Game Decrypter V4 Released. Decrypt up to OFW 6.10

Games Decrypter V4 released. Decrypts up to firmware 6.10.

Games Decrypter V4 released. Decrypts up to firmware 6.10.

Didn’t take long for version 4 to be released. All good, as Yoshihiro has now added up to original firmware version 6.10 eboot decryption to his Game Decrypter. As well as support for 5.00  M33 which was added in Game Decrypter V3 released earlier today. You game now decypt eboots for either custom firmware 5.00 M33 or 5.03 GEN-A (PSP-3000 users) or custom firmware 5.50 GEN-B.

You have two options now, either decrypt the eboot for 5.50 GEN-B by pressing X or decrypt and patch it for 5.00 M33 or 5.03 GEN-A.

For a full game decrypter compatibility list, please visit our forum Game Decrypter compatibility list by Ultimakillz.

Download: Game Decrypter by Yoshihiro V4
(Game Decrypter by Yoshihiro V4 - 54.1 KiB - 47,243 Hits)

Download: UMD Gen 4
(UMD Gen 4 - 1.1 MiB - 148,008 Hits)

Source: PSPGen

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  1. wetan says:

    can some give me a step by step instruction plz i not a noob jsut first time useing this sort of stuff.

  2. wetan says:

    URGENT!!! can some 1 please tell me how to i exit the game decrypter?????
    because when i click home nothing happens

  3. wetan says:

    please some 1 tell me how to exit it!!!

  4. wetan says:

    yoshiro sure was dumb not making a exit button…!!!!!

  5. wetan says:

    ive gotten into game decrypter but i was jsut checking it out not actually going to decrypt but now i cant get outa i!!!!!!!! please help!!

  6. […] 1. First you need two things: 1. UMD GEN , 2. Yoshiro's Game Decryptor V4. 2. Both can be found here. 3. Extract Yoshiro's Game Decrypter V4. 4. Open the folder which you got after extracting. You […]

  7. imen says:

    hello guys i just want to know if this program will work on psp 3000 ver 5.55 or 6.10 . and another one what is brick and unbrick? what if i brick my psp ? what will happen? thanks guys

  8. ak47gman01 says:

    I Got Official FirmWare “6.10” and i need to downgrade it to 5.03 some one please help!
    Yes i am a noob.

    • adam0000 says:

      how urgent would you say this matter is to you? life or death? its funny when the firmware on your psp decides the fate of your life.

      my friend, its not that urgent. and besides, there is nothing you can do about it for a few more months maybe. sorry….


  9. krakkerman18 says:

    can i use this one to psp3000 5.03 gen-b

  10. krakkerman18 says:

    cant decrypt the smackdown 2010

  11. laser222 says:

    can someone help me i cant decrypt James Cameron avatar the game … when i use decrypter no file appears in DECRYPTED folder. WHY?

  12. Kyuubi no Espada says:

    Does this work on psp 2000 too or only 3000?

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