Go! Tube version 1.1 Released. YouTube on your PSP

GoTube, PSPTube reborn..

GoTube, PSPTube reborn..

PSP developer biscottealacrevette released a new version of Go!Tube, a YouTubestreaming application which is basiclly a clone of PSPtube but with some new features and more importantly, it works!. Changes in version 1.1 include the HightMemoryMod and added repository support to GoTube Updater.

Installation is easy, just make sure you place the GoTube.prs in the RADIOPLAYER folder of your memory stick and then place the GoTube folder in GAME. At first I couldn’t get this to work, but this was due to BubbleTunes Game Categories plug-in. You need to place the GoTube folder outside of any CAT_ folders (Uncatergorized)

One you have placed the folders, go to Internet Radio in your XMB and GoTube update, click the arrow logo to add the video site you want. It should download a 2kb file. Exit and then run GoTube, use Select to find YouTube for example and then hit O and enter a search term for YouTube, wait a few seconds and videos will appear for that search.


Developer notes:

Go!Tube was originally created to replace UltimatePSPtube beacause a lot of his site doesn’t work but why continue this work ? because i’m not the only dev of gotube’s script (actualy yes but I hope it will change). concretely that mean GoTube include a online updater (go to the radioplayer to use it), this online player load a list of dev and they script’s folder and display them to you. after that you can choose what site you want include in GoTube.

As you can see there is a new feature in gotube , the next site are now previewed in top of the screen (i know you understand why i’ve made that ^^) if you want remove this feature and go back to the original mode, go to the cfg.js and replace 1 by 0 in the PSP.multiView attribut

I’ll probably not read your reply so if you want to know how to make your own script , i’ve relased the API of GoTube (some parte are same as PSPtube). if you’ve never used javascript don’t try to do this job. and if you find any bug : request a debugging here : Issues – gotube – Project Hosting on Google Code

Source: qj

Download: Go! Tube version 1.1
(Go! Tube version 1.1 - 3.2 MiB - 25,162 Hits)

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  1. ukelays says:

    Lol first haha eat that all u first post haters

  2. MiloBoy says:

    Yay second

  3. iamepoi says:

    so what if your 1st.. a LOL.. just kidding..
    damn aim just a minute or i guess a second late…

    any good feedback??

  4. VGP12 says:

    All the porn sites are still missing…

  5. Tehtony says:


    why do you care about him caring?

    Mad about not getting to be the first poster?

    I think those people are really annoying but i rarely read the comments so…

    OT: Great, downloading it now :D

  6. skylinekid17 says:

    its good that no adult rated sites are not working lol

  7. unknown155 says:

    Does this work on psp 3000? It either comes up as a a corrupted file, or when it does show the icon under the games area, I click it, and it comes up with an error. I put the Gotube.prs in the radioplayer area, and the gotube one under games. It has never come up in the the internet radio. I’m new to the psp, just got a new one, a psp 3000 about a month or so ago, so I’m not sure if there is something else I need for it to work?

  8. psp3000user says:

    yes im in 8th..

  9. unknown155 says:

    Ah so there is no way at all it would work on the psp 3000? :s I read somewhere.. jeez I can’t even remember where, that it did. But I have been having no luck.

  10. tallaznperson says:

    hey uhh, helpp please ;[ i dont get it, i mean i dont know how to put it on psp O-O it said something like puting something on the radio folder? what? can someone explain it to me?

  11. molacules says:

    can i play saved flv videos on this gotube like ult.psptube?

  12. unknown155 says:

    tallaznperson, when you download it and unzip it, there should be two folders. One called games, and the other called radio player. Either that, or one folder called PSP, with those two folders in there. What I did, was take the gotube.prs file from the radioplayer folder, and put it in the psp folder on your memory card, and in the radio player folder there. The game folder I put in the games folder on the memory card. Once it’s all placed, I believe you’d go to the internet radio, and there should be the gotube update. At least that’s what I got from the instructions. I could be wrong though :P

  13. apoorv.mittal says:

    wow….!!!1 a great app. works like a charm …..just follow the instructions and it will work …:)

  14. playstation fanatic says:

    ukelays need to chill

  15. bobkarter52 says:

    Thanks for this great application. You rock! Is it possible to make your own .js files easily because i really don’t know code :(

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  17. Zorros101 says:

    Work great

  18. vespesi3n says:

    I installed it the way the directions say to, but I keep getting the error ‘JavaScript Load error ms0:/PSP/GAME/GoTube/GT/../site//._ext.js’
    Anyone know what’s going on? Thanks.

  19. jzone says:

    i have psp 3000 and its work for me

  20. unknown155 says:

    It works on your psp 3000? Mine’s pretty much brand new, and I haven’t added much to it, just simple things.. I’m wondering if there’s something I need to add onto it in order for this to work..?

  21. yojo201 says:

    Everything seems to work perfectly, but some youtube videos get blue or orange stripes flashing across the screen…

    IDK if its because they way they uploaded the video and it does not work correct with the app, or that it might be a bug.

  22. yojo201 says:

    As a test please search for developer remix, and choose the first video…

  23. tadapapaya says:

    nice works…….. more updates

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  25. gamer96 says:

    this works perfect on my psp 3000 on gen-c thanx

  26. Yellowhound says:

    you know instead of making an app make a plugin. make the plugin function as flash 10 or what ever version it is at??? for a while it kinda seems like a no brainer

  27. funk blast says:

    DOes this let you watch hulu?

    • darktech says:

      don’t you remember?
      HULU now charges it’s customers to watch videos, and anyway, this fun app is only for internet videos…Cough.

  28. ledbetterp3 says:

    WOOHOO!!! post 28!!! lol jk… Gotube worked for me but this new one doesnt work, it just goes black after clicking yes for internet connection and has that Favorites>Playlist> toolbar thing at the top, when i press select it doesnt change it says loading, and its not frozen though… PLEASE HELP!

    • darktech says:

      first of all, i should hurt you for saying your 28th.
      second,what firmware are you using/what plugins?

  29. flamewolf says:

    why wont it work for me? what do i need? i have version 6.20 do i need something else?

    • wakkawalla says:

      Hi Flamewolf, and others experiencing the same problem.
      FW6.20 is currently not a hackable firmware (no homebrew powers!)
      It wont work if you continue trying.

      You will need to get a custom firmware! its currently only available up to FW5.50.

  30. flamewolf says:

    it said data is corrupt???? plz reply

  31. 3ajay3 says:

    does this work with 3004 6.20

  32. LoLeech says:

    Anyone else having issues with the colors?

  33. ledbetterp3 says:

    im usin 3.03 speed, psp 3001 and i redownloaded, now its all black and says loading go!tube in large memory mode – ardatan… it says that for almost half an hour and is not frozen cuz i can change the backlight but not press the PS button

  34. sha_winder says:

    i have psp2000 slim v6,20
    and on my psp gotube not working i don’t know what i have to do
    so plz help me for that

  35. sonictoast says:

    this is great

  36. OmNomNom says:

    Does this work with HEN 6.31 PRO?

  37. Hxhhdggswt says:

    why is porn on here

  38. Bob says:

    Anyone else get the javascript load error?

  39. Akilmcdonald24 says:

    what do i do it keeps saying cannot load corrupted data

  40. Guest says:

    Yeah,it doesn’t work.Don’t bother

  41. rkjjhfhdzs says:

    what version of cfw does it need