GBA Emulator: gpSP-J 100429 (April 29th 2010 build)


Its been a while since we have seen up update to Takka’s unofficial gpSP . The last release was out 11th Feb, today’s release is much like the last one with no official changelog as such. If its anything to go by the last release was without a doubt one of the best gpSP releases. All games where running very fast and no audio stutter in games like Baldurs Gate (Which used to stutter a bit in early releases)

So give this one a go if your into a bit of the old Game Boy Advance emulation on your PSP. I’ll post a video up shortly of my findings.

Notes: This emulator is in Japanese, however its very easy to figure out. Also don’t forgot in order to run this you’ll need to find a working _BIOS.bin and place this in the main directory of this emulator. And no we cannot help you acquire this or Roms…

What I can read in the notes is this: Does not work in HBL (Half Byte Loader) so don’t go asking…

Download: GBA Emulator: gpSP-J 100429 (April 29th 2010 build)
(GBA Emulator: gpSP-J 100429 (April 29th 2010 build) - 745.1 KiB - 15,382 Hits)

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  1. Viper_strike says:

    i hope its ok for eloader

    • juggalo420 says:

      im guessing not since the last sentence in the post is..
      “What I can read in the notes is this: Does not work in HBL (Half Byte Loader) so don’t go asking…”

  2. fooglesmoogle says:

    Can anyone confirm that Golden sun 1 & 2, and Mario Tennis run without stuttering during combat/bootup on this?

  3. Pendragoon says:

    I’ll test this with Goldensun 1&2 along with Kingdom Hearts (to see if the CG still glitches badly)

    • Pendragoon says:

      GoldenSun 1 is greatly improved, it still stutters, but not nearly as badly

      GoldenSun 2 is worse this time around. >.<

      Kingdom Hearts CoM, the CG has less errors, but still has lots of wierd colors.

  4. heero2001 says:

    Hi, I always get the save data is corrupt and also can’t save with Zelda: Link to the past. Anybody else run into this problem?

  5. bjshepp says:

    does anyone know if Mario tennis can run smoothly on this emu?

  6. dragonkiller1121 says:

    Does this work with the HBL on 6.20 PSP 3003

  7. ocgBaZ89 says:

    does anyone know how to read?!?!?! it will NOT work on the HBL

  8. dragonkiller1121 says:

    y not

  9. sasuke4221 says:


  10. PoopSock says:

    There is a language option for this version. It’s at the bottom of the option menu where you change stuff like screen size.

  11. deityofanime says:

    There’s no full screen! What madness it this!!??? D:<

  12. Beegee7730 says:

    I get a error saying “BIOS” followed by japanese symbols. I know the bios works and is names correctly, is there any way to fix this?

  13. ataryo says:

    guies you can turn the menu in english :)just in case if you didnt figure it out alreally

  14. hacktester says:

    Hehe,even if its a bit too late to say this(a bit more),I can say that this kinda works on HBL.I mean it does open,you can load a ROM and all that stuff,but you can’t change the options after you started to play.It will show a message in japanse and then it will crash.
    So guys,Im pround to say that you were fooled by the power of HBL :P

  15. ultramanhyper says:

    Needs the English version to be more convenient

  16. DJ91990 says:

    Hey n00bs! If you skimmed through the comments left here…you would know how to get the menu in English. Here’s how!
    1) Select a ROM and press O.
    2) Press the HOME button.
    3) On the first menu go to the Fifth Option.
    4) On the next menu go to the last option and press > or < on the control pad.
    At first you will notice that only "Emulator Options" is in English. To fix this, exit the menu by pressing the HOME key. Then press the HOME Key and select the last option on the first menu. You will be taken back to the PSP Menu. Now, re-load the emulator and enjoy the emulator options in English! :)
    Also, full-screen has been removed, however! The best setting I have the Display Mode are as follows:
    Display mode: USER GU
    Magnification: 165%
    Bilinear Filter: On
    You will still have black borders, however, this is as close to full-screen you can get without vertical cut-off.