Gravity Rush coming on June 13


Gravity Rush or Gravity Daze is one of the best-rated Vita games at the moment. Although being so popular in Japan, it’s not yet out worldwide. Rest of the world will have to wait several more months to enjoy the gravity kick of Cat. This unique  open world action adventure won’t be coming to the west until mid-June ( 12 in US and 13 in EU ). The unfortunate news surfaced today over the PlayStation blog. There is a bit of compensation for the EU friends, however. Despite the initial reports, the game will come in Europe in both digital and physical release.

While we are wondering why the game got so delayed  here, Japanese gamers are getting their first DLCs. The game will see three download content packs released once a week starting March 22. Each ¥400( 6 USD or 4 Euro ) pack includes one costume, two side missions and three challenge missions. Pictures from the first DLC can be seen here :

Are you disappointed with the release date? Are you going to buy the game when it’s finally out? Please leave a comment in the section below.

If you are not familiar with this ingenious game check these gameplay and trailer videos :



Source : PlayStation Blog [EU][US]

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