Game Categories Lite 1.4 Released


  • What is Game Categories Lite ? This is a handy plugin that allows you to categorize your games,homebrews and PS1 games into folders that are visible from Game->Memory Stick.
  • How to install ? Unzip the archive and paste the SEPLUGINS folder in the memory stick root or internal memory root. Then open up vsh.txt ( if you don’t have one create it in the SEPLUGINS folder).

Add the following line : “”ms0:/SEPLUGINS/category_lite.prx 1″  if the SEPLUGINS folder is placed in the memory stick or “”ef0:/SEPLUGINS/category_lite.prx 1″ if it’s placed in the internal memory. Then restart you PSP ( Hit the Select button and  then hit “Reset VSH” ) .

  • How to use ? Create folders into  ISO and  PSP/GAME named “CAT_Name” where Name is the name of the category.Then place all the content that you want to see under the category just named into the created folder.
  • What’s new ? Here is the changelog :
  1. 6.60 firmware support
  2. Allow the uncategorized folder to be sorted
  3. Multiple language support.
  4. Added ja translation by popsdeco
  5. Added de translation by KOlle

Source :  [Qj]




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  2. S0ny boooo!!! says:

    is this working on 6.35 pro b8?????

  3. dimy93 says:

    yes working on any 6.xx cfw

  4. Francisco says:

    If i press the square button my PSP block and i need restart, this happens when i access a category, i am using the 6.60 ME software

  5. thatnerdoverthere says:

    Wrong source it was on that is where he first posted it a few days ago….

  6. leester says:

    what does dis do?play psx?

    • dimy93 says:

      What is Game Categories Lite ? This is a handy plugin that allows you to categorize your games,homebrews and PS1 games into folders that are visible from Game->Memory Stick
      see the above picture as well

  7. hen kenrel pro me says:

    when will a (LME, LCFW Or PRO) come to ofw 6.60

  8. Renald says:

    But you should take care when dealing with you internal memory, cos you may end up with a full bricked and all you could do in the name of creating a folder of game category is to get a new PSP mother board for replacement or sent it to SONY.

    • NeCrom-X says:

      No you don’t you have to be careful when dealing with your internal FLASH not the internal memory of the GO. Why would Sony make a device that could screw up from writing to the internal memory when people have to transfer media and games over to it all the time?

  9. dimy93 says:

    by internal memory I mean the PSP go memory no the flash of the psp-no body should open the flash without a good idea what he is trying to do

  10. mr-crazy says: is the real source

  11. Renald says:

    even if it the real source what makes you think it real then why can his site be the first to came out with ways to unbricked PSP3001. I just believe every concerning CFW it all o.k with all site

  12. Brick says:

    Is there a risk of bricking my psp????

  13. dimy93 says:

    no there isn’t

  14. Renald says:

    Yeah there’s and big one if you can don’t take care and will like to say this to you, as soon as you get it customize never give your PSP to any one that is a novice cos he may mismanage the VSH MENU and the next thing some type of language that show O at the end meaning fully bricked. it your advantage if you do customize and don’t blame any body when it cames to you being mad cos my PSP only shows the green light .

  15. Renald says:

    There’s a possible way for unbricking fully bricked 3000 models and goes does open it completely, go to the side that lies with the UMD door, you will see a small battery attached to it, carefully remove the battery and power you psp board without connecting the various component, if the green light comes on and don’t go of after about 10sec and keeps shining then you have make it, carefully replace the battery and assembled the various component and yes you have made it and enjoy it. From the XMB you can now update to any firmware greater than your previous firmware. I just did that with mine and it works perfectly. Removing the battery and powering it up means it will not remember anything of it own again because the battery they is to store all possible information and changers made by any body.

  16. Razion42 says:

    I found a BUG on Game Categories Lite 1.4…i tried to select different months color but they don’t appear(the small boxes colors are blank)…but i can select color month still excpet no color box appear.

  17. Razion42 says:

    yap I’m using Slim color(enabled on Cin monde)…i can select colors but no color box.

    • dimy93 says:

      Have U add 13-27.bmp \?

      • Razion42 says:

        i already add…sorry can’t show to u the screenshot..remember when u choosing colors the month scroll down-up the color still there but no color box…sorry 4 bad english.

