Go!Messenger Released


Go!Messenger Released

Go!Messenger Released, European uses are now able to to download the Go!Messenger client. Also there is a work around so non European uses can install the client. Go!Messenger is a video and voice chat client and Instant messanger. You’ll need a BT account and a Go!Messenger account. You can sign up for both from the Go!Messenger website through your PSP browser.

For non European here’s that work around:

  1. Boot to the custom firmware recovery console (hold R-Trigger when booting)
  2. Browse to Configuration and set “Fake region” to Europe
  3. Back, then Exit
  4. Select the Go!Messenger icon, download and install the client
  5. Connect PSP via USB or use something like PSP Filer
  6. Copy (don’t move) PSP/APP/ULES00856 to PSP/GAME/ULES00856; keep a copy of DATA.DRM in PSP/APP/ULES00856
  7. Optionally reset your region back to the default (using the recovery console)
  8. Launch Go!Messenger from the game menu and sign up

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  2. PSPDork says:

    I tried signing up for an account but got an internal problem when I am trying to register.

    “I can’t register for Go!Messenger”

  3. Goer says:

    what cfw this application has been tested?

  4. psplayer says:

    This to me is a busisuess version of Sype. and it only work on CFW 3.90 and I only have FW 3.90 :(.
    (sorry, cant spell today)

  5. Wanderer says:

    there is no go! messenger icon in my psp, why is that? I’m using CFW 3.90 M33-2.

  6. detguy says:

    does it work on us 3.90?

  7. Nate says:

    Awesome! I was totally looking for this! I though I would miss out from this sweet feature…trying now on my 3.90 M33-2 PSP 2000…

  8. russell says:

    how to register go messenger on psp

  9. junior says:

    i trying to put it