FX Powerspoof v0.3 Plugin – Spoof your battery is 100%


PSP developer NoEffex has released FX Powerspoof a PRX plug-in. As its name suggests lets you spoof your battery level in or to apply patches and updates. Why would you need that? Well if your battery is on its last legs or you don’t have a charger handy and really need to update a game, you can bypass that “Your battery must be 75% or more before you can update” message and get on with playing. No need to wait an hour for your battery to charge.

Its recommend that in order to avoid any data corrupt errors that you use your power adapter as well.

Download: FX Powerspoof v0.3 Plugin
(FX Powerspoof v0.3 Plugin - 8.6 KiB - 4,013 Hits)

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  • pspgo8

    first its good for psp 3000 users because they always need to hack their psp because there psp hacks is goe after every shoutdown

    • Jhazky

      Lol! fail!

    • newneku

      actually not.. not necessarily

      • krakkerman18

        yes i also agree.. it only show that plugin work as fake battery information.. using this plugin did not affect to run hen..

      • darktech

        it seems this plugin was created to help you brick! lol.

    • http://www.pspslimhacks.com Hitman@47

      s this work on my psp 2006 ta088v3 with cfw enabler 5.3 mhu .plz reply me

  • Henry_GEN

    Hmm I’ll try this on my PSP 2002 TA-088V2 running 5.50GEN-D2…It Works :)…Except…it doesn’t allow for you to push past 80% :(

    • darktech

      why would you wanna spoof past 80%? would you like it to go all the way to 100% so you can just keep telling yourself it’s full and play for eternity?

  • odin15

    I’v always had the problem of updating but even though I had a charger plugged in I still had to wait for the battery to charge. I’v been having that problem for the past 2 years.
    thanks :]

  • Keintal

    can someone please xplain me how this works

    • Henry_GEN

      Simply download the folder of files and open the README on the root of the package. It’ll tell you to move such things to the seplugins folder. To change how much battery: find batterypercent.bin or something like that and rename it to batterypercent.txt then edit it to the number you want.

      P.S if you put over 80% it won’t go past 80%

  • 3001

    hmm. kinda risky i think… if you’re updating say m33 to gen…. it would be best if you have your charger connected.. but it is helpful if your battery is like 30% +..

    • darktech

      that would be dangerously close to bricking…and i don’t think i could just bear the thought of going through all the unbricking all over again!
      nevertheless i will download.^_^.

  • Orical

    This was developed so that you could spoof the battery check, no where in the post does it tell you to use a battery that you know is going to die in 5 minutes and if you watched the video he takes out the battery and plugs in the power cord so those who need to ask probably shouldn’t use it then. Common sense will help and most people who concern over a brick using this PRX should understand that you should not rely on just the battery to update anything with out the power cord.

    Noeffex is a good friend of mine and nothing he has ever released has ever been created with out carefully considering what it might be used for by users with wrong intentions and has proven himself worthy of respect from those whom know him. He has been teaching in this community for some time now and has never turned anyone away that has proven that they are working hard for the sake of learning, thanks brother for taking the time a few years back to show me the ropes and hopefully others will follow in your foot steps and take the time to help out others get their start. See you around man….

  • vin

    this seems to have been made to brick psps… did sony make this? :\


    does anyone know what this theme is called and if it works on 5.00 m33-6

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  • zilvis89

    hi, all is there any way i ccan charge my psp 3000 without charger? i mean i lost my 2 chargers and my batery on 2 psps are dead , damn :/ i have USB cables, but since baterry is dead , i cant charge it, is there any way or any PLUGIN so i could charge it with USB as soon as i connect it to my PC, even if the battery is dead? Please answer, thanks

  • redskins80

    who in their wrong minds wud want to spoof their battery status indicator???

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