  18. raylign says:

    This is the Shit people this is it

  19. t0nito says:

    I don’t know how to submit to the author but if anyone is interested in a portuguese translation copy this text without the quotes:

    “Modo CategoriaMs MúltiplosMenu ContextualPrefixo CategoriasNenhumUsar prefixo CATMostrar sem categoriaNãoApenas Memory Stick™Apenas memória internaAmbosSem categorizar”

    and create a category_lite_pt.txt file

  20. ninja says:

    I did as instructed but when I press “select” button I get a menu that says 5.50 vsh menu and Reset VSH is not listed as an option to select there. Also when I go to my memory stick under games I get “Corrupt data ” for each folder I created. What did I do wrong?

  21. kenneth says:

    will this work if i edit it on a mac ?

    Add the following line : “”ms0:/SEPLUGINS/category_lite.prx 1″ if the SEPLUGINS folder is placed in the memory stick

    b/c right now i got the app installed but when i make the folders named CAT_[ name of folder] it wont show up but when i hit triangle it gives me the option to go to group content buy hitting square and that brings up folders labeled

    play station, mini , play station portable, pcengine , and NEOGEO
    and everything i have in the PSP/GAME folder is all listed under plat station portable folder is there a dif way of editing the vsh.txt file on a mac due to the different types of file formats ?

  22. in the root of your memory stick,create an ISO folder then inside iso folder,make a folder name of your iso/cso… and put ur iso/cso inside that folder!!! as easy as that!

  23. Mantis41 says:

    I am using a Go! on CFW PRO-B10. When I enable this plugin It works but, I also see two “VIDEO” folders under “Game” instead of the usual “Memory Stick” and ” “System Storage” folders.

  24. Star says:

    This Works very well but on the picture it looks different then it is.
    It is much better then the picture :).
    Using psp GO 6.20 pro-10 fix 1.

  25. Barry says:

    Hi I have noticed that this plugin stops quite allot of iso loading??? im using a psp phat 1000 on 6.60 me v1.6.

    3rd birthday, god of war , street fighter , sega rally, and others

    i have tried with different iso drvers and played around with other plugins, its defo this plugin causing the problem????? any ideas,

    im gutted because ive always loved this plugin :-(

  26. Renald says:

    Barry you are a flick cos no plugin will stop any ISO/ISO games if it rightly and full not broken and you should know that the PSP100xxxxx has limited and backward compatibilities in some games i think you should get a PSP300xxx for better performance.

  27. Daniel says:

    Heres a secret for unbricking ur psp when you turn on the psp u see the green as soon as it comes on start tapping the Home Button and u will see it come on.

  28. 123 says:

    when you said “Create folders into ISO and PSP/GAME” do you mean just in the Psp folder?

  29. #@%LOL says:

    Every time I make a category, it just shows up as corrupted data on my mem stick. And YES I spelled it correctly in VSH and YES its activated. Help?

  30. 259 says:

    My psp is 5.00 m33-4 is it too outdated to use this hack. Also wanted to know what is classed as the root dir on the psp ?

  31. Jay says:

    Didn’t work for me. :/

  32. Leon Kom says:

    its working for me.
    YES, you’re gonna have to create a folder (name of your choices, e.g, Playstation I, Playstation Portable, as i created mine) into both folders (ISO & PSP/GAME).
    After that you just have to put your ISOs/CSOs into those folders.
    For e.g, put ‘God of war, Tekken 6 files into the folder that you’ve created in ISO folder and put Tekken 3, ‘chrono cross file in the folder that you’ve created in PSP/GAME’.

    After that, Add the following line: “”ms0:/SEPLUGINS/category_lite.prx 1″into the VSH.txt that can be found into SEPLUGINS folder which is placed in the memory stick.
    Press the Select button and  then “Reset VSH”.
    Now your Games Folders is catagorised.

  33. Guest says:

    dont work for me im on 6.20 PRO B-10 perma patched 

  34. Alfredosandoval says:


  35. Edil de guzman says:

    works great on psp 3000 6.20 pro b10, only prob is it prevents the game to resume on pause mode on pspGO….

  36. guy says:

    it works on psp go 6.20 prob10 permanent

  37. guest says:

    instead of it showing just like the name its CAT_name unlike the photo but it dont really matter im just asking if this is normal

  38. shervin Razavi says:

    its work same :
    memory>CAT_nameXX > Your games and APP
    its doesent work at :
    memory>CAT_nameXX > CAT_nameXX > Your games and App..
    only one category be work ! Please Fixe it.. But nice App..!

  39. Paul says:

    For those noobs you said it didnt work. TRY RESTARTING YOUR DEVICE