Go! Tube version 1.2 Released. YouTube on your PSP


GoTube is back.

Its been just over 3 months since the last update, but Go! Tube is back as Biscottealacrevette has released an update. Go! Tube is an online video player for the PSP based off the old PSPTube by SofiyaCat. You remember the one? Well it plays Youtube of course, but also a slew of other popular video websites like Dailymotion, MetaCafe, Myspace videos etc etc (Even a few naughty ones..if your into that) This update features new tweaks and mods to the player as listed below in the changelog.

The release comes in two flavors, GoTube 1.2 for PSP-1000 units and GoTube 1.2 HMM, which stands for High Memory Mod for PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 units.

Go! Tube version 1.2 changelog:

  • You can delete sites that are no longer using the updater
  • You can change your preferences without using your PC:
    • Folder Favorites
    • Default Zoom
    • Svideo mode of PSPslim (interlaced or progressive)
    • The multiview (possibility to see the next site in the top bar)
  • The new script can play Youtube videos protected by WMG and videos whose mode “embeded” has been disabled by the uploader.
  • You can enable / disable via the High Memory Mod updater.

Source: PSPGen

Download: Go! Tube version 1.2 for PSP-1000 units
(Go! Tube version 1.2 for PSP-1000 units - 3.0 MiB - 308,840 Hits)

Download: Go! Tube version 1.2 HMM for PSP-2000/3000 units
(Go! Tube version 1.2 HMM for PSP-2000/3000 units - 3.1 MiB - 336,270 Hits)

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  • Dragonman3000

    PSP is much better for watching porn than on the computer. You don’t get virus on PSP while PC can get virus.

    • searcam01

      true but pc has a bigger screen

      • ervinivin

        eh… you can connect ur PSP to the PC using remotejoylite and then u have a bigger screen =D

        btw, i dnt watch corn.

      • dermoptera

        Who said anything about watching “CORN” lol…………….?

    • dsiist

      Ur kiddin right

      • 12Apennachi


  • Volt7x


  • samirpc

    Hi everyone I have a PSP 3000 6.20 will this be able to work without cfw?

    • skylinekid17

      No its a homebrew so it only will work on cfw. Other than that whenever I watch HD videos on youtube, it starts to grain up and the video freezes. I tested the last version of the release and it didnt show the quality as good. I dont know if I am helping but if you guys chose to release another version can you try to fix it? HD videos 720p, 1080p videos tend to get choppy. Go Tube is awesome overall. Watch and save anime episodes on my psp so I can watch them on the go. =) pretty cool stuff at the palm of your hands.

    • dermoptera

      How many times must people be told “if it;s homebrew, you MUST have CFW” ?

      • samirpc

        Hey mate have you heard of the HBL it supports Homebrew so its not a dumb question.

  • S0LID

    Notice how the first comment is about porn…
    Anyways great homebrew, keep the updates coming.

  • papison

    Oh! For Fucksakes Guys go get yourselves a girlfriend, anyways it is entertainment and is natural to us human beings………..I’m just sayin

  • papison

    ( (0) ) c=3

  • byeblee

    it does not work on me. .the game could not be started with some code i cannot remember . help? i wanna watch porn on my psp. LOL =)) usually i jujst browse for hentai on it.. animephile.com.. LOL .

    • papison

      You must have ChickHen exploit enabled or CFW installed, in order for this app to work.

      eww animated characters!

      • dermoptera


      • byeblee

        come on men. i use a CFW for psp 3000. and i know all of sort of that stuff.. it just bring up a screen high memory mod. blah blah. please wait then it takes me back to vsh. ‘ damn. im tired of animated characters. haha !

  • juxtin

    can i put it now to gamecategory?
    because the first one,give out my memory

    • microberry1

      yes, works for me

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  • noone

    how do you make a javascript?

    • papison

      Just got to RADIOPLAYER and pick go tube update, and download javascripts that you want.
      Javascript is used in web pages and websites. and cached to play videos.
      Javascript is used in programming as well.

  • noone

    yes, i know how to download javascripts of radioplayer. i want to know how to make my own javascript

  • noone


  • Goroo

    PSP slim users that have trouble with this booting through… update the HMM from the gotube updater in radio plater, from radio player click on the + then click on gotube! updater HMM at the bottom

  • RockerZ6613

    Remember the psp 1000 needs the original Go tube folder and HMM(high memory mod) is for the psp slim.

