D

  3. cluzex says:

    so what will happen to HBL patapon????

  4. abhishek101 says:

    i have hacked my psp 300 to 5.03 chicken r2 but still i cant run my games
    i hav lost the on loader saved in in games in which we get a option to click l1 and r1 then o the flash th\\stuff can anyone tell me what should i do or frmm where will i get the software

  5. abhishek101 says:

    dude just download chicken r4 and it will solve all your problems i take the guaranteee