gpSP 20090413 GBA emulator released

gpSP GBA emulator 20090413

gpSP GBA emulator 20090413

An anonymous Japanese PSP Developer has released a new version of gpSP GBA Emulator labelled gpSP 20090413. Its based of the gpSP kai source code and while not much is now as there is no release text. It does feature a number of bug fixes.

Source: pspnfo

Download: gpSP 20090413 GBA emulator
(gpSP 20090413 GBA emulator - 745.8 KiB - 7,759 Hits)

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  1. xXnOObzterXx says:

    sweet i had an old unofficial release and now i have this new one its a lot better

  2. Clutz450 says:

    Do you know if Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories works properly for it yet?

  3. ryanIced} says:

    Kingdom Hearts: CoM has always worked.

  4. kiid says:

    to make kingdom hearts work u just have to save state when it gets stuck and then load state.

  5. kiid says:

    oh ya does this work with custom firmware extender 3.1 on?

  6. Clutz450 says:

    The videos in Kingdom Hearts never played properly. The sound was always horrible.

  7. rob says:

    Never did like GBA games- low color, hell even nintendo/supernintendo were a lot better

  8. insert_name says:

    I can seem to get this emulator to use any gba bios, and the gba bios I have work, they run the no$gba emulator on my computer and the UO_gpsp emulator on my psp

  9. Dragoneon says:

    good job too bad it cant run on the psp 3000

  10. bogzie says:

    does this emu have the “fastforward” like the emu on pc?

  11. waveofdoom says:

    Yes it has a fast foward feature

  12. Damaja says:

    do you know how i get a Gameboy Advance Bios image for this program

  13. DeeJayFareyzz says:

    uhm…. exactly im a complete newb to psp’s (pro at music) …….. XD uhmm……….. can anyone teach me how to use this

  14. DeeJayFareyzz says:

    uhm… i’ve figured half out…. but tell meh plxxx how to use dis

  15. mango says:

    is this any better then kai?

  16. mungbal says:

    is this working for cfw 5.00 m33 – 6?

  17. Unknown says:

    Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories did not work in my uo_gpsp 3.2 test 07. My PSP version is 5.00 M33-4. All of the game aside from KH Chains of Memories are working! I wonder why it is not responding well in my PSP? Please help!

    Is that in the game that I downloaded? or I it is in the PSP software?