God Of War PSP bundle


God of war chains of olympus

Sony has said to release the God Of War Psp bundle, for all of you god of war fans. Sadly it wont be released until June. It will have a deep red face plate and the back will also be red. This package will include God Of War chains of Olympus, and a UMD version of Superbad .It is going to be retailed at $199 (USD). This will be Sonys third PSP bundle.

Source: Joystiq

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  1. psp says:

    There is one released here in Australia and I think the psp is pretty sleek silver one

  2. foxwhite93 says:

    mine was the DAXTER bundle…
    i forgot what was the FIRST BUNDLE….

  3. Datt says:

    Daxter was the first bundle, followed by the Star Wars Battlefront bundle. Hence this God Of War is the 3rd one :)

  4. An says:

    I ask myself why Sony America doesn’t launch the psp like in Japan…? With that amazing colors instead of the classical piano black and these bundles… so if I want a white one I need to buy the dexter or the starwars bundle… now if I want a red psp, let’s choose GoW… Which will be the next?

  5. phanto01 says:

    Worst part about this bundle is that it wont be released in US until June, why not release it when god of war came out? yet another smart move by sony

  6. CBUFF says:

    It will be released June 3. And the reason for not releasing it the same day as the game is due to the fact it wont sell as fast… Any one that already has the system wont buy this for the game and people without a system are alot more likely to get it down the road when they hear the hype from other players who have played through such games.

    And to answer the questions of the next bundle. It will be a “Metallic Blue” Slim PSP Madden ’09 Bundle that will release the same day as madden 09 which would be August 12 2008. It will include obviously the PSP and Madden ’09 as well as the UMD “NFL: In Just One Play” and a Playstation Network voucher for the full version of “Beats” for the PSP!

  7. The TActic says:

    Excellent purchase!! For those who have not purchased a PSP yet this is an excellent deal. I got it home and immediately installed Custom Firmware and am now enjoying many titles GRATIS!!!

  8. NEED HELP! says:

    hey, “The Tactic,” i bought a psp GOD OF WAR bundle, and i want to put custom firmware on it. Could you tell me how you put the custom firmware on your psp GOW bundle. i tried searching for it on google, but the tutorials, and guides confused me. can you help me with putting the custom firmware, and all the steps in between. (any other person helping, will also be greatly appreciated, along side with “the Tactic”. if i need to download anything cud u send me a link to it aswell, and please include as much detail as you can, because im a total newbie to this kind of technology.

  9. HELP ME says:

    What firmware does the god of war psp first come with? Will I need to use a Pandora Battery? Will I be able to use a 4gb memory stick? THanks.

  10. NEED HELP! says:

    it comes with a 3.95 firmware. u will definitely able to use a 4gb memory stick…. but it has to b a memory stick duo, or pro duo…

  11. death says:

    im getting mine today … i was so impatient that i didn’t sleep last night i was reading eclipse omg and at that tomorrow Break Dawn comes out and thats on a saturday! so anime will be on …but sadly all my happiest will turn to hell because right after saturday is sunday and i have to go to my schools open house and then ill get to much freakin homework when school stars i wont have time to enjoy my psp normy books…only books i like at that O_o….

  12. ?????????? says:

    can the gow psp be hacked without the speacal battery\

  13. ?????????? says:

    i just bought one and was wondering because my friend has a psp slim that is silver and hacked

  14. PSP-Fan says:

    Should be hackable unless it has the newer TA88v3 motherboard.

  15. BASH says:

    I saw one at walmart in radford virginia

  16. i dont know how to hack my psp.? can some one tell me please. i want to get GOD OF WAR 3 on my psp