  • r88ney

    I made HMM work on my PSP1000 :D :D :D

    use the normal HMM boot but the insides of psp tube folder changed with this and it worked like a charm :D
    if you didn’t understand what i just typed then just stick with the normal GO TUBE folder Load Up
    HMM even on psp1000 PHAT is still Awesome, Quicker Buffering!!!

    But does anybody know how to watch my space vidoes, Megavideo and stuff like that on this???

  • r88ney

    You remember the one? Well it plays Youtube of course, but also a slew of other popular video websites like Dailymotion, MetaCafe, Myspace Vidoes…

    Well Ultimate psptube 2.0 Myspace videos does not work on it but megavideo still does and a very few others, but most of the videos are in black and white!!!

    But on GO! Tube 1.2 how do you make myspace vidoes and megavideo etc work on it???

    I got the javascript from ultimate tube 2.0 ( inside the folder Site ) put it onto GO! Tube 1.2 but nothing shows up on it!!!
    My space videos on Ultimate Tube 2.0 ( No video results for anything i type e.g Naruto ) — Completely blanc on GO! Tube 1.2
    Mega video on Ultimate Tube 2.0 ( Videos do work on it, E.g Naruto — But tend to be Black and White Videos– because the qauilty of video is not supported )

    Youtube as you all know does not work on Ultimate Tube 2.0 ( Get No results for anything you type- e.g naruto )
    But on GO! Tube 1.2 yeh it works but is that the only site to work, as i want others to work aswell e.g Myspace vidoes, Megavideo

    Thanks alot if somebody knows how to make other sites work on GO! Tube 1.2 or any other Psp program that lets you play vidoes from myspace vidoes

    Thanks plenty :)

    sorry if it does not make sense or spelling mistakes ( wasn’t bothered proof reading )

  • guntoly7

    Works fantastic with PSP 2000= 5.50 GEN-D3 ……Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yojo201

    Why does this crash my psp 3000 with genC 5.03?
    At the most this would work for a few minutes or few videos then freeze my psp.
    Getting tired of dealing with chickHEN every time i try to fix my psp…

    anyone know a fix please reply :(

  • ayoalex

    does this work with a psp 3000 6.35PRO?

  • amine

    gotube hmm doesnt work for me on 5.03 gen c evry time i press pn gotube hmm it says javascript load error ms0:/PSP/GAME/GOTUBE/GT/../site//.-YOUTUBE.JS plz someone help

  • ayoalex

    ^^^^ i get the exact same thing

  • pierre

    does this work on the psp go? cfw 6.35

    • cchevaugh

      sure does, just go to psp.gdteam.net on ur psp and download gotube

  • Ryan

    Mine comes up and tells me: Error 0x80020148 error loading module. This is the HHM on 6.35 pro, psp 3k. what should i do?

  • edson

    why its not good for my psp, its says error 0x000008000 something .. then block out, its like reset ..

    • Nash

      must be an unpatched memory address
      try 6.35 pro-a4

  • psptubeplease

    will this work on 6.2 TN-D?

  • lool.

    does youtube work for anyone on this anymore? it just randomly stoped for me, the search loads but the vid doesn’t..

    • PspHype2001

      Try updating the youtube site prx with the gotube updater, you’re youtube(X) should be at youtube(13)

      • lool.

        but i don’t see a prx 13 , only yt6 and yt2

  • lool.

    but i don’t see a prx 13 , only yt6 and yt2

  • Dane

    its works but the video is in black and white and cant stream HD video

  • Pedjazzmen

    Does not work.

  • thisguygotshot

    where do u stick the files? in the psp 3000 and go?

  • http://www.facebook.com/christian.t.boy1 Chris T. Boy

    fuck that shit its not even working

  • Trbgbf

    psp go please

  • Ralph M

    its running but how do i watch youtube online now?

  • Scribbles95

    What about the ps vita. We need youtube

  • Hdjkdhdk

    when i wana play videos it just crashs psp 3000 version 5.03gen-c

  • natsudragneel

    not loading

  • Dieobj

    mines working

    • Happyhandsbelcoo

      What did you do to get it to work ?

  • She

    what do you hasve to  put in your pc

  • Tapang Kenneth

    its not loading

  • Dtmorden

    Where can I find instructions on how to use my psp?

  • Death_note059

    Its not working HELP!

  • fuck you

    works in psp 3004?

  • shk

    works but needs internet use the youtube in ps for help im 13 and i got it right !

  • blackyasamin

    Well it doesn’t work!
    Better to go and fuck your self!


  • reilly

    how do you get gotube 1.2 hmm

  • henrique alencar

    pq em meu psp aparece dados comrrompidos?