GTA:LCS CheatDevice 1.0 G Released


Cheat Device 1.0 G

Hope you still have your old GTA: LCS UMD floating around as Edison Carter has released Grand Theft Auto LCS CheatDevice version 1.0 G. The new version now supports M33 3.71 and all the other newer custom firmwares. Works much like the Vice City Stories Cheatdevice release the other day which allows an assortment of cheats for the game, including vehicle spawns, new cars etc

Game disk versions supported:

  • original US version — works
  • original UK/Euro version — works
  • new patched US version — works
  • new patched UK/Euro version — not working

The new patched UK/Euro version does not work.

  • Download:


Thanks Spikerosoft for letting us know.